What You Need To Know About Each Of The Kardashian's Homes

Ever since the Kardashians came out with their reality show "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" in 2007, the celebrity family has made their mark on the entertainment industry. Not only are they known for their business acumen and beauty products, but also their exquisite taste in home design. Forbes reported the Kardashians are estimated to be worth over $2 billion. With the income they have accrued through their money-making endeavors, many of their investments are in the real estate market. 

To achieve their own sense of home style, the Kardashians collaborated with various designers or developed their own ideas to get their projects started. Each member of the Kardashian's home represents a side of their personality that makes them stand out in their own unique way. Whether it is Kim's love for a neutral home palette or Kendall's bohemian vibes, everyone has something interesting to show off in their place called home. 

Kim perfers bare minimalism

When it came to decorating their home, Kim Kardashian said in a recent article for Architectural Digest that she and Kanye wanted to create a minimalist space with less noise. "Everything in the outside world is so chaotic. I like to come into a place and immediately feel the calmness," she said. The couple sought out the advice of famed Belgian decorator Axel Vervoordt. Though Vervoordt didn't have much experience within the entertainment industry, he and the couple shared the same values regarding art and spirituality. 

They agreed on a design that favors living in the present and the future. "Kanye and Kim wanted something totally new. We changed the house by purifying it, and we kept pushing to make it purer and purer," Vervoordt said. Keeping up with the concept of purity, the house's rooms are coated in an off-white plaster, which hints at an essence of luminous energy. Each room is also accented with pale natural materials and is relatively empty.

Kendall has a bohemian aesthetic

Kathleen and Tommy Clements were the mother and son duo who helped Kendall Jenner achieve her home design goals. "Her taste was surprising, more bohemian and funky than the rest of her family. The mood she described was totally understated and down-to-earth," Tommy told a reporter for Architectural Digest. According to the same article, Kendall wanted her house to have a pan-Mediterranean style, a popular preference within the Los Angeles area. "I like a house that has character. When I walked into this place, I was immediately drawn to the peaceful Spanish-y, farmhouse-y vibe," Jenner shared. 

Her living room features her preference for warm earth tones and comfortable furniture, as well as a fireplace at one end of the room. To add her own touch of flair, the living room has a variety of pillows in vintage textiles as well as two comfortable sofas. Though she may lead a busy jet-setting life, Kendall prefers peace and fun nights at home with friends instead of going out late and partying. "I'm not a huge party person. There aren't a lot of ragers going on here. I like turning on music, lighting the fireplace and candles, and watching NBA games with my friends," she said. Her cozy, bohemian house reflects that.

Kourtney's house focuses on indoor-outdoor living

According to the New York Post, Kourtney Kardashian spent over $12 million for her Palm Springs house to share with Blink 182 drummer and beau, Travis Barker. The house spans a massive 9,000 square feet, with each room featuring an open yet cozy aesthetic. The house boasts wide-ranging glass doors that slide away, enabling a perfect blending of indoor and outdoor living spaces. 

Sources from Modern Luxury say the real showstopper is the wide-open mountain view that can be seen from the open floor plan living space. There are various guest rooms and office spaces with easy access to the outdoors. As well as keeping an open space concept, the courtyard connects to the great room. The covered patio merges with the indoor and outdoor area with floor-to-ceiling glass sliding doors. When she's not too busy keeping up with the rest of her family, Kourtney has access to the neighborhood's 15-tee golf course.

Khloe's house puts a premium on organization

Like mother, like daughter: Khloe Kardashian is known for being one of the neatest out of the Kardashian clan. Her mother, Kris Jenner, has said that Khloe is one of the cleanest, most organized people she knows in a former November 2019 "KUWTK" episode. "Khloé is the most organized, cleanest, most obsessive person I know in her own home," she said. "I mean, the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. When we were raising the kids, I was always cleaning and organizing and re-organizing and moving things around, so I kind of feel responsible."

According to Life & Style, because of this love for organization, Khloe's house has an immaculate pantry with food products organized by type, color, and size. While the photo above is a peek into a smaller pantry, it gives you an idea of the level of organization she enjoys. The main pantry looks like a huge walk-in closet with an abundance of cooking and baking ingredients. There are storage cabinets with six open shelves that reach from floor to ceiling. Khloe's food products and ingredients are labeled correctly and in their own bin, tray, or jar. As well as having an organized space, Khloe also loves feminine touches. The reality TV star has an overabundance of flowers, especially peonies, which take up her living space.

