The Best Sheet Colors If You Have A Red Duvet

It may come as no surprise that red is not as common as neutrals or muted shades when it comes to duvet colors. The color red is associated with passion, war, and anger, says Live Science, which may scare some homeowners out of using it in their bedroom. But those daring enough to have a red duvet may have trouble finding the best sheet color to match. Because of this hue's connotation, we don't recommend dulling that fiery energy with plain white sheets. Of course, you could say white sheets are a safe bet, but that's just what they are... safe.

Additionally, white sheets are terrible at hiding stains, The Sleep Judge states. This means not only are you playing it safe, but you'll have to end up washing your sheets more often. So, it's time to step out of your comfort zone and into something new and different. As a bonus, you may even notice an increase in energy, as some colors are connected to higher energy levels, Centrum states. With that being said, it's time to ditch the white sheets and enter a world of color. Take a look at two of the best sheet colors if you have a red duvet.

Soften the vibe with blush pink

For a romantic vibe, opt for blush pink sheets to complement the passionate red of your duvet. We understand this color combination is mainly associated with Valentine's Day, but don't let that dissuade you from trying it out in your bedroom. Forbes recommends using different shades of pink and red to give the room texture. If you're really worried about looking like a Valentine's Day card, you can break up this color scheme with shades of brown. Look into chocolate or ivory bedroom furniture, and choose a similar or darker/lighter shade for your drapes.

This color combination is excellent for a children's room as well. Select a candy red duvet and pair it with cotton candy pink sheets. This will give your child's room the playful, youthful aesthetic it deserves. But, of course, if you aren't afraid of a playful vibe, go ahead and get these cotton candy pink sheets for your red duvet in your own room. There are no rules!

Opt for shades of blue

At first, these two colors may seem like an odd palette, but believe it or not, they actually make an excellent choice for a duvet and sheet combination. This is a perfect case of "opposites attract." According to Forbes, shades of blue, such as teal and sky blue, bring out the best in this color combination. The passion of the red duvet and the calming blue sheets give your bedroom a well-balanced vibe (and look amazing while doing it). Add accent pillows that display both colors to really drive home the red-and-blue theme.

Keep in mind that you have several shades of red and blue to choose from, so don't feel obligated to stick with just one nuance. If you want a more muted color palette, a soft red for your duvet and light or baby blue sheets will look wonderful. This will also tone down the boldness this color combination brings. For a more soothing vibe like this one, opt for cream area rugs, drapes, or furniture.