5 Colors To Paint Your Bedroom For An Instant Mood Boost

Seeing certain colors in nature or throughout your daily interactions can brighten your mood, and the same can be said for certain paint hues in your home. Choosing particular shades or tones that boost your emotions and give them a positive spin will ensure your home brings joy every day. While some colors are widely known to cheer people up or put them in a good mood, other options might surprise you with their serotonin-lifting abilities.

According to 99Designs, warm tones ignite happiness in those who they surround, and yellows, oranges, reds, and pinks are all known for being associated with positivity and upbeat demeanors. While you might have expected these to be labeled cheerful colors, others can contribute to a good mood outside this palette. Some shades of purple and green can also add a joyful feeling to a room and are great for decorating your space. Try out these colors when you're looking for a new aesthetic, as each can help bring a smile to your face.

1. Purple

Using the color purple within your bedroom can help you focus and creates balance, as well as positivity. According to BournCreative, because this color stems from blue and red, it carries both calming properties and energetic vibes. It can represent a variety of emotions and feelings, including creativity, wisdom, peace, and royalty. Nothing feels as good as being in control of your surroundings, and purple paints can generate a sense of power and command that allows you to complete tasks or concentrate on thoughts, projects, or any other matters on your mind.

There are a variety of different shades, and each one can add its own feel to a room. Lighter purples like lilac shades might portray a higher level of serenity, while dark purples might ignite the ambitious side of your personality. Take time gauging the right shade to invest in because this happy color is a great way to turn your bedroom into a space abode fit for a royal.

2. Green

Nature is one of the greatest places to seek happiness, so why not consider bringing it into your bedroom? Using green paints to decorate your sleep space is great for easing anxiety and creating a calming area perfect for relaxation and happy activities like reading, talking, or watching TV. According to Verywell Mind, evolution has caused humans to view this color as a positive one because nature provides everything from food to shelter and a variety of other benefits.

Using everything from sage to forest green can turn your room into a safe space that will boost your mood every time you enter it. The human brain associates the different shades with natural elements, which we find engaging and refreshing after being surrounded by buildings day in and day out. Produce your own jungle or garden getaway within your bedroom by adding your favorite shade of green to the walls, then dot plants around to really bring a nature-inspired aesthetic to the space.

3. Gray

Some people might associate gray with standard paint jobs that don't give off any personality, but the opposite is actually true about this color. Despite being known for its "drab" associations, gray is considered a calming color that can produce happy feelings. Choose a paint that features a blue or periwinkle tinge, which Best Life says can create a cloud effect that makes you feel like you're flying or floating.

This color also gives your bedroom a crisp feel, which helps the mind focus and feel orderly and in control. When you feel like you have everything in order, your mind can be happy, and your mood instantly boosts. Gray is beneficial for many rooms, too, because it is so easy to match furniture, décor, and bedding to the color. It is better to choose a lighter shade for bedrooms to avoid it feeling too heavy or overwhelming, instead relying on the tinted tones to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

4. Blue

Just like a bright blue sky makes people smile, a blue coat of paint in your bedroom can bring a grin to your face whenever you walk in the door. Sheldon & Sons Painting notes that a sky blue shade can make you feel renewed and revitalized. Taking a walk outside can boost your energy and serotonin, especially on warm, sunny days. Wide open skies give a freeing feeling that you can harness and recreate in your boudoir.

Blue is also associated with calm and serenity, helping your mind and body relax. You can choose lighter shades to channel the effect of summer skies or choose a darker indigo tone to build a mood that still brings the feeling of happiness while also giving off edgy vibes. Certain hues can be oppressive, so make sure to test swatches and consider the options before fully committing to painting the whole room. Alternatively, you can opt for accent walls that display this joyful color in smaller sections rather than across the whole area.

5. Orange

When thinking about colors to use for a bedroom refurb, you might not instantly choose orange as an option. However, this warm, happy hue is great for boosting your mood and creating an inviting space to hang out at night or day. Because it holds both red and yellow tones, orange personifies energy and positivity, channeling the best of both colors and their attributes.

According to The Art Of Simple, this hue opens up people's lines of communication and allows them to connect with their surroundings and others. It allows you to feel confident and safe and can be used in your bedroom to bring about these emotions before beginning or ending your day. Because there are so many shades of orange, it is best to pick one that won't feel overpowering or make the room feel smaller. For example, you can add an accent wall instead of painting all the surfaces or opt for lighter shades that open up an area and complement any natural light.