How To Decorate Your Home Like The Movie Amelie

According to Annie André, the 2001 blockbuster film "Amelie" takes place in Montmartre, France. The director, Jean-Pierre, enlisted multiple locations with Parisian vibes, including Café des 2 Moulins, the spot where the protagonist works. The film follows the life of a sweet little girl named Amelie Poulain, whose father is an aloof doctor that shelters her immensely. Her mother is a nervous schoolteacher who kicks the bucket before her daughter turns ten. The lack of affection from her parents leads to severe loneliness at an early age, causing Amelie to create an imaginary escape to liven up her days. When Amelie, played by French actress Audrey Tautou, becomes an adult, she keeps her unique spark, and with each moment, she strategizes on how best to assist the people around her. These good-natured and somewhat comical antics lead her to meet a love interest.

The French are known for their food, romance, fashion, and fabulous home decor. Take the Parisian apartment style, for example. The movie features French style with historical techniques such as parquet flooring and stained glass windows. Keep reading to discover the best tips to recreate all the très chic decor in "Amelie."

Wake your space up with wallpaper

Amelie's father loves peeling wallpaper strips off the walls in the film. It is unclear if his desire to peel wallpaper comes from a hatred of the material or if he places wallpaper up just for the fun of peeling it off. Throughout the movie, wallpaper plays a primary role in the decor of his home, such that anyone decorating their space like Amelie's home will definitely need to incorporate wallpaper into the design plan. The good news is that there are plenty of innovative ways to use wallpaper. Get creative and cover your bedroom ceiling with a star-patterned design or create an accent wall in the living room.

According to DL Furniture, the variety within the world of wallpapers puts many options at your fingertips, so you need to be sure of which area in your home you will be placing the ones that make the cut. If you have a room with dark-toned furniture or one that doesn't boast as much light, consider implementing bright colored wallpaper in yellow or red to liven up the room.

Take your tiling seriously

The bathroom in Amelie's childhood home is too charming for words. Much of the charm comes from the mint green tiles on the walls and window sill. A backsplash covers the wall behind the sink and countertop. According to Flooring America, you can typically find backsplash tiles in kitchens and bathrooms. They act as a barrier between the wall and water, dirt, or cooking messes that inevitably splash around while you're going about your day. You can install your own backsplash in a DIY project or hire professionals for the job.  

There are so many tile designs, colors, and styles that you can introduce into your home, including subway, Spanish, natural stone, and geometric tiles (via Kendra Bester Design). If you are keen on recreating the look in Amelie's home, feel free to use a mint green version such as this backsplash tile decal in sage from Etsy. These peel and stick tiles are waterproof and easily removable if you want to change the look. Plus, the dark green color matches the tiles in the film perfectly!

Make use of a coat rack

When Amelie's dad polishes his shoes in the film, we see a coat rack on the wall beside the window. Most homes tend to have the coat rack placed in the entryway, but "Amelie" proves that it can be hung anywhere you desire. It's not just a functional place to hang clothes. You may also use it as a storage zone for your umbrellas and bags.

You do not need a professional to help install a coat rack. You can accomplish it with the proper equipment and a little precision. According to ManoMano, there are a variety of coat racks on the market. Standing coat racks may work well in a large room and fill floor space. Alternatively, you can use wall-mounted versions to avoid overwhelming precious floor space in a small room. If you live in a rental and drilling holes may cause you to lose your deposit, opt for something like this IKEA version which combines a floor coat rack style with a mounted version.

Place parquet at the top of your flooring options

According to Cambridge Dictionary, parquet is a French word referring to a wood floor covering. You arrange the wood blocks in geometric patterns on the floor, and each block varies in color. The French are big on parquetry, and it's no surprise that Amelie's living room boasts this type of flooring. Parquet first took off in France in the 17th century, particularly in Versailles (via The Reclaimed Flooring Company). Parquet de Versailles is a staple across Europe in numerous homes for royal palaces and regular abodes.

