3 Gen Z Decor Items To Add A Youthful Touch To Your Home

We have a lot to thank Gen Z for; from their proliferation of TikTok culture to new attitudes on work-life balance, this latest generation is increasingly filtering into the adult world with their signature style and briskly trending aesthetics. Born between 1995 and 2015, Gen Z-ers are fast setting the pace for a new kind of stylishly informal decor and design sense, according to Emily Henderson. While many of its youngest denizens are still in grade school, the eldest members, born in the late 90s and early 2000s, are quickly setting the pace for new ways of thinking about our living spaces.

Known for eclectic but well-chosen interiors, Gen Z-ers revel in the sense of curated coziness, making their spaces personalized and dramatic sanctuaries from the chaos of the outside world. While many of the design schemes are perfect for teen rooms and college dorms of many current Gen Z-ers, there are key elements anyone can lift from Gen Z aesthetics that can make any home cozier, hipper, and a soft retreat from the outside world, all of which mix well with a variety of design and home trends.

1. Mood lighting

Never underestimate the impact of lighting. Gen Z-ers create cozy interiors through relaxed and intentionally chosen lighting elements. From vibrant strips of colorful LED lights strung around their spaces to intricate and beautiful Himalayan salt lamps, Gen Z spaces prioritize cozy lighting via accent lamps, string lights, and candlelight. Popular options include twinkle lights, Moroccan-style lanterns, novelty-shaped nightlights, and colored bulbs. Gen Z is all about atmosphere and a relaxed, casual feel for lighting their spaces.

Consider adding a salt light to your space, which provides a soft glow that bathes your room and flatters any interior. According to Salt Remedy, benefits include cleaner and filtered air in your space. A set of twinkle lights to highlight your bed area or an outdoor patio instantly makes your space slightly more magical. LED strip lights, white or colored, can provide a great lighting solution in otherwise dark spaces like closets and cabinets. Colored lanterns and light bulbs are perfect for a relaxed party atmosphere at your next gathering.

2. On the walls

The next most important element of Gen Z-designed spaces are the walls. Many Gen Z spaces incorporate dynamic yet informal wall hangings in their interiors. While you will find fewer gallery walls and framed artwork than in many Millennial spaces, the casual feel of Gen Z spaces is their strength. Consider a tapestry above the bed with a beautiful floral design or a woven wall piece. A textile piece is excellent for occupying a large space and adding a focal point to any room.

This sense of informality and casual living can also mean creating wall decor out of personal items like polaroid photos and bits of personal memorabilia. While many Gen Z-ers incorporate a personal wall filled with pictures of friends and family by simply sticking the images to the wall, there are a number of cool hanging techniques available that give a more structure and intentional feel to your photos that you can incorporate into your spaces (via Fotor.)

3. Soft landings

With their casual and informal feel, Gen Z spaces are typically cozy and sanctuary-like, which means they exude softness through things like throw blankets and floor cushions in a variety of styles and patterns. Floor cushions are an excellent element where seating is at a premium and give a casual yet cozy feeling to any space. Add in an assortment of stylish throw pillows and soft blankets, and any Gen Z space instantly becomes a welcome refuge from the world outside.

Whatever your style, consider incorporating more softness into your room via cushions, throws, poufs, and ottomans — which bring new patterns and colors into your design scheme and instantly turn your home into a sanctuary. According to Society 6, there are several ways to incorporate floor pillows into your design. Whether this means a cozy cushioned book nook or a daybed littered with throw pillows, you can incorporate Gen Z's love of softness into your home.