The Pottery Barn Items That Will Give You The Best Value

With so many different brands, furniture stores, and decor options to choose from, knowing where to shop and what to buy when making your house a home can feel a bit overwhelming. However, places like Pottery Barn offer high-quality items that manage to maintain a timeless style while still keeping up with the trends and remaining relevant. That said, there is no denying that Pottery Barn is on the higher side when it comes to price point, and some items are more expensive than they should be.

Nonetheless, between its premium quality and impeccable taste, there are several amazing finds from Pottery Barn that are well worth the price, and even make a great investment when looking at the overall value and bang for your buck. From couches to mixing bowls, Pottery Barn is a wonderful resource for sprucing up your home and taking it to the next level. In order to give you a helping hand, we've rounded up the Pottery Barn items that will give you the best value.

The Larkin Reactive Glaze Stoneware 16-Piece Dinnerware Set

A sleek, high-quality dining set is an absolute must for those looking to step up their hosting skills or spruce up their kitchen. While some higher-end complete dinnerware sets in the Pottery Barn category can run up to $460, the Larkin Reactive Glaze Stoneware 16-Piece Dinnerware Set is selling for only $160 in their online storefront. The chic sixteen-piece set includes four dinner plates, four salad plates, four soup bowls, and four mugs, making it a great starting set for young adults building their first adult homes, or established families looking to add some simple yet stylish dinnerware to an already existing kitchen setup.

The Larkin Stoneware Set comes in five unique yet subdued colors, allowing the pieces to blend seamlessly into your existing kitchen color palette and aesthetic while still offering a unique pop of color. Additionally, although these Portuguese-made pieces have all of the style and high quality of artisanal stoneware, they are easy to clean and are dishwasher, microwave, and even oven safe, proving to be both versatile and highly functional.

The Temple Street Indoor/Outdoor Kitchen Organizing System

Looking to customize your kitchen without breaking the bank? Pottery Barn's Temple Street Indoor/Outdoor Kitchen Organizing System offers stunning, functional, stylish hanging organization available for purchase in individual pieces, or as an entire set, allowing customers to design and install an organization system that suits their individual wants and desires. Each piece of the system is forged from recycled iron, which gives the system a modern, sleek look and reduces the environmental impact of the product.

The Temple Street Organization System comes in black and white finishes, and five different buildable options to allow for full customization. The Temple Street Modular Rail serves as the foundation of the system and costs just $19.50, making chic organization attainable for almost any budget. The other pieces of the system include a pot holder, five sleek hooks, bins, and more, all made of the same high-quality recycled iron. The instant functionality, customization, and ability to pick and choose which pieces of the system suit each customer's individual needs for a low price makes the Temple Street Indoor/Outdoor Kitchen Organizing System an incredible value purchase.

These Bamboozle Nesting Mixing Bowls - Set of 7

These Bamboozle Nesting Mixing Bowls offer the perfect combination of environmental responsibility, easy storage and cleaning, style, and functionality, making them a must add to our Pottery Barn value list. The set of seven mixing bowls are made from sustainable, durable, completely biodegradable bamboo fibers, which makes them both BPA and lead-free, meaning they are healthier for the planet, and for the consumer! The bamboo material is also dishwasher safe, and the nesting nature of the bowls means all seven bowls are easily stored inside the largest bowl, saving precious kitchen cabinet space.

The bowls are both stylish and functional – the grayscale design adds a surprising aesthetic flare to what could otherwise be a mundane kitchen tool. Additionally, while other mixing bowls with fewer bowls, less environmental care, and less easy storage can cost over $100 on the Pottery Barn site, the Bamboozle Nesting Mixing Bowls provides seven high-quality bowls of various sizes for just $89.

These Globe Outdoor String Lights

It is no secret that good lighting can entirely change the atmosphere of any space, indoor or outdoor, day or night. For those looking to spruce up any balcony, yard, or patio space, these Pottery Barn Globe Outdoor String Lights offer high-quality, high-value lighting with easy installation and low prices. The Globe String Lights come in two different sizes, three different cord colors, and three different installation types, giving customers the option to customize the style and installation in whichever way fits their space the best. Customers are also able to connect multiple strands with ease, so the globe string lights are guaranteed to fit any space no matter how large.

The Globe Outdoor String Lights cost anywhere from just $39 to $99 dispensing on color and length, which in comparison to other stylish outdoor lighting fixtures comes out to be a small fraction of the price. The low price and the way the warm bronze light transforms any space instantly make these lights a truly valuable Pottery Barn purchase.

