6 Paint Colors That Make Your Room Look Bigger

There are many factors that can make a room feel just not big enough. Whether you live in a compact city apartment or you feel like you've outgrown the space, there are various ways to work with what you have, notes House Beautiful. You can be selective about the type and size of furniture you use, employ mirrors and windows strategically, or create a setup that allows more natural light and air to flow. However, another less common technique is to use colors that will create the illusion of more space.

In addition to creating a feeling of space, paint color can also dictate how the room feels. It affects the user's mood and comfort levels, additionally, it literally sets the tone for how the rest of the space is going to be set up, which is why it is important to get this decision right. Learning more about these paint colors will help you make the right choice to get what you need from your living space.

Good ol' fashioned white

There's a reason why white is one of the most popular colors used in a house. In addition to being a great bedrock for home design, white will always make your room look bigger because it is excellent at reflecting light. If you have an abundance of natural light, white is the ideal choice and works very well with other light colors. There are over 150 shades of white out there, so there are a lot of options to choose from. Eggshell and satin are two types of finishes that will really let light bounce off them and make the area feel more spacious, suggests My Domaine.

According to Lazy Loft, a gloss finish can also amplify roominess. Is your ceiling too low? White paint with a gloss finish can make it feel higher, notes Lilyvolt. Whichever white you choose, you need to be meticulous in the painting process, states Architectural Digest. Be sure to sample the shade you want before painting the whole wall, and apply a high-quality primer since white is notorious for showing up mistakes.


If your room doesn't have an abundance of natural light perhaps you could try black instead! The feeling of elegance and intimacy can make a space feel bigger than it really is. Lean into the sophisticated aesthetic with complementing colors for your furniture, decor, and flooring. Matching black ceilings and trims contribute strongly to the elegance and are perfect for both contemporary and traditional designs.

Another color option you can try is soft black or charcoal. With this, though, be careful about the other aspects of the room as they will all have to work well together, suggests Viva. If you can't paint all the walls black or simply don't want to, Lazy Loft says minimal use, such as painting just one or two walls will also work fine. Matte finishes help black-painted rooms feel even bigger (via Homes & Gardens), while mirrors also work well and can amplify the amount of natural light the room receives.


If you're already a minimalist, you'll love this idea. Gray comes from black and white, which means it has the potential to provide the best qualities of the two, says Lazy Loft. Light can bounce off it like white, but it can also provide a sense of depth like black. This means that from light to dark gray, the tone you choose can alter the perception of space.

Romanza Interior Design says a room painted dark gray will always give off a modern, clean vibe no matter what furniture is in the room. Also, it should be fairly easy to match contrasting colors with the shade of gray that you choose. According to Homes & Gardens, the hints of brown found in gray and beige colors create a warm feeling in a room, and pair especially well with the light given off during sunrise and sunset. In addition, gray is an excellent undertone, noted Paintzen. This means it's a good color to have in the mix when working towards a final color for your walls. If the counters or cabinets are gray, having it as an undertone means that the paint will match with the other elements in the house as well.

Light green

If your home gets a lot of light in the morning, but then less during the rest of the day, green may be the color for you. Whether you're into a more unique shade or the traditional tones, light green makes spaces seem bigger because it helps to create an atmosphere that is open and inviting. The natural light paired with this hint of nature can foster a calm and fresh attitude.

Sage, a mixture of green and gray, is a trendy new neutral that's becoming increasingly popular in homes, explains Better Homes and Gardens. This shade gives you more liberty when it comes to decorating because it can work well with both cool and warm colors. Indoor plants are super fashionable now as well, which means that green is a great pick when you want to really commit to a natural theme in a room and bring some life into your space!

Light pink

Millennial pink is a thing of the past and subtle statements are in. Lighter shades like blush pink will give your room a light-hearted feel that opens it up. If your furniture items are neutral in tone and you want them to be the main theme of the space, light pink is a great option to tie a space together and make it seem bigger. Pink isn't known for its warmth but the right shade can make your room feel cheerful and light.

MyDomaine says that blush pink doesn't necessarily have to make the whole room super feminine if you don't want it to. It is a versatile color that can actually work very well when combined with earthy materials like wood and leather. You can also class things up by pairing light pink with white and gray neutrals or keep things fun and light with bright yellows or greens, suggests MyDomaine.


Similar to the soft black, dark blue communicates a certain mood of elegance that draws attention away from the limited space to create the illusion of depth. According to MyDomaine, blue can also provide more options when it comes to decorating since the room isn't blacked out completely. In addition, dark colors help to blur the edges of the walls. A pro-tip from My Domaine is to make large furniture pieces match the dark blue color scheme, which will make the room will feel even bigger when they blend in.

Alternatively, a light blue can create a cool and calm environment. Try sharkskin blue if a lot of light comes into the room, arctic blue for a gentle atmosphere, or a shade of periwinkle if you want something a bit whimsical, suggests MyDomaine. Different lighter shades in other parts of the room, such as the trim or ceiling can also contribute to making the space feel bigger, explains Moving.com.