Unique Tiles That You Won't Believe You Can Buy At Home Depot

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It seems as if more people are opting for unique tiles for their homes as current trends opt for more colorful and visually interesting designs that can revamp a space. Whether it's a statement on the floor, in the shower, or on a wall, tile definitely has a moment that's sure not to fade any time soon. After looking at those pictures of floor-to-ceiling tilings in kitchens and bathrooms, you may be inspired to try the look in your home. That's when you realized that aspirational images used designer tiles.

A statement tiling project can get quite expensive. Especially when using the colorful and exciting options of designer brands, and many fall in love with them before seeing the price tag. With most tiles being on the high end, per QLD Building Repairs, the project can feel out of reach. But you can get the look for less if you know where to shop. These tiles have all the uniqueness of higher-end brands without the high price tag. And you can buy them from a hardware store that's probably only a short drive away: Home Depot.

Bianco Arabesque Glossy Ceramic Mosaic Tile

Add a soft touch to your interior design with the Bianco Arabesque Glossy Ceramic Mosaic Tile. These elegant white tiles will elevate the style of the room while also providing a timeless quality, so you won't feel like they are too trendy in a couple of years. According to Backsplash, the arabesque shape is an ornamental decoration that was originally found in Arabic aesthetics. The traditional styling adds rhythm and movement to any design.

However, arabesque tiles fit well into any design, especially when it's in a neutral white. Whether your home has a traditional, beachy, or contemporary design scheme, this shape is sure to add some visual interest. The glossy finish adds a slightly glamorous aesthetic, making the tiles a statement in a room. The Bianco tiles will also be easy to install because the individual tiles are arranged on a mesh sheet, so you won't have to use spacers and can simply be grouted over. At $10.68 a square foot, these tiles won't break the budget if you're covering an ample space.

Catalina Green Lake Ceramic Subway Tile

Subway tile has been a mainstay in homes for years. The trend started with simple white tiles and black grout in the kitchen. And while this look is timeless and not going anywhere any time soon, many designers are opting to update the look. For those who love the classic subway tile but want something a little different, experts suggest a unique method of laying the tile. Stacking the tile in straight lines rather than the traditional staggered look has become quite popular in contemporary designs.

But for those who want to put a twist on the subway tile itself, Daltile suggests beveled subway tile, which features gently sloping edges that add texture to the wall. Another way to add texture is by choosing a tile with a handmade look like the Catalina Green Lake Ceramic Subway Tile. The slight variations in shape create a high-end and customized look. And the glazed finish adds a sleek and contemporary style to the room. The Catalina tiles come as individual pieces, so you're able to choose the tile layout that best fits your style, like a chevron pattern or a vertically stacked design.

Kings Star Night Ceramic Tile

Fun floors are a trend that has been popping up in recent years. For bathrooms, kitchens, and entryways, bold and graphic tiles are a fun accent that makes a space feel customized. In Home Stone says that large patterned tiles allow homeowners to put a bit more creativity into their room. Whether the pattern has bright colors or is in black and white, these tiles embrace the traditional encaustic painting, which mixes pigments in hot wax and burns them into the clay in an inlay pattern.

One of the most popular patterns for bold tiles is geometric stars like those featured in the King Star Night Ceramic Tile. The glaze is a low-sheen, giving the tile a more old-world rustic elegance. These tiles also feature scuffs and spots that create a stylish, rugged finish. The King Star Night Ceramic Tile has print variations that feature colors like terracotta, blue, and sage green. A case costs $11.72 and covers 10.95 square feet.