The Woven Seagrass Papasan Chair

Papasan chairs have been all the rage over the last couple of years – however, with sky-high prices across multiple retailers, these comfortable, funky chairs are often out of the budget for young adults looking to spruce up their spaces. However, this Woven Seagrass Papasan Chair from Pottery Barn finally offers the sought-after Papasan design at a significantly reduced price. Although the Pottery Barn Seagrass Papasan costs $239, which may seem pricey at first glance, competitors like Urban Outfitters sell similar products for upwards of $400, and even brands known for lower price points like World Market still sell their version of the Papasan chair for no less than $350.

Despite its much more affordable, higher value price, the Woven Seagrass Papasan still delivers fully on style and quality. The dynamic, geometric base of the chair has been carefully crafted from iron, and the seat of the chair is woven from a natural lampakanai rope, giving the chair its signature style and providing ultimate comfort.

The Sanford 39.5 Console Table

Sturdy furniture pieces can be some of the most expensive purchases when designing a home, so finding reasonably priced, high-quality pieces like the Sanford 39.5" Console Table for just $399 feels like a steal. Designed in a rustic modern style, the Sanford Console table is perfectly sized to add decor and style to any living space or bedroom. The thin, structured metal framework pairs beautifully with the earthy wood shelving, combining sleek metal work with the warm wood to create a sleek yet rustic aesthetic. The table also boasts two drawers, adding additional storage space in a minimal, discrete way to any room in your home.

End tables from Pottery Barn often cost well over $500 and do not offer the same kind of stylish storage space as the Sanford Console Table. The combination of its carefully designed, stylish construction and its discrete addition of storage makes the $399 price tag an incredible value.

The Cooper Wall Mounted Rectangle Wall Mirror

Mirrors are the perfect addition to almost any space. They make a room look bigger, serve as decor, and are the perfect spot to check out your look and snap a cute mirror photo. However, mirrors with high-quality glass are often some of the priciest pieces of wall decor. That is why we love the Cooper Wall Mounted Rectangle Wall Mirror from Pottery Barn. The mirror comes with a stylish mount, making it easy to install and giving it a unique farmhouse rustic style. The 31-inch rectangular mirror panel itself is made of high-quality glass, which means the reflection it provides is crystal clear and free of distortion. The frame is carefully crafted of copper metal and pinewood, giving the frame itself more of a rustic, natural touch.

Other hanging wall mirrors of similar size in the Pottery Barn catalog cost well over $300, and do not offer the same unique style and crafted metal work as the Cooper Wall Mounted Rectangle Wall Mirror, making this mirror an absolutely valuable item to purchase for your home renovation or redecoration.

The Cleo Toiletry And Weekender Bag

Those who are fortunate enough to be avid travelers are well aware of the importance of a good travel bag – something that is not too heavy, easy to handle, provides maximum storage without being bulky, and of course, offers an aesthetically-pleasing style as well. Pottery Barn's Cleo Toiletry And Weekender Bags offer just that and are sold either as a matching two-piece set, or individualized pieces at a markedly reasonable price for the quality. Both pieces in the set are made of canvas with delicate vegan leather accents, a high-quality zipper closure, and tear-resistant poly cotton lining on the interior designed with longevity in mind.

The larger weekender bag also offers an adjustable, removable shoulder strap and two handles for easy transport in every type of travel setting, and a hidden interior pocket perfect for storing valuables, travel tickets, and any other personal items. Together the high-quality set costs only $129 for both bags, an extremely high value for the quality, style, and multi-use functionality of the set. Each bag is also available for individual purchase at a reduced price.

The Soft Washed Organic Percale Duvet Cover

Is there anything better than climbing into a luxurious, soft, high-quality bedding set at the end of a long day? The Soft Washed Organic Percale Duvet Cover from Crate and Barrel offers just that, but at a drastically more affordable price than many other competing duvet covers without compromising quality or comfort. Woven from 100% organic cotton percale, this classic white bedding offers timeless style, maximum cooling cotton comfort, and environmental responsibility throughout its production. Bedding can be wildly expensive, especially from companies that offer a commitment to both high quality and environmental consciousness. However, this timeless bright white design offers all of these qualities ranging from just $79 – $129 depending on mattress size.

