The Best Candles At Walmart

Chances are, no matter where you live or who you live with, you most likely have candles around your home. For some, these are just used as a display for decorations to enhance their home's appearance. However, to many others, they serve the exact purpose they were intended for: to give off a warm and welcoming scent. While this is greatly enjoyable for many, the aura they give off isn't the only enjoyment you can gain from them.

According to The Flower Pot, there are many health benefits that you can obtain from the scent of a candle as well. One is that they can help to improve your mood. While there are some candle scents made just for this, candles overall can help calm you down in times of stress to level out your emotions. They can also be beneficial in getting a good night's rest as they can help you to maintain a natural sleep cycle. In addition to sleep, they're a good way to help keep up with your overall daily routine.

Candles, like many other aroma products, come in many different types and scents. Some have cute designs that fit a certain type of aesthetic. Others, however, are simple enough to be incorporated into any theme in any room. Additionally, the type of scents that you can choose from are almost endless. If you're in need of a few candles to spruce up your home, here are the best candles at Walmart.

One for the special occasions

One of the best candles you can buy, according to The Pioneer Woman, is this candle made by Voluspa. Available at Walmart, it costs around $42 and comes in one scent online: Goji Tarocco Orange. It's also available only in an 18 ounce size. However, despite its limited variety, there are many benefits as to why it's one of the best candles you can buy.

For starters, it has a burn time of around 100 hours. That means it'll last you for a very long time, and you'll surely be getting your money's worth with that benefit alone. However, once the candle does run out, you can reuse the jar for many purposes. You can add your own candle wax to it, use it as a vase for flowers, or just keep it for decor. The Japanese-inspired design is perfect for many aesthetics, including a farmhouse or a boho-style theme.

For those worried about chemicals, another huge advantage you may enjoy from this candle is that it is free of chemicals. You won't find phthalates, parabens, or sulfates when burned, which allows for better peace of mind. To create the alluring scent that this candle gives out, you'll find a mixture of goji berry, ripe mango, and tarocco orange. Many agree that this is one of the best candles you can find, as it was given a 4.8 out of a 5-star rating scale.

A scentless alternative

Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury of being able to smell a candle whenever they desire. Some have sensitivity issues that prevent them from experiencing this grandeur. However, instead of not being able to enjoy candles at all, there is another option: a scentless candle. As per Woman's Day, another one of the best candles you can buy at Walmart is this Simple Soy Beeswax candle. At just over $20, this is a candle that one can enjoy whether they have sensitivity issues or not.

The main benefit of these candles is listed right in the title: beeswax. This candle is made out of 100% beeswax, making it a completely natural option. Of course, this also means that there are absolutely no chemicals involved. Additionally, the container in which the wax resides is a reusable mason glass jar. Since it's such a simple design, these candles can go perfectly well with any aesthetic or theme you can possibly think of.

There are many other benefits included along with this candle as well. For one, the wick is made of 100% cotton, which allows for a burn time of around 80 to 90 hours. However, it is advised that you must keep the wick trimmed to achieve this. Lastly, and perhaps the biggest benefit of all, is that it cleans and purifies the air as it's burning. So while there is no scent, there is no longer bacteria in the area either.

A cheaper and affordable option

Of course, not all can afford to spend a lot of money just on one candle. Times are hard for almost everyone, so a candle may not exactly be on your shopping list. However, if you are wanting one, there is no need to fret over the price. Fortunately, there is a cheaper candle that can prove to be just as beneficial as the costly ones. According to The Pioneer Woman, this vanilla scented candle by Mainstays is one of the cheapest and most popular candles that Walmart has to offer. At just under $10, it's easy to see why.

While Mainstays are known to have a variety of sizes and scents, this 19 oz candle is one that is commonly sought after. With just one single wick, this candle is one of the longest-lasting items on the market as it can burn up to 120 hours, with the occasional wick trimming, of course. However, the scent is known to be fairly strong and should be taken into consideration for those with allergies.

Featuring a matte glass and a medal lid, the candle can fit with any aesthetic that any room has to offer. It's made from high-quality and non-toxic wax that is made to hold high-scented fragrances. Out of 5 stars, this product has been reviewed and given a 4.2-star rating. If you are wanting a simple and cheap candle, this is the one for you.