The three common styles of parquet are herringbone, chevron, and oak. The latter seems to be the most popular option. Justin Miskinis, an interior expert at Hitt Oak flooring store, told Houzz, "The king of these, without a doubt, is European oak. It's famous for its hard-wearing properties and its ability to be stained to any color. Untreated oak is naturally light in color, so it takes on any tone easily, like a white piece of paper. Most importantly, it's easy to source, which means suppliers keep it in stock and sell it at a very reasonable price."

You can never have too many candles

The church that young Amelie visits features loads and loads of votive candles lit up to offer prayers. These illuminating tools date back to ancient Egyptian and Roman times. According to the National Candles Association, they were for religious settings and illuminating nighttime journeys. If you wish to decorate your home like "Amelie," consider which sort of candle will function best for you. People seeking comfort and relaxation may be partial to scented candles because burning candles release scents which work with the olfactory senses to put the mind at ease.

Quirky individuals who desire some character in their homes can opt for creative sets of candles. For example, a uniquely shaped version like this peace sign from Candellana will get people talking when they visit (via Desertcart). To take things up a notch, take a candle-making class. Several brands offer these creative R & R experiences, and you can design your own candle scents for personalized decor.

Don't forget to design a home for your pet

There's no denying that the French love their pets. According to French As You Like It, the number of dogs in Paris is about one per every seven people, with a total of over 300,000 canines. Although Amelie does not own a dog, she has a cute goldfish to keep her company. A classic transparent fishbowl fuses seamlessly with the decor in the room without overwhelming the space. The goldfish has some rocks and greenery in its habitat.

Take inspiration from "Amelie" and create a cute home for your pet. Say you have a dog basket that you wish to place in a living room corner. Choose a cozy spot and consider picking a version with a colorful aesthetic that complements the rest of your room's vibe. It is, after all, furniture that will remain in the room and should pair well with existing pieces.

Showcase cool sculptures

The imposing sculptures above what appears to be Notre Dame make for an unforgettable backdrop. Per Britannica, fine arts like sculpture have a long tradition in France. To decorate like the locations in the movie, consider investing in a quality sculpture for your home.

When displaying sculptures, consider the size of the area where you wish to place them (via Canvas: A Blog By Saatchi Art). A grand living room can afford to have a large floor sculpture that will act as the focal point of the space, just like the ones outside Amelie's church. A smaller abode may appear cramped if you introduce a massive statue. You can place sculptures on walls to add color and dimension without overwhelming floor space. After considering your home and the desired sculpture size, it's time to pick the material for the sculpture. If you wish to elevate your space, opt for a glass version to help turn your home into a museum ASAP (via Marsh Gallery).

Add greenery with indoor plants

While Amelie's neighbor watches TV, we notice the indoor plant which sits proudly on the table. A tweet from social network and media company Alum on Twitter said, "Today, plants are the new pets, pets are the new kids." Plants are a great alternative if you can't keep a pet in your apartment. As therapist and plant lover Lily Ewing told HuffPost, "Keeping plants around the home or office allows people to bring nature to their immediate surroundings when it can be hard to find time to get away from the day-to-day hustle and escape to the outdoors."

Indoor plants offer so much more than good looks and attractive greenery. Plants like chrysanthemums can essentially change the dynamic of your room and help purify the air (via Healthline). They do not even have to be real plants. If you're a super busy person who doesn't have time to water regularly, no one will blame you if you purchase a faux houseplant. Once you pick your perfect plant, you can hang a few in macrame plant holders from the ceiling or window sill to liven up your interiors.

Embrace stained glass windows

In the church Amelie visits, vibrantly colored stained glass windows add charm to the space. Like candles, stained glass is an art form tracing back to the times of Ancient Egyptians and Romans, according to Grassmoor Glass. The practice became popular during the middle ages and often appeared in religious spaces such as Catholic churches and cathedrals.

If you are working towards recreating the style from "Amelie" in your home, it does not get more exciting than stained glass windows. They are no longer just for churches. You can implement them in your entryway, bathroom, living room, and kitchen (via Cumberland Stained Glass). If you love antiques, this stained glass window from eBay will make for a cool addition to your aesthetic. Alternatively, if you have a particular color scheme in mind, you can look up stained glass artists in your area and have them customize one for your space.

