Why Feng Shui Says To Keep Broken Or Obscured Mirrors Out Of Your Home

There are a multitude of reasons why people keep mirrors in their homes. For one thing, they're how we see ourselves to put on makeup, wash our faces, shave facial hair, and brush our teeth ... but they also have spiritual meanings to some people. In fact, in some cultures and religions, people cover the mirrors in their homes. For example, according to Sinai Chapels, this is a common Jewish practice that allows mourners not to have to look at themselves while dealing with the tragedy of death.

In feng shui, mirrors are an important part of keeping the flow of a home and adding balance. Therefore, the placement of mirrors is essential –- according to Feng Shui Nexus, which room you put mirrors in could determine your wealth, health, love, and more. But what happens if you have a broken mirror or if your mirror becomes obscured by other items in your home? Does this affect the flow of energy you're trying to get by practicing feng shui?

Why you want to remove broken mirrors

We've all heard that breaking a mirror brings bad luck –- seven years according to the superstition, says Feng Shui Natural -– but there are more reasons for keeping obscured, broken, beveled, and distorted mirrors out of your home. According to feng shui beliefs, these types of mirrors bring bad luck into the house. This could be because they distort our visions of ourselves, and it could also have something to do with the distortion breaking up the flow of good energy in your home.

Aside from what you see in the mirror when it is broken or distorted –- including the image of yourself when you glance in the mirror and don't see your true self -– mirrors that have an obstructed view have other problems, according to Nine Steps to Feng Shui. For example, the mirrors make it look like you don't care for your home and represent poverty. They're also a danger because people can get injured by the broken glass.

How to dispose of your broken mirrors

Before you grab that mirror and toss it in the trash, consider the dangers of those sharp shards. While the broken mirror will cause bad luck and a break in positive energy flow in your home, it can also cause bad luck if you cut yourself and need stitches. If your mirror is simply distorted and not broken, consider donating it rather than throwing it in the trash –- while you may want to follow feng shui, there are other people who might enjoy the crazy funhouse mirror you're disposing of.

Frame My Mirror says to collect the proper items for safe mirror disposal, which includes tape and boxes. They recommend covering the mirror in tape to keep broken pieces from falling off and putting it in a box rather than a trash bag. You can then toss it in the trash or consider recycling it if a local recycling center will accept it.