The Best Sheet Colors If You Have A Pink Duvet

Pink is having a moment right now. The color has come back into style, to the delight of anyone who feels they've been denying their love of the shade since childhood. The color was once seen as too feminine and childish. But now, people are embracing that femininity and finding ways to make it feel more adult. Pink is also great for creating a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom, according to Karen Haller, an authority in applied color psychology. It's also a soothing, calming, and gentle shade that makes it ideal for a relaxing bedroom setting.

The key to making red and pink feel like it's part of an adult space is by choosing the right shade. Soft, creamy shades of pink are gentle and don't come off as overly feminine. In contrast, deeper shades with warm undertones can make the pink moodier and more contemporary. Another way to make pink feel more grown up is by pairing it with the right shades. Smart color combinations can make a room look like a designer had their hands in the space. So if you have a pink duvet, here are the sheet colors that will look best with it.

Shades of red

Pink is a lighter shade of red, so red sheets paired with a pink duvet is technically a monochromatic look. Red and pink together create an equally sophisticated and whimsical look, says the blog So Fresh & So Chic. Plus, the color combination is majorly on-trend. This look is fun, playful, and romantic, and the shades will easily pair together since, as said, they're in the same color family.

You still want to choose shades that have similar tones. For example, brighter pinks will pair well with vibrant red for a bold look. For more calm bedding, choose more muted tones like blush with burgundy. Or choose contrasting tones for a more interesting look, like bright red sheets paired with a soft pink duvet.

Don't forget to mix up the two colors with your pillows, with some matching the sheets and others matching the duvet. You can also help tone down the look with neutral colors, like creams and tans, which can maintain the romantic look while breaking up a solid block of colors.

Purples and peaches

If you want to embrace a pink duvet with similar colors, you're probably looking for an analogous color scheme. According to InVision, an analogous color scheme features colors that have a close relationship with one another. Usually, there are three colors in an analogous palette, but there could also be up to four or five colors. If you have a pink duvet and want to create an analogous color scheme with your sheets and pillows, choose shades of purple and peach.

Purple is often associated with royalty, so using this color is a great way to add a bit of luxury to your space, per the architectural paint company Dulux. Dusty purple feels feminine and soothing, while deeper shades create a bit of drama and extravagance. Similar to pink, peach tones also have a sweet and pleasant feeling. Peach also evokes femininity in an understated way, so paired with pink, the combination feels feminine without feeling too childish.

All blues look great

If you're looking for a bold, contrasting look, then blue and pink work well together. Blue is often seen as a neutral because of how easily it pairs with other colors, and pink is no exception to that rule.

Blue and pink color schemes are also pretty classic together. Navy blue has a formal, sophisticated, and demure aspect, while pink has some playfulness and attention-grabbing qualities. With navy blue, you're able to use a variety of shades of pink, including lighter blushes and bold magentas. More on-trend blue and pink color combinations tend to be more muted and powdery.

According to furniture retailer Living Spaces, blues are some of the best colors for bed sheets because of the relaxing quality of the color. Darker blues can hide stains but can often feel too masculine for some rooms. But the addition of a pink duvet creates a balance between masculine and feminine. Lighter shades of blue add softness and youthfulness to the bed that can feel very contemporary.