The Best Exterior Paint Colors That Will Help Sell Your Home Fast

Selling your home can be a stressful process. You have to make sure the entirety of your property is in perfect condition to impress potential buyers when they come for a showing. This might mean installing new windows or repainting the floors, but have you considered the exterior of your home? According to Maximum Real Estate Exposure, potential buyers get a sense of the rest of the house just by looking at its exterior color. Additionally, the color of your home must match the vibe of the rest of the neighborhood. You don't want to stick out like a sore thumb; potential buyers want something with curb appeal, not shock value.

The only question is, which paint colors will help sell your property quickly? To answer this, you need to consider the connotations of a color and how it makes you feel. Sharper Impressions Painting explains the color of your home can actually boost your mood; therefore, choosing a shade with positive afflictions means buyers are more likely to put in an offer on your house. You should also pay attention to how the paint color would look with the rest of the property; the last thing you want is to pick a hue that clashes with the rest of your exterior!

Warm earth tones

Warm earth tones, such as ivory, chocolate brown, and terracotta, evoke happiness and create good vibes, Mondial notes. With a warm exterior paint color, potential buyers will associate your property with a warm-and-cozy feeling, which is key to selling them your place. HGTV says when people see your house as their home, they're more likely to stay awhile to appreciate the space. As a bonus, warm earth tones mimic their surroundings, so you don't have to worry about sticking out like a sore thumb.

In order to create this relaxing, homey vibe to present to potential buyers, we suggest Manchester Tan by Benjamin Moore, Almond Brittle by BEHR, or Joa's White by Farrow & Ball. These shades are warm enough to make visitors feel good but not too bold that they're harsh on the eyes. Remember, the key is to make potential buyers fall in love with your home, not shy away from it.


On the opposite end of the color spectrum are the cool shades, which set a different mood for your home but are still as inviting as the warm earth tones we discussed. According to Colors Explained, blue strongly correlates to feelings of relaxation and peacefulness. As we mentioned earlier, the goal of your open house or private showing is to make potential buyers feel comfortable as they walk through your house, and that starts with the moment they lay eyes on it.

To achieve this soothing vibe, you'll want to select a blue that is eye-catching but subtle. Stick to lighter shades, which are more inviting and give you that feel-good energy (deep blues can have the opposite effect, says Sensational Color). If you're stuck, there are a few paint color recommendations to get you started on your journey to a cool and breezy home exterior: Stone Blue by Farrow & Ball, Mediterranean Breeze by Benjamin Moore, or After Rain by BEHR are all amazing options.