Top 3 Ways To Make Your Closet Seem Larger

Everyone wishes they could have a lavish closet. We want to be able to walk into it and feel like we're in a boutique thanks to all the endless space we have. Sadly, it's more likely that we struggle with the size of our closets because there are too many things and too little space. When faced with a small closet, some options are to bring in clothes racks, coat stands, and shoe racks, which can be placed in other parts of the room to leave more room in the closet.

However, using those items can make your room feel crowded. Maybe you live in a small apartment or you have to share the space with others. Or perhaps you're in a college dorm. Regardless of your situation, it's helpful to know how to work with what you have to make your closet feel more spacious. These tips will guide you through changing the structure of your organization and maximizing your space, but decluttering will always be your best bet. As Marie Kondo advises: don't be held back by nostalgia and only keep what brings you joy (via Taste of Home).

Organize differently

The way things are organized in a closet sometimes makes it seem more packed than it actually is. How things are folded, hung up, and stored significantly impacts how much space is taken up in a closet. To make your closet seem larger, think of how you can change the way your things are organized, from altering the layout to how you use baskets and bins.

One big tip is to give everything a home! This means getting everything that's on the floor or stuffed in a corner and hanging it up, putting it on a shelf, or putting it in a storage bin. Using matching bins is a great way to make the space feel more cohesive and less busy. Home Decor Bliss suggests matching hangers. Another tip is to maximize your top shelf because that is a section that is often ignored. When everything looks in place and stray items are out of sight, the closet will have a cleaner look and feel more spacious.

Take off the doors

When you're pressed for space, every inch counts. Your closet door can negatively impact the functionality, especially when the closet is in a cramped area or when the door is hard to shut. One useful option is to get rid of it! Alternatively, you might try using a curtain or installing sliding doors, but having it completely open keeps things simple.

Open floor plans have been trendy for a while now, from open concept kitchens to open living rooms, and embracing that openness in your bedroom can bring freedom. You can gain more flexibility in how you use the space and where you put furniture when you don't have to worry about opening doors. Another benefit of ditching the closet door is that you become more conscious of keeping it organized, suggests Home Decor Bliss. When your closet is set up well, you'll be proud to keep it open!

Clean it out

It's no surprise that the best way to make your closet seem larger is to have fewer things! You know the drill: set aside time to go through every single item in your closet and determine which ones need to be kept, thrown out, or donated. Ever heard of a clothes capsule? This minimalism trend involves creating a wardrobe of timeless pieces that you can and will always wear. It is a shift away from buying pieces according to seasons and trends, and towards buying versatile pieces that you absolutely love, explains The Everygirl.

Another way to keep your closet manageable is to rotate your items based on the season. Storing your winter clothes during the summer ensures that the only things you see are what you'd actually reach for. Wash or dry clean your items before you store them, and use breathable bags instead of plastic, advises Moss Building & Design.