Are The Least Expensive Dressers At West Elm Worth Buying?

West Elm is a popular home furniture brand that focuses on producing contemporary and modern items. They have a wide range of products to fill every room inside your home and the outside. While West Elm thrives on sustainability and has a huge following, there have been issues with the quality of their furniture, delivery, and customer service, according to Honest Brand Reviews. They looked across various different reviewer sites such as Yelp and Consumer Affairs, where they found that they received less than three stars in ranking.

Even though there are a handful of folks who had issues with their products, others thoroughly enjoyed their experience with West Elm and their products, per Honest Brand Reviews. They received a 7.7/10 rating from Slumber Search due to customers claiming that they were a fan of the modern style furniture and the great quality. While West Elm carries various products, they have a diverse range of prices in each section. If you're looking for a new dresser but don't want to pay an arm and a leg for one, they have a few for a low price. Although the question to ask is, are any of them worth buying? Here are three of the least expensive dressers West Elm carries.

Brennan 6 drawer dresser

The Brennan 6 drawer dresser is an oak wood finish with 12 small brass knobs to pull out the drawers is listed at $649. West Elm claims the drawers pull out on "smooth metal glides" and are spacious to fill it with everything you may need it for. The entire dresser is made of oak veneer over solid and engineered wood. It's definitely a contemporary dresser that's simple but can be decorated with various d├ęcor items such as a lamp, picture frames, or jewelry stands.

Bob Cut Magazine claims that the best dressers cost less than $100, while West Elm carries their dressers for more than $600. That alone is one reason to stray away from their dressers. For the simplicity of the dresser, you can buy one that looks higher quality while keeping the contemporary look for less. West Elm also claims that the hardware could loosen over time, so you have to check the connections and ensure they're tight. Good quality dressers shouldn't fall apart or loosen after a few years unless they're intentionally damaged. That's a sign that it's not worth buying.

Pippa 6 drawer dresser

If you're not a fan of a wood finish dresser, the Pippa 6 drawer dresser is still a wooden dresser, but it's a sleek white color that has overlapping panels in front of the dressers for $649. The panels in front are made so you can open the drawers with ease, they give the entire dresser personality. It's chic and modern, which works for a modern home, but the price makes it hard to justify buying the dresser.

West Elm claims on their Q&A that the drawers don't have a soft-close mechanism which means you have to be careful when you close the drawers or else they'll slam. A soft-close mechanism will prevent your drawers from slamming shut, and slamming can cause damage to them quicker, according to Closet Works. While even with slow-close drawers, you're able to slam them, but they'll still close at a slower pace. If you're one to slam drawers or have kids who slam them, this item isn't worth buying.

Gemini 3 drawer dresse

The Gemini 3-drawer dresser is on the smaller side, given it only has three drawers, but the design stands out more than the other two. It's the same price as the two above, which is $649. The dresser is made of sustainably sourced wood and comes in a walnut or white lacquer finish, per West Elm's details. Unlike the other two dressers, where they had the same finish on the legs, this dresser has metal legs that come in silver for the walnut finish dresser.

While the other two dressers gave you more room with an additional three drawers, the style of this dresser is retro-inspired yet still follows a modern style. The design of the drawers makes it look like there are only two because of the way the oval center is placed. The walnut finish can instantly change the way a room looks without blending in, which makes this dresser worth the buy.