How To Decorate A TV Stand

A television placed on the top of a stand is a classic living room furniture pairing. This setup creates a focal point in the living room for you and your family to gather and hang out. Considering its central position, it's important for your TV stand to be decorated in a visually appealing fashion. Trying to find pieces to layer into this space is similar to finding accessories for coffee tables, ottomans, and side tables.

According to Architectural Digest, there are countless ways to decorate the large wall around your flatscreen television. When decorating, aim to find a balanced and cohesive look by finding elements that complement the TV stand, create movement, and add texture. How you decorate the stand can have a significant impact on your space in terms of ambiance and experience. Here are some styling tips and tricks for making your television stand a star attraction in your living space.

Play with shapes

When shopping for your TV stand decor, try to source pieces that will not overwhelm the space. Simple shapes and muted colors are preferred in this area since they will not distract from your favorite shows. To create the most alluring setup, source decor elements that vary in height, add visual interest, and introduce texture to the space.

According to Hickory Furniture Mart, organic, curvilinear shapes reminiscent of nature can help soften a space and prevent it from looking empty or bare. A person should try to incorporate several pieces with curved edges to craft the perfect balance around their television. In addition to traditional square and rectangular shapes of items like trays and picture frames, consider adding ovals, circles, or unique shapes around your TV stand. Incorporate subtle accents like oversized candlesticks or a sculptural bust. Consider items such as vases, jar candles, decorative spheres, and bowls. Just be sure to select items that do not block your view.

Keep it clean and neutral

The entertainment room can become chaotic, cramped, and cluttered. When this space feels chaotic, it can make it difficult to unwind at the end of the day. The living room is a high-traffic area in any home, making storage cabinets and media consoles essential furniture additions. These pieces help keep the area organized and conceal items when not in use. As reported by HGTV, TV stands act as the perfect place to corral all those unsightly but necessary gadgets.

You can stay organized, regardless of your TV stand style. Firstly, consider what items will be stored on the stand to help determine your storage options. Neutral decor items like hyacinth or seagrass baskets and low-profile bowls are ideal for TV stands with open shelves. Stands with doors that fully close are perfect for keeping clutter and extra items out of sight and out of mind.

Incorporate faux plants

Having plants in your home is a great way to bring nature inside. However, don't be afraid to add a few faux plants to the mix. If you want to add a bit of greenery to your TV stand, consider using fake plants instead of the real thing. The No. 1 reason for this is maintenance. It's not always feasible to place your TV stand in natural light. The lack of light makes it difficult for most plants to thrive. Plus, watering it may be a challenge.

Making faux greenery appear realistic is the key to a natural look. The advantage of decorating with fake plants is that they are bendable and shapeable. You can alter the direction of the plant stems to fit the desired space. According to Ballard Designs, adjusting the plant is also a great way to give it a more realistic look. Blending natural plants with a few fake ones makes it hard to determine which is which.

Add books below

Encourage reading in your space and create a little library on your TV console table by adding your favorite book titles or ones you find interesting to share with your guests. Adding books to your TV stand is a simple decor feature that adds height, is affordable, and displays personality. Books are surprisingly versatile, and you can arrange them vertically, horizontally, or left open to a favorite page. According to MyDomaine, books can work for just about anyone's home aesthetic.

One could create a simple stack of two to three titles on the TV stand and top it with a decorative bowl or meaningful statue. If you have a small space, try swapping the titles out every so often or adjusting the stack to fit a new favorite. When finding engaging titles to accessorize your TV stand, consider the book's color and title to create a cohesive decorative scene. Collect books in similar shades and colors for a monochromatic look.

Display framed photographs

You can give your media console new life by displaying some treasured family photographs or favorite custom art prints. Look for pieces with eclectic frames of varying shapes, sizes, and colors. According to Frame it Easy, this element is essential for the living room since you spend a lot of time here. Plus, it can help convey your unique personality.

Ultimately, aim to find pieces that nod to your style preferences. You could decorate with quirky picture frames or ones with bold patterns to add texture and intrigue to the environment. For a cohesive look, blend picture frames in different styles and colors. Finding frames for your home decor scheme or TV stand color should be a breeze. Check out online shops like Etsy or Wayfair, or browse through your local thrift stores. Adding this personal touch can help tie all the other elements in the room together.

Create balance with accessories

To decorate a TV stand, add purposeful and aesthetically pleasing accessories. A symmetrical interior is often more peaceful than its asymmetrical counterpart. According to MyMove, since this type of balance is so familiar, it is cognitively easier to process the flow of the space. Try to achieve a balanced look by placing matching decor items on either side of the TV.

Pair items with similar colors, shapes, and sizes. For example, to establish a cohesive scheme, set a tall vase paired with a shorter vase on one side of the TV and then add a stack of books with a bowl on top on the other side. The elements on either side should complement one another in scale, so source fluid and transitional decor. A complete look will include decor items with levels and continuously keep the eye moving. Consider the space you have to work with on your TV stand and design a balanced look.

Address that cord situation

The living room TV stand is often the place for storing power cords, gaming components, and remote controls. These cords can quickly turn into a tangled mess of exposed wires and cords, making it hard to relax and unwind. While cables are in every home, they are not exactly the prettiest decor element. The good news is that there are unique ways to hide and create a more pleasing and organized space. According to Homedit, organizing your cables looks better and can help you find the right cord when you need it most.

