20 Ways To Decorate Your Deck For Autumn

Though fall may be a couple of months away, many are still getting excited to celebrate the season. As the weather cools down, people are embracing fall by decorating their spaces and decking them out with creative fall decor. Fall is the country's favorite season, reports Brit + Co, with experts explaining that the love could be due to the feeling of a new beginning. But it's also seen as a comforting time, associated with cozy sweaters and cuddling by the fire.

No matter the reasons fall is the favorite, many people embrace the cozy atmosphere the season provides by transforming their decks into a warm oasis. Fall days can be warm without the threat of overheating. And evenings are comfortable with only a slight chill in the air, perfect for cuddling by a fire or sipping on apple cider. So if you're looking to enjoy the fall weather in a beautiful setting, transform your deck with these autumn decoration ideas.

1. Celebrate the harvest

Fall is harvest time, so why not embrace that in your decor? Use dried corn stalks or corn husks as a unique design feature. You can create wreaths and arches or wrap them around pillars and columns to bring the harvest to your home.

2. Embrace fall florals

Spring and summer may be more associated with flowers, but fall has some of its own beautiful florals. They come in pretty warm shades like yellow, oranges, and creams. Fill your deck with pots bursting with chrysanthemums, strawflowers, and sweet alyssums.

3. Use a pop of plaid

No pattern says fall quite like plaid. Use pops of plaids in your exterior fall decor, from bows around floral arrangements to pillows on a porch swing. A classic black, white, and gray color scheme will go with anything. But don't be afraid to infuse some color.

4. Pumpkin-lined path

It wouldn't be fall without using pumpkins in your decor. Choose a collection of pumpkins of all sizes and colors and use them to line the path up to your home or the stairs up to your porch.

5. Warm wreaths

For those who prefer their decorating be easy, a wreath is an ideal option. Hang a wreath featuring warm fall colors on your door for a quick pop of fall colors and textures.

6. Vibrant fall foliage

One of the best parts of fall is the beautifully colored foliage. Incorporate that into your exterior home decor for an authentic fall look. Choose fall foliage decals, wreathes that use leaves, or a foliage garland.

7. Welcoming scarecrow

Be welcomed home each day by a scarecrow who will always be happy to see you. Add a smiling scarecrow to your yard and fall display to add a fun detail to your decor.

8. Cozy porch seating

Fall often has some of the best weather to enjoy outside. There's a slight chill in the air that allows you to cuddle up with a nice mug of tea or apple cider. Create that atmosphere with a cozy porch setting that includes blankets and pillows to enjoy sitting outside in the evenings.

9. Bushels of apples

Apple cider, apple pie, and apple decor all scream fall. A bushel of apples can add a fun color and texture to your exterior home decor. Use plastic apples so that the style lasts all season long.

10. Hay and hello

Get inspired by the pumpkin patch and add bales of hay to your exterior decor. Mix them in with pumpkins and gourds to create a textured autumn scene.

11. Declarations of fall

Signs are a fun way to decorate your space. Sprinkle declarations of fall throughout the rest of your decor for a cute and kitschy design feature.

12. Layer rugs under a doormat

A cute doormat is a fun addition to a porch because it's a great opportunity to add a little bit of personality. Add a small outdoor rug underneath the doormat for more color and pattern in your decor.

13. Get a little spooky

Spiders and witches and monsters, oh my! Fall is also a spooky season, so of course, you have to add something creepy into your decor. Incorporate cobwebs, witches' hats, and spiders for a cool creepy look. Black and purple are also great colors to incorporate if you want a creepy vibe.

14. Painted pumpkins

The great thing about this kind of decor is that you can DIY it. Grab some pumpkins from the pumpkin patch and paint them with acrylic paint. You can paint Jack-o-lanterns or fun designs on the pumpkins for a fun, customized look.

15. Show-stopping arch

Turn all heads towards your porch with a show-stopping archway. You can DIY an arch or find one in stores that uses corn stalks, leaves, and small pumpkins to welcome folks to your home.

16. Glitzy gourds

Another fun DIY for fall includes painting pumpkins and gourds with glitzy metallic paint. If your decor style is more glamorous, this will be the perfect way for you to welcome in Autumn.

17. Simple white pumpkin

A clean, modern aesthetic often includes white, but fall is fast approaching. You can marry these styles together by choosing to decorate with white and cream pumpkins. These will perfectly match a modern design with a rustic flare.

18. Rustic burlap

Lean more into the rustic side of Autumn by incorporating burlap into your decor. You can do this in big ways with a burlap wreath or a burlap tablecloth or with small details like burlap bows and runners.

19. Candy corn corner

What is the emblematic candy of fall? Candy corn, of course. Get inspired by this classic fall treat by incorporating the colors and even images of candy corn into your fall decor. Decals, garlands, and pillows are all fun fall additions.

20. Fall garlands

Garlands are one of the best decor options because they're incredibly versatile. You can wrap them around pillars or handrails to add quick texture. You can also put them on stiff garden wire to create arches and arbors.