Kylie's mansion is art deco inspired

The youngest of the Kardashian clan, Kylie Jenner, has a house filled with art and pops of color. According to Vogue, Kylie sought help from Los Angeles designer Martyn Lawrence-Bullard, who was intrigued by her celebrity and influencer lifestyle. "For someone her age to have achieved so much is frankly astonishing," Lawrence-Bullard said. Due to her young age and bright outlook on life, Kylie wanted a home design that was fresh and fun. "Color was essential. I love pink, and I wanted a lot of it!" she said.

Kylie's dining room has leather upholstered chairs that were custom designed to match the colors in her "Kylie" beauty line, boasting shades of shell pink, pale pink, and crimson. Her bar lounge features a billiard table, arcades games, and a Saint Laurent limited edition surfboard. There are also Andy Warhol lithographs displayed and a neon installation by Tracey Emin that says, "I Don't Believe How Much You Love Me." Lawrence-Bullard also noted that Kylie felt a deep connection to Marilyn Monroe. "We placed a series of Warhol screen prints of Marilyn along the main stairway. In general, we selected artworks that felt appropriate for a young collector with feminine tastes. Everything reflects Kylie's personality."

Kris has a fine china display

While many homeowners may have pictures of their loved ones or classic art pieces decorating their home, Kris Jenner has her own room of designer dish sets. According to Poosh, Kris' fine designer dish sets are displayed in a walk-in closet that feels like a mini-museum with each teacup and plate in its correct place. According to The Daily Mail, there is an eight-piece Hermes Africa tableware set that costs about $550 in her collection. She also has a Hermes Carnets d'Equateur dinnerware set ranging from $130 for a butter plate to nearly $4,000 for a vase. There are also dish sets painted with characters that feature a likeness to Kris' children. 

In keeping close with her children, Kris bought a mansion next to her daughter, Khloe, in the San Fernando Valley featured in the seat of Hidden Hills. According to Dirt, Kris spent $20 million on the new mansion. The momager's estate is 16,000 square feet, whereas Khloe's mansion is closer to 10,000 square feet. Both homes are styled to look like modern farmhouses with outdoor swimming pools and enough parking space for Kris' children and grandchildren to drop by.

Kanye's sprawling Wyoming ranch

According to Forbes, Kanye West purchased a 3,888-acre ranch in Cody, Wyoming, in 2019. The property was formerly called "Monster Lake." It included two fishing lakes, hay meadows, livestock corrals, and even a go-kart track with a fleet of go-karts made for adults and children. The property spans over 9,000 acres, half of which is leased to the federal government. It was the perfect rural family escape, and the Kardashian-West family shared plenty of pictures riding horses and looking out onto the Absaroka mountains on Instagram.

But it seems like West got his fill of Cowboy Country after he and Kardashian filed for divorce. In 2021, two years later, West listed his commercial properties in Cody, Wyoming, for $3.2 million. The Wyoming ranch was one of the properties the former couple owned together as well as a home in Calabasas and a condo in Miami. 

Caitlyn's chic Malibu beach home

Though it was placed on the market within the past year, Caitlyn Jenner's $8 million Malibu home has many amenities that allow you to connect with the beach outside. SheKnows says the deck has a clear railing, keeping the ocean view unobstructed. Entertaining is made easy with the deck, which features enough space for a dinner table and a fireplace. The interior matches the aesthetic beach outside, featuring light hardwood floors and neutral wall and cabinet tones.

Since it's near the beach, the new residents who move into Jenner's former abode can enjoy the sand and water. The extended back deck provides a sloping staircase that leads down to the sand. A full view of the beach can be seen from inside the primary bedroom, thanks to the sliding glass walls. The primary bathroom has a double bath and a double vanity, perfect for grooming and getting ready for a fun night out on the town. The chef's kitchen has built-in appliances that keep the space aesthetically pleasing, and an open floor plan that enables all rooms to get equal ocean views.

Scott's Hamptons-style house

According to Architectural Digest, Scott Disick's love for home and interior design began when he was young. As a teenager, he would read design magazines and pour over their well-decorated pages, but didn't act on his interest until he was old enough to design his own home. When he was younger, Disick was interested in Italian mid-century design, but it's now the French mid-century pieces that catch his eye. Due to his East Coast upbringing, Disick wanted a house that reflected his past. 

