20 Paint Colors Perfect For A Teenager's Room

When choosing paint colors for a teenager's room, it is important to consider the type of vibe they want the room to give off. While bright and bold colors can be captivating, others may wish for something gentler and soothing. There are even more factors to take into account: their personality, aesthetics, and preferences; do not just pick up a can of paint at your local home improvement store. 

Fortunately, an endless number of paint colors are out there to create the ideal bedroom for your growing teen. You don't have to coat all four walls in paint, though. Adding a uniquely painted wall can be the perfect accent to your child's room, according to The Painting Company of San Diego. If you want to create a space your teen will enjoy throughout their teenage years, ensure they are involved in the paint-selection process. That way, they can pick a color that appeals to them, and you wouldn't have to repaint in a few years! 

1. Deep purple

Purple has for a long time been the color of everything regal. Incorporating white as an accent color on a nightstand or desk can create an incredible atmosphere that relaxes and inspires your teen. Based on their style and the aesthetic you're going for, consider other purple shades like eggplant, plum, amethyst, and mauve.

2. Bright white

Crisp, white walls can instantly open up any room, no matter how small. If you settle on white paint, such as neutral white or cool white, your teen will have a blank canvas to decorate their room as they see fit — using artwork, trinkets, bedding, and other décor elements to add pops of color. 

3. Gray

Gray is another tasteful shade for your teen's bedroom. You can leave it alone or add a splash of color via bright pieces of furniture or decorations. There isn't just one gray, either; think silver gray, blue-gray, or gunmetal. These are all paint colors that can add a touch of elegance to any space. 

4. Tan

Tan has become a popular bedroom color for all. A few shades to complement the shade via seating or knickknacks are pastel yellow and teal. For an earthy aesthetic, let tan join forces with dark brown to create the bedroom of your teen's dreams. 

5. Lilac

Lilac is a shade of purple, albeit a much lighter one. The color itself is a harmonious blend of pink and purple named after the sweet, fragrant flower in the same shade. If your teen settled on lilac for their bedroom, gray, white, olive green, orange, or yellow will be fabulous accent pieces. 

6. Teal

Light and airy, teal is a color that can create a sense of calm for your teenager. The shade pairs swimmingly well with soft pastels, a pale rosy blush, for instance, that can be injected through art and décor pieces. A lovely terracotta accent will also uplift the room quite nicely.

7. Navy blue

While navy blue may seem like a dark color, it looks fantastic on walls. When paired with other bedroom elements in various shades of mint or teal, it adds light to the space, balancing the dark hue and bringing out its beautiful blue tint. 

8. Light yellow

Light yellow can relax and soothe your stressed-out teenager. The color is all about happy vibes, and waking in a lovely, bright room with sunlight streaming through the curtains can be an experience, for sure. Various jewel-toned accessories can balance out light yellow; even teal accents will add a hint of elegance and sophistication. 

9. Green

Green is one of those colors you can't get enough of, as it offers rich spaces. However, its lighter versions may benefit your child. Teepee Joy says mint and tea green can comfort a distressed teen. Explore other shades of green to find your perfect match, from a lovely light sage to chartreuse to even a bright Kelly Green!

10. Rose pink

A teen who enjoys lighter colors will have a blast decorating a rose pink bedroom. Broaden their horizon with more hues, from dusty rose to pastel pink. Other colors that can really set off the décor in the room are various shades of blue, green, and brown. The proper lighting can also enhance this beautiful color. 

11. Sky blue

Sky blue paint opens up a bedroom when slathered on a wall, especially the sort that receives lots of natural light. Placing lighter shades around, such as cream-colored beddings or blankets, will help create a welcoming atmosphere in your teen's room. White, too, it pairs remarkably well with sky blue!

12. Orange

Orange is a shade that gives off a picturesque vibe, making it the perfect paint color if your teen wants to go with an island aesthetic. Pair it with bright pinks for a lush-looking bedroom, or add brown accents for an island getaway. 

13. Beige

Beige is often seen as a neutral and calming color. With some minimalistic furniture and simple accents, your teen can feel cozy and have peace of mind. Using moss green on an accent wall would introduce a hint of nature.

14. Coral

Coral is a cross between red and orange, creating the shade that we all love and know. It is an excellent color for a bedroom, especially for a teen, who will feel like they have the space to concentrate and do homework or even just hang out. You can pair this paint color with light blue or white. 

15. Seafoam green

If your teen loves the lake, painting their room a seafoam green may help to remind them of their favorite place as it evokes memories of water. Beige lamps and even some warm corals as accents, like art or linens, can make the room pop. 

16. Mustard yellow

Mustard yellow injects life, happy vibes, and energy into a room, which makes it a great paint color choice for a teen to wake up to in the morning and a fun place to hang out at night. Though bold, you can balance it with complementary décor pieces. 

17. Brown

The color brown, an earthier tone, actually offers a homey and comforting aesthetic when painted in a bedroom. Warmer brown tones can create an ideal space for resting and relaxing. Not to mention, you can add texture with fun-colored throw pillows and blankets to make the room feel even cozier. 

18. Red

While some may think red isn't a great color for a bedroom, it will lend an air of sophistication to your teen's space. This shade may be a bold choice, but throwing in some white accents, like pillows, lamps, and furniture, can soften the intensity quite a bit.

19. Greige

According to Hirshfield's, greige is made up of gray and beige and offers a neutral, even slightly warm hue to a space. This is a highly versatile shade; you can add accents and accessories in your teen's favorite colors.

20. Peach

Peach is a gorgeous color for a bedroom, similar to coral but lighter, and it can add softness and lend sophistication to a space. Pair with some black accent pieces, and you'll have a lovely contrast of colors. If you are working with a small space, note that peach can open up a room and make it brighter.