20 Light Fixtures That You'll Want To Put In Your Dining Room

Is your dining room lacking a little oomph? If you're searching for that special something to take it over the top, we may be able to shed some light on the subject. According to HGTV, switching out your hum-drum light fixture is an affordable and impactful way to upgrade the space. Take a risk and go bold — in fact, they say the bigger the statement the better.

There's a multitude of retailer options available incorporating a bevy of styles and price tags, while plenty of upcycling projects are waiting for the next opportunistic and optimistic DIYer. A can of spray paint or a few inexpensive chandelier shades can alter a find into a fantastic showpiece — customized just for your decor.

Beyond ready-made choices, and taking safety guidelines into account, many items can be fashioned into unique fixtures. Baskets, woven wire, sculptural paper, and plastic film are some materials that are appropriately malleable and translucent. For example, artist William McLure transformed two barrel planters with spackling, white paint, and chains into oversized pendants for his loft studio bar. 

Regardless of style, lighting designer and purveyor Graham's Living advises that the size of a fixture should be near a third of the table dimension; rectangular tables might require linear or repeated designs. The company suggests placing fixtures over the mid-point of the table rather than centered in the room and hanging them 30" to 36" above the surface for standard height ceilings. Below, we share 20 inspiring dining room light ideas.

1. Bubble lamp

Bubble lamps were brought to fame by designer George Nelson in the early 1950s, per mid-century modern home furnishings brand Herman Miller. The look is iconic and simple, immediately calling to mind a retro and refined aesthetic.

2. Wire cage pendant

This fixture is all about the texture; it's a great counterpoint to the smooth and shiny finishes in the rest of the design. Furthermore, it adds an organic element that recurs in the pillow, bouquet, and lovely treed view.

3. Drum pendulum

A mixture of antiqued brass and ivory silk creates an elegant and delicate fixture. The light color pulls the eye up and contrasts with the richness of the dark wood and jewel-toned upholstery. Brass is repeated throughout the area, tying the objects together.

4. Stick sputnik

This minimalist and abstract fixture is a take on the popular sputnik style. The modern piece calls attention to itself without being ornate or grandiose. 

5. Falling water fixture

While we may not all have an ocean view, a chandelier, such as the one above, will remind us of the water. Glass orbs cascade from the ceiling and appear to be lit from within, just like droplets of rain or sea spray. 

6. Eternity lamp

Give your space some glam with an eternity band chandelier. Seemingly ringed in diamonds, the offset concentric circles add just the right touch of bling.

7. Mod linear chandelier

Introduce a mid-century modern style fixture to your dining room for a vintage vibe. The linear design here suits a rectangular table. Mixed materials and colors in the arms and shades provide added interest, while the shades direct light downward rather than onto the ceiling. 

8. Fluted dome pendant

A simple shape receives texture via a fluted shade in this modern option. Wood veneer or amber sheeting skirt a wire form to create a warm glow when lit and an earthy element when not. 

9. Orbiting moon chandelier

A fixture with repeated spheres possesses a mathematical beauty reminiscent of drafted diagrams and scientific models. This elegant piece looks like a chart of the moon's phases or its orbital path. It nicely balances the linear table and sideboard while speaking to the classical bust and pedestal candlesticks.

10. Modern trio

In decorating, there's a principle called the rule of three — according to Welsh Design Studio, it's a natural preference toward objects displayed in odd-numbered groupings. The interior designer explains that odd numbers feel more natural than even-numbered combinations, which can seem forced and artificial. The modern trio above is restrained yet fills the table length well.

11. Hive basket pendant

A woven basket pendant contributes abundant texture to a dining room. In this case, an organic "hive" creates a worldly and found-object focal point that is the best of bohemian style. The black material connects to the black chairs and adds some zing (or should we say sting?) to the neutral space.

12. Modern gothic chandelier

A traditional candelabra chandelier has been transformed into a black beauty. Modern, gothic, industrial, artsy, and about as far as one can get from an opulent crystal draped option, it's an intriguing choice for this bright and classic interior.

13. Brass lanterns

A traditional lantern shape has been referenced and updated with brass and an oversized scale. The large pieces carry the eye up to the beautiful coffered ceiling without adding busyness, while their understated quality makes the space appear relaxed and inviting.

14. Carousel chandelier

Sheer elegance, this chandelier has a weighty presence, too. Its dimension exceeds a third of the table, but the disproportionate scale is partly the reason for its grandeur — the other is the twinkling carousel of etched glass cylinders. 

15. UFO pendant

The UFO pendant, with its futuristic shape and gleaming metallic finish, is an enduring symbol of mid-century design. Here, it's paired with timeless parquet wood floors and traditional architectural features, creating an eclectic and Parisian-modern style.

16. Colored dome

Colored glass or acrylic dome pendants add interest to a room generally occupied by natural wood and metal via the table, chairs, and storage pieces. Try any tone that works with your decor, from bold and bright to soft and ethereal.

17. String-art pendant

A delicate and curvaceous form belies the structured material in this modern fixture. Like the ghost chairs beneath, the barely there object recedes until it's needed, making them ideal for small spaces. 

18. Factory fixtures

Big, basic, and unrefined, these industrial-style pendants work perfectly in a loft or farmhouse setting, where function takes precedence over form. Using them in a small space imparts a sense of humor and playful irreverence for the rules.

19. Neon

Neon is a fun and unexpected way to spread a joyful message and add a little mood lighting. Let everyone know you're always open to good company and a great meal.

20. Moonlight globe

Possibly the most atmospheric fixture of all, this luminous globe is simply stunning. It may need to be supplemented with wall sconces or candles for functional dining, but the warm and subtle effect is perfect for after-dinner lingering and conversation.