Nearly 40% Of People Say This Is Their Favorite Way To Decorate A Wall

We have an obsession with decorating, faithfully following design accounts on Instagram, endlessly pinning inspiration photos, and consuming video clips of house tours we wish would show us more. In testimony to the draw of home decorating, according to Forbes, HGTV is one of the few cable networks that haven't lost viewership over the previous decade. A survey conducted by People concluded that more than 70% of Americans, motivated by the idea of creating cozy and tranquil spaces, were scheming to revamp their interiors last year. 

We're not the only ones with the preoccupation. In the animal kingdom, bowerbirds are well-known for constructing elaborate nests and ornamenting them with found treasures, while an octopus shows an understanding of curb appeal, creating 'gated' entrances and gardens from shells, rocks, and reef fragments per ListVerse. While the behaviors are mostly considered to be in the pursuit of a mate or dwelling fortification, there's an individual approach and whimsical result that speaks to aesthetics — something science doesn't easily explain. 

Furniture choice is impactful for conveying our personality and needs inside our homes, however, we're generally required to rely on what's available. The walls are a different story; there is so much we can do to them that feels uniquely us — a feathering and fortress of our own making. With great ideas and little money, they can be transformed; but what is the best way? House Digest asked 596 people about their favorite method of decorating their walls, and we share the responses below. 

This economical treatment wins

We wanted to know the preferred method for decorating the walls in our homes, and we're not surprised by the top answer. 231 respondents, 38.76%, listed paint as their number one choice. Painting is an ideal way to cover a lot of space –it's budget-friendly, simple to do, and has the potential to create an entirely new mood, as well as a sense of cleanliness. Taniya Nayak of Taniya Nayak Design explains that a beautiful home is well within reach through what she calls the power of paint. She suggests utilizing the curated value swatches (tints and shades of one color) provided by paint companies to devise a whole-house color palette, creating cohesion and taking the guesswork out of the process of making the right selection for each room. 

At 36.74%, the second-ranking response in our survey was the artwork. With unlimited options from abstract paintings and graphic photographs to vintage portraits and jewel-box-sized landscapes, any effect can be had. Gallery walls are an excellent means for highlighting several items at once and taking up a large portion of the wall surface while creating something every good design should have — a focal point. TVs that display artwork (when we're not watching design shows) can be disguised and incorporated into the layout, as shown here.

The least preferred ways to decorate a wall

Shelves garnered the third highest pick, with 82 people saying it's their preferred manner of decorating walls. Built-in, free-standing, and floating shelves offer a place to showcase cherished objects and store practical items. They're available in abundant styles, including traditional, modern, and rustic, as well as many dimensions and price points. They serve a dual function as furniture pieces, providing height, interest, and storage. 

Wallpaper received 55 votes, just 9.23% of those polled. However, according to Arch Painting, it's making a comeback; they cited a recent 40% increase in wallpaper searches on Pinterest. The contracting service points to the plentiful textures and patterns available in wallpaper, as well as durability and a capacity to conceal imperfections. In opposition to this viewpoint, per Pittsburgh Staged Homes, wallpaper detracts from a residence that is on the market, lowering its value. The outlet notes that neutral paint is widely attractive to prospective buyers, while wallpaper tends to be a personal choice without mass appeal. 

Lastly, nine respondents, at 1.51%, favored a mural. Either hand-painted or adhered as wallpaper, a mural is a huge artwork. It's a big commitment that makes a big statement — dramatic florals are perfect for a dining room or bright hot-air balloons for the nursery. Since most people are redecorating to fashion their homes into a sanctuary, there are soothing scenes for the rest of us. What would you choose?