Win big with wooden cabinets

The television in Amelie's home is in a wooden TV case that boasts a stand, two wooden cabinet doors, and a mini curtain that frames the television. The television was only to be seen when in use and covered up when no one is watching. According to Serving Up Southern, this TV concealer hack is not uncommon. It still appears in modern-day homes because some individuals who do not want their television to be a focal point. They prefer to cover it up with curtains when not in use. This style adds an extra protective layer over the TV. In "Amelie," the televisions were box-like and somewhat vintage. Therefore, cabinets or bookcases held electronic devices. 

Today, flatscreen TVs have become the norm. There are plenty of creative methods you can use to conceal your TV. You can create a fold-down TV situation that allows it drops from the ceiling. There's also the pop-up version where the TV springs up from the floor or even slidable panels that let you switch between watching your flatscreen TV or covering it up with wall art (via Avis Electronics).

Match your headboard to your decor

Young Amelie's neighbor is in a coma for months. Whenever Amelie would visit, she'd sit beside her and escape into a whimsical imaginary world where the lady is awake, and they have discussions. The headboard in the neighbor's room features a delicate floral design that matches the pattern of the room's wallpaper and bedside chair.

Lovers of prints and patterns will be happy to hear there's no limit to how far you can go when recreating this maximalist look from the film. You can find a pattern to implement not just on the headboard and side chair but also on the pillowcases, bedsheets, and curtains. For a calming and mesmerizing effect, consider this marble fabric wallpaper from Calico. Now that you've found the wallpaper, the next step is to get matching fabric for your headboard. It's best to purchase more fabric than needed so that there's enough for your chair.

Pick pastel colors for your color palette

The restaurant Amelie works features a cheery color palette of mint green and pastel pink. These shades create a stunning aesthetic within the interior of the space. According to Offeo, this color combination is perfect for food and fashion brands. You can also implement it in your home for a breakfast nook or kitchen color palette.

Mint green is an ideal hue for interior decor purposes, and it exudes a vibe of springtime refreshment. Add it to any room that needs a breath of calming fresh air (via Marketing Access Pass). Pastel pink is another stunning hue. If you desire to decorate with pink, consider pairing it with gold. The pink will not compete with the golden hue for the viewer's attention. Instead, it will insert mid-century modern flair to your abode (via New Idea). Consider pairing a pink sofa with gold light fixtures in your living room for a sweet, 1950s look.

Say yes to multiple shelves

Shelves are all over the place in "Amelie." If you want to add shelves to your living space, decide which type you need. Do you want to integrate a standing bookshelf for all of your novels? Or will a mounted floor-to-ceiling bookshelf do the trick? Or perhaps, you can add shelves to an existing feature like your TV console's storage, such as this version from IKEA.

The next step is to decide what to place on the shelves. If you are clueless about where to start when decorating, consider displaying focal point accessories first, such as your beloved plants, an instrument, and unique artwork. Once you've found a core position for these items, arrange other pieces around the focal points. Decorate from the highest to the lowest tier (via The Beauty Revival). Layer pieces of varying heights next to each other and pay attention to scale. It may also be worth it put decorative items or pieces you don't often use on the upper levels so that you don't have to reach up and grab them all the time.

Focus on a good outdoor furniture set

There is a foldable lawn chair in the backyard of Amelie's childhood home, perfect for a little lady of her size. Fold-up chairs are great for outdoor use as they can be transported from one part of the home's exterior to the next if weather conditions change or you have guests. Also, you can pop these chairs into the car and transport them for outdoor seating at the beach, sporting events, or camping trips.

When picking outdoor chairs to recreate this look, find out if you need temporary seating like foldable chairs or if you prefer permanent options, such as solid rattan sofa sets. If the latter is what you desire, this Overstock version with its functional hammock design will work well for you. It comes as a set and is available in various colors such as white, jet black, and vibrant orange.