If you have additional shelving on your television stand, consider adding decorative storage boxes to house some household items like controllers, remotes, and coasters. If boxes are not a fit, layer in some streamlined rectangular baskets and trays instead. If shelf space is an issue, consider cable management systems that are child safe. These systems are easy to conceal and keep out of sight.

Surround the space

Most people keep their television against a central wall in the living room. To elevate this space, spruce up this wall with some chic decor or shelving. According to Modsy, there are plenty of tips and tricks for turning a blank wall into an attractive setup. For example, you can add a shelf beneath your television or hang up framed artwork on the wall to create a layered display.

To create a living room with a contemporary style, install a mixed gallery wall with a television, a round mirror, and a tapestry. Construct a built-in look by surrounding the TV with shelves and cabinets. Choosing to add decor around your TV stand is an opportunity for you to create an eye-catching focal point. Personalize your TV wall with meaningful photographs or objects from your travels. Position decor on top of the TV stand to achieve a visually appealing wall space.

Decorate with small accessories

Add decorative trinkets and accessories to your TV stand to give the eye something to enjoy besides what is on the screen. Sculptures and collectibles are great items to add around your TV stand as decoration because these keepsakes shed light on your personality and show off your interests. 

According to Apartment Therapy, arranging smaller items in a set of three will create the most aesthetically pleasing style in a room. While you can organize the decorative elements in any odd number, three is typically the magic number for home decorating. Grouping decorative elements in sets of three lets the brain distinguish patterns. Plus, it adds visual depth. Odd groupings are more appealing, memorable, and effective than even-numbered pairings, often appearing in storytelling and design. Adding an odd-numbered group of items to your home causes the eye to move around more and creates a unique visual experience.

Stick to a color scheme

Aim to adhere to a consistent color scheme around your TV stand. Your choice of color palette will often set the mood for the space. To create the ideal cozy spot for you and your loved ones, tastefully combine the colors you adore. According to Havenly Interior Design, if you are searching for items that will complement one another in your living room, it's best to select accent colors that are near one another on the color wheel. This simple strategy will help you create a coherent domain as the colors will be of similar hues.

To accomplish this in your space, pair tan and beige or purple and red shades together. To create more contrast, select opposite colors on the color wheel. This color technique will introduce drama and visual texture. Add decorative elements with opposing colors like orange and blue or purple and yellow.

Let the furniture do the talking

If your TV hangs above a piece of furniture with detailing or intricate design, let the item take center stage. Do not clutter the space and draw attention away from the individual beauty of your furnishings. Instead, let the furniture do the talking. According to Studio McGee, a simple TV console is an alternative for a less chaotic look. Keeping the area around your television stand subdued will let furniture pop.

To reduce distracting elements in this space, keep decor to a minimum. If you add decorative pieces, keep them simple and streamlined, allowing them to flow with the TV stand. You do not want decor items competing with the TV stand or statement furniture in the living room. Too many objects piled on shelves or stacked on a table will hinder the visual experience in your living room and confuse the overall look.

Choose a rug wisely

The decorating process is similar to choosing what to wear in the morning. There are specific steps to follow to complete a stylish and comfortable look. Decorating a TV stand is no exception. As reported by Architectural Digest, it's best to start with the bottom layer and work your way up. Nothing quite pulls a room together like a rug. Finding the perfect one is essential to your decorating scheme.

Using an area rug under the TV stand is a fun way to embrace color and pattern in a space. If you have a favorite decor element on your TV stand with vivid colors or a bold pattern, consider finding a rug to complement it. Be mindful of material, design, and size when selecting your rug. A floral pattern can invoke a fresh feel in the room, while a shag carpet will create a cozy look. On the other hand, a sleek, low-profile rug with a geometric pattern will suit modern tastes.

Create a calming atmosphere with candles

Candles are the ultimate mood setter. The light glow emitted from a flickering candle is the perfect addition to any living room setup, especially around a TV stand. Besides creating ambiance, candles also smell good. According to Travel + Leisure, you are attracted to certain candle scents more than others because memories are associated with specific smells. The smell of a scented candle stimulates the limbic system in the body. This part of the brain processes emotions and memories. For example, citrus aromas may trigger the memory of a bright and sunny summer day and positive emotions.

Lighting scented candles in the home is proven to boost mood, reduce stress, and improve overall mental health. Aromas like ylang-ylang bring joy and relaxation, while lavender scents promote peace and calm the nerves (via Country Living). Since candles are available in many different shapes, sizes, colors, and aromas, there is sure to be one perfect for your specific style.

Add lamps to brighten the space

Adding lamps as additional light sources in a room is perfect for illuminating dark corners. These light sources can directly impact the living room's ambiance and overall functionality. To prevent distractions and unsightly reflections, consider the lamp placement in your living room. At night, lighting can reflect on the TV and wash out the images on screen, so it's best to avoid placing lamps directly across from the television.

When decorating your TV stand, set one lamp on the side or keep it symmetrical by placing lights on either side of the big screen. According to Lifewire, it's best to decorate with lamps on both sides. If you choose to decorate with two lights, set them far enough apart so that they do not block your view. Ideally, the TV stand should complement your space and give your TV an attractive and functional home.