Shoe Racks That Will Make Your Mudroom More Organized Than Ever

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There is that one spot that will make you scowl every time you walk through the door. You know the one — that piled-high, jumbled-up, dirt-hiding shoe mountain. Sure, you may have a door mat or a nice rubberized one where wet footwear is supposed to land, but somehow, they exceed the space available or tumble outside the prescribed boundaries. Not only is the area an eyesore, but also a tripping hazard, mainly if it isn't well-lit. The cluttered shoe jungle also slows down the time it takes to get the kids in and out of the house, which can be significant if you're juggling a couple of little ones plus backpacks, sports gear, pets, or groceries! 

What you need is the perfect shoe rack to make your mudroom or entryway organized. And inspired by The New York Times, House Digest looked at shoe racks to help you manage your mudroom, entryway, or that spot just inside your door that tends to collect all the shoes. We found that a shoe rack that suits your lifestyle, needs, and design aesthetic will make a molehill out of that shoe mountain and keep you happy and more organized than ever.

A shoe rack for the shoe lover

If you have many shoes, this 72-shoe organizer might be the one for you. Sold as individual cubbies that clip together, they can be customized to different heights and widths. Each shoe organizer cube can support up to 22 pounds in weight, making it very sturdy. While it doesn't need to be affixed to a wall, if you have young children, you may feel safer purchasing a separate kit that allows you to do so. One of the great features of the JYYG 72-Pair Shoe Rack Shoe Organizer is that the cubbies have translucent covers, shielding the footwear from full view while allowing you to know what's inside. They are also opaque with a scroll design that works with most décor. 

Furthermore, the JYYG 72-Pair Shoe Rack Shoe Organizer comes with purse hooks and slipper holders, which maximize its organizational features. The individual cubes are 15.7 inches wide by 11.8 inches deep by 11.8 inches high. So, depending on the design and size of your shoes, each cube can house about three pairs of footwear. The cubbies can also be combined to store boots or larger items. Be sure to securely click each cube into place, which appears to be the key to building a functional system that works as intended. While a hammer is included in the kit, some purchasers found that other tools worked better for them.

A multipurpose shoe rack

You may want a built-in option if the site for your footwear has high visibility and foot traffic. This piece is much more than a shoe rack; it operates as an open closet, possibly, one that's destined to become a family heirloom. It might have delusions of grandeur, but it dresses up your mudroom, and it's pretty. The Prepac Hall Tree holds just 24 pairs of shoes, perhaps, for the average collector. The 60-inch-wide size comes in white, espresso, and gray; other sizes and colors are available, though you'll sacrifice storage space accordingly.

One of the best features of the Prepac Hall Tree is its built-in bench. The bar makes it easy to sit down to tie or untie shoes, which is sometimes the difference between putting shoes where they belong or kicking them off and letting them stay wherever they land. A handful of hooks and shelves add function and style, making this shoe rack truly furniture-worthy. Standing 77 inches tall with just a 15.5-inch depth, the Prepac Hall Tree makes a statement. The commanding height and width are worthy of any furniture investment, and with a depth of less than a foot and a half, it's easier to fit into most rooms.

Shoe rack with hidden storage

If you don't want your shoes on display, the FUFU&GAGA Shoe Cabinet has you covered — literally — with its enclosed, flip drawer design. The cabinet stands over 31 inches high, allowing you to use the top for keys, books, or other knick knacks that pile up near the door to your mudroom or entryway. At only 23.6 inches wide, you may find that two of the shoe cabinets suit your needs best, possibly with a chair between them to make it easier to lace up your sneakers. The flip design of the cabinet doors provides easy access with soft closure. You'll be able to see all the shoes in the drawer at a glance while keeping them dust free. 

The cabinet doors provide a clean, organized appearance, no need to straighten up or hide your shoes when company comes over! This storage option sports two drawers, each with two racks for shoes, yet it is just under 2 feet wide. Depending on the size and style of your footwear, the cabinet may be able to accommodate up to 20 pairs of adult shoes, but sizes 12 to 16 is more likely. You can squeeze more into the spaces if you'll be using it primarily for children's shoes. Boots or clunkier shoes may pose a space challenge, so if you're riding the range by day and doing a boot-scootin' boogie by night, the FUFU&GAGA Shoe Cabinet may not offer the storage you need.

Got a wide variety of footwear?

Sometimes what is really important is that your mudroom is functional rather than fancy. And what you need is a shoe rack that is adjustable and fits all the types of shoes your family wears, particularly those hard-to-store boots. The Wexcise Tall Shoe Rack Organizer is a freestanding shoe rack that might just make you want to kick up your heels! It stands over 5 feet tall and has several options to make it customizable. The frames are ideal for dirty, sloppy footwear such as muddy work boots or grassy cleats.

Its best feature is the remarkable space it offers. The shoe organizer can take 24 or more shelves depending on the configuration, and the open metal and PVC frames also make clean-up easier. As a bonus, the shelving unit comes with some side hooks to keep you even more organized. This shoe rack offers one color (black) and is relatively basic in design; it will need to be assembled and has a mallet included for that purpose. Most reviews are positive and praise the ample space it provides and its affordability.

A shoe rack for those with small spaces

Our final shoe rack option is a small one for rooms. The compact Sophia & William Shoe Bench with five cubbies are ideal for those areas where a half dozen or so pairs of shoes tend to collect. The open spaces aren't likely to fit more than one pair of shoes or boots in each, but if that's all you need to store to keep your kick-'em-off spot clear, then this one is a good option for you. The divider shelf on the left side of the shoe rack is adjustable, allowing you to make room for a taller hiking or fashion boots, if necessary. This little shoe rack is available in white or rustic brown.

The seat cushion on top is included and sports a neutral gray that will complement just about any décor. It buckles in place to keep it from sliding around, and the cover on the cushion is removable for easy cleaning. It's a surprisingly sturdy piece for its size, holding up to 250 pounds total. While it doesn't hold dozens of pairs of footwear, it can be just enough to make your mudroom instantly feel more organized and help you face the day with a lift in your step.