In addition to being a great piece to add to any bedroom in your home, the Soft Washed Organic Percale Duvet Cover is also machine washable, and boasts fair trade certification and sustainably-sourced organic materials, increasing not only the consumer value but also the environmental consciousness of each purchase.

The Black Handcrafted Marble Bathroom Accessories

Bathrooms are some of the most challenging rooms to decorate – with less wall space comes less hanging decor, and a greater need for a simple, cohesive idea to bring the room together. Pottery Barn's Black Handcrafted Marble Bathroom Accessories are the perfect vessels to tie together any bathroom no matter the size or the existing decor. The collection boasts a wide range of bathroom essentials, including a soap pump and dish, a toothbrush holder, a storage canister, a tray, a tissue box holder, a trashcan, and more, all with the same sleek, dark design.

Each piece of the collection is handcrafted to show off the delicate veining of the 100% natural marble. Because each piece is made with entirely natural marble, no two pieces are exactly the same, ensuring a unique yet cohesive set no matter how many pieces of the collection a customer purchases. Additionally, although each and every piece of the set matches in style, size, and aesthetic, each piece is sold separately so customers are able to customize their set to their lifestyle and space allowance as needed. With pieces starting at just $28, this natural, unique, customizable set offers high value at an impressively low price.

These Wood Gallery Frames

Gallery walls in every room seem to have taken over Pinterest, blogs, and real life homes over the last couple of years. Websites like Etsy allow anyone to purchase trendy, high quality prints for a low price, yet framing can often ruin the whole affair. Low-quality frames will distort the quality of the print, while high-quality frames can cost over $100.

However, these Pottery Barn Wood Gallery Frames offer high quality glass, a wide array of photo sizes, frame sizes, and colors, and prices starting as low as $30. Each frame comes with the included bevel cut archival quality mat, either white or cream colored depending upon the selected frame. The combination of the high quality materials, the simple, sleek, versatile design, the impressive range of styles, colors, and sizing options, and the affordable pricing makes these Wood Gallery Frames a top value item this season at Pottery Barn.

The Camryn Glass Globe USB Table Lamp

There is nothing better than a multi purpose appliance– especially in homes with limited space, nothing is more valuable than a stylish, discrete, multi purpose item. The Camryn Glass Globe USB Table Lamp from Pottery Barn offers just that – the stylish desk lamp also boasts a small but effective USB charging port, perfect for charging up your phone or any other small device even on the smallest desktop without the need for extra outlets or charging chords, and costs only $98.99, making it an absolute steal.

The sleek design of the table lamp is a draw on its own– two toned black and gold metal forms a circular base and stretches up in a modern, sleek line to the blown glass orb bulb. With a nod to the wildly popular mid-century modern design aesthetic, this simple yet sleek table lamp offers customers both style and multi use function all in one for under $100.

The Sanford Square Arm Upholstered Sofa Collection

A good sofa can change the entire setup of a living space, and it is often the central gathering space of a home, meaning that many of our most important family moments happen whilst gathered on a sofa. However, sofas and couches can be some of the most expensive purchases one makes throughout the home furnishing process. Pottery Barn offers a wide range of pricing across their various sofas, but we have found the Sanford Square Arm Upholstered Sofa to offer the best value in terms of quality, comfort, and pricing.

Starting at just $599, the Sanford Sofa allows customers to choose the details, sizing, and fabric based on their budgetary, logistical, and stylistic desires. Each individualized sofa of this model boasts a high back, loose cushions, and trim arms, making it extremely comfortable while also being ideal for smaller, more compact spaces. While many similarly modeled sofas cost well over $1,000, with the right fabric choice, this affordable, stylish sofa offers both comfort and affordability.

The Tosca Accessory Stand

Looking for an affordable gift, or just an addition to your bedroom space to keep jewelry and other accessories organized and displayed in an aesthetically pleasing way? Pottery Barn's Tosca Accessory Stand sells for only $40 and provides a sleek, high-quality, minimal, yet stylish set-up to store and display a wide variety of items. The stand is made of high-quality steel coated with a sleek white finish and is combined with exposed natural light wood, giving the stand a modern yet relaxed feel.

The thin wooden bar holds eight dainty hooks that can be used to hang or display necklaces, charms, or any other small accessory that would otherwise clutter your living space or find itself lost, tangled, or forgotten in the bottom of a drawer. The Tosca Accessory stand offers ultimate value because not only is it affordable and constructed with high-quality material, but also offers a stylish solution to the inevitable clutter that gathers in every home.