"Once I was doing my own house, it came back to me and I started remembering all the magazines I used to read, the furniture brands and different eras. I was looking for something that felt very East Coast. I always pictured myself in a kind of Hamptons-feeling house but updated," Disick told the publication. Luckily for him, he found a white clapboard house in California, and he jumped right into renovating, changing the hardware, lighting, bathrooms, and floors. In terms of decor, he's staunch about keeping the place neutral. "I have more art, but I had to take it off the walls because it was too much," Disick said.

Rob's nostalgic family home

In true "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" fashion, Rob Kardashian purchased the home previously owned by his mother, Kris Jenner. According to Life & Style, in September 2020, Kim Kardashian gave fans a peek of the house on Instagram Stories. "I just got to my brother's house. The nostalgia here is insane. Guys, do you remember this kitchen just from filming?" Kim asked in the video. She panned her camera over to the kitchen to show off her mother's iconic black-and-white checkered floor. In the video, Kim asked Kris how it felt to be back in their old house. She replied, "It feels amazing. I'm so grateful we still have it in the family because it makes me really happy."

It is unclear if Kris left him the house or if he bought it from her, but he has since made it his own. In 2020, Rob went all out decorating the mansion for Christmas, transforming it into a magical wonderland for his daughter, Dream (via Hello!).

Kim and Kris Humphries' glamorous abode

When Kim Kardashian was married to Kris Humphries, the couple purchased Tuscan Villa in Beverly Hills. According to Today, the house may still be on the market for $5.7 million. The house has an open living room space with plenty of windows to allow the sun to shine through; a cozy fireplace also marks the space. The dining room also has many windows and a fireplace. For family get-togethers and home cooking, the kitchen provides two large center islands with plenty of cabinet space. When it's time to chill out, one can relax in the TV media room.

The former couple's primary suite provides excellent space with a fireplace, sitting area, bathroom, and walk-in closet. There is a dressing room with two lit vanities for maximum lighting for beauty purposes, perfect for someone constantly photographed and filmed. As for the outside area, guests can be entertained by the pool, which also provides an outdoor kitchen and bar.

Pete's luxurious waterfront condo

Pete Davidson no longer lives with his mom. The comedian moved into a $1.2 million waterfront condo with a beautiful view of Manhattan. According to Fancy Pants Homes, the condo has two bedrooms and 2.5 baths. Even though it's in the Big Apple, it has a coastal style, complete with an airy open floor plan, high ceilings, and large windows throughout. While having outdoor space isn't common for New York City residents, Davidson's condo has an outdoor terrace that is accessible from the living room and primary bedroom.

This is an upgrade for the star, who has been living in the basement of his mother's house for four years. While that might sound surprising given his success, he actually bought the house for his mother in 2016 and enjoyed staying nearby her (via Page Six). He paid $1.3 million for the home, and converted the basement into an apartment. 

Travis' futuristic mansion

Travis Scott's home style is as loud and unique as his music. With over 17,000 square feet, the mansion is located in Brentwood in Los Angeles, as per Dirt. Since it's located in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in California, it is filled with over-the-top amenities, including an underwater sound system for a 75-foot infinity pool.

According to Fancy Pants Homes, Scott's home features a yacht-inspired design. The massive space has seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms, but that's not all. It also has plenty of star-worthy features, such as a 610-bottle wine cellar, a movie theater, and a luxury gym. Scott also has an appreciation for art and decorated his space with custom-made furniture pieces commissioned by Japanese artist Toshi Kawabata. One of those pieces was the unusual and beautiful curved walnut bar. The outside of the house is just as special as the inside, with a yard that has a 10,000 square foot garden, a hot tub, and a large Zen garden where he can relax and meditate. The compound is truly a work of art.

Stassie's hang out place

Last year, Kylie Jenner's best friend, Stassie Karanikolaou, moved into her first home in California. "I'm very excited for this chapter. I've been living here since, like, middle of December, and obviously, it's my first time buying a house," Karanikolaou revealed in a YouTube video. Karanikolaou wanted to change things around in her new house, and decided to change the furniture in almost every room. She has quirky accents throughout the home that adds a playful and youthful touch to the mansion, such as a chalkboard wall and red solo cups stocked on the bar cart. She plans to have friends over constantly, so she also plans to redo the backyard to offer more space to tan with girlfriends.

Her kitchen has an island with chairs for guests to come over to eat and chat, comfortable couches for visitors to stretch out on, and an outdoor pool for having summer parties.