The Best Bedroom Color For An Adventurous Vibe

Do you love to travel? Are you the friend in your group or the relative in your family that always wants to try the latest restaurant or spend your weekends embarking on new adventures? Many people with an adventurous spirit are often also skilled at self-expression. This might be included in your interior decorating if you have wall hangings, collections, or some sort of display showing off mementos from the places you've been. But did you know that color also makes a huge difference when you want to show off your adventurous side? 

To make a bedroom look adventurous, you need the perfect color scheme. According to True Value, paint color can really determine how the room's size looks. Light and airy colors make a room look bigger, while darker colors appear to shrink it down a bit. For an adventurous room, you'll want things to be as spacious as possible. Go for a light yellow or another color that is bright, inviting, and won't crowd your environment. 

Go for the drama

If you have a naturally spacious room, you can also elicit a sense of adventure by using dark or severe colors — including black. Black accent walls are very beautiful, as is adding black trim onto your more subdued main color selection. Many adventurous folks will go for the drama — they will stand out and really make a statement, per True Value. The same can be true for your walls. Whoever said you have to conform to beige and gray like so many model homes? 

According to NipponPaint, there are several bright colors you can choose for an adventurous bedroom vibe. Orange shows that you are bold and not afraid to be noticed, while red is passionate and tells the world you are emotionally adventurous. A vibrant yellow is fun, upbeat, and whimsical, or electric blue is youthful. Purple always brings fun energy and is also a favorite of Halloween lovers. If you like spooky and silly, purple is the adventure for you and will go great with your annual — or year-round, we're not judging — decor. You can try hot pink too. Pink is a great choice for a fun-loving individual looking for a way to add some of their inviting personality and love of adventure to their bedroom vibe.