Top 3 Ways To Make Your Basement Feel Larger

It's nice to have extra space in the house! The basement, which can be partially or fully underground, is a part of the house that can take on various functions. Sometimes it's a private relaxation area that's stocked with all you need to have some me-time. Other times, it's a storage area for excess stuff or things that don't really have a place.

Basements can take different shapes too. Some are only able to be crawl spaces that are mainly accessed when some plumbing or wiring needs to be done, while some can be completely developed with full windows and doors that lead outside (via However, most basements are unfinished since they aren't used often, but some typical types of flooring are concrete, tiles, and carpeting.

Whether you don't use it that much or find ways to be creative with the area, it's nice when the basement feels more spacious. Here are the best ways to make your basement feel larger, so it's a pleasant experience when you have to go down there.

1. Soft paint colors

Light paint colors are the go-to when you need to make a room look bigger. Whether you have a lot of natural light or not, soft paint colors on the walls reflect whatever light that comes in, providing indirect lighting. They also make the place feel airy even when there are no windows at all, which is often the case with basements. Neutral-toned whites, soft grays, and shades of cream are some examples of hues that will reflect the sunlight well and make the basement feel inviting, says HGTV.

If you're going light on the walls, Family Handyman recommends painting the ceiling a darker color, so the walls feel extended; shades of dark and navy blue will do the trick. Painting the trim and baseboards lighter shades than the walls also creates that illusion of more space. As you think about your paint, also think about the furniture in your basement because a cohesive color scheme will be the most effective. Light, soft shades on the walls won't be able to do much when the furniture has colors and patterns that are heavy and busy.

2. Let the light in

If you have access to natural light, take advantage of that! Most basements are totally windowless, so let the light in if you have any. Because they are underground, the windows may be blocked, so the first thing to do is to make sure that they can actually let in light. Trim the garden or plants outside that cover them if needed. RockWell Window Wells advises cleaning basement windows as part of your spring cleaning routine to get rid of all the debris from fall and winter. Opening up the windows regularly can also provide proper airflow, which helps prevent mold — great if your basement is constantly used.

When it comes to lighting, don't stop at the ceiling lights because making the light come from different sources all over the room will make the whole space glow. Recessed lighting is a common choice for basements because they are installed directly inside a surface, saving the space a light fixture would take up. Don't go overboard with the recessed lights, though! Basements Plus recommends one for about 70 square feet placed strategically over or next to a part of the room that you would like to highlight.

3. Intentional décor

Basements are used for all sorts of things like TV rooms, game rooms, and even full bedrooms. Most people don't bother to do much with their basement, though, because it is an added cost for a space that they might not really utilize. However, investing to ensure these spaces are well-fitted actually adds value to your property, according to Homedit. This is why it's good to have some nice décor there that also makes it feel bigger.

Glass doors are a great example. Whether they face into the house or outside, they will allow natural light into the basement. It's a bonus if they can be sliding doors because you won't lose any space to the doors when they are open. For example, this basement pictured in Your House Needs This has an entire wall of sliding glass doors!

Mirrors are another great décor move to make the room feel more spacious. If you have windows, hang or lean your mirror directly opposite it so it can properly reflect the light coming in. This is especially good if you have more of a cellar since these spaces often have no outdoor light sources and serve as storage areas for things like wine and dry goods (via Overall, creative décor will liven up your basement for the next time you show your guests your wine collection!