The Best Way To Get Candle Wax Out Of Clothes

Spilling anything on your clothes can trigger instant anxiety, as you must figure out the quickest way to clean them before a stain sets in. This can happen in a multitude of mishaps; salsa slipping off a chip, a drop of wine that misses your mouth, or a wandering baby with a marker gripped in their tiny hands. Whatever it may be, you must know the proper ways of cleaning your clothes without damaging them further. If you're not a fan of salsa, wine, or babies, you most likely do love a pleasant-smelling candle to calm your senses. However, candles can have an adverse effect if you get wax on your clothes.

Getting candle wax out of your attires sounds like a major pain, but it doesn't have to be — in fact, it can be an easy experience if you have the correct tools and take the proper steps, according to Grove Collaborative. You most likely already have what you need to get started, and you can luckily take your time as you have to wait for the wax to harden before starting.

A five-step process

As we said earlier, you must first wait for the wax to harden before you do anything because trying to get out melted wax will just push it further into your clothes, according to Grove Collaborative. Once it does, you'll use a dull butter knife, scraper, or a spoon to scrape the wax off your clothes. However, do this gently to prevent damaging your garments. When the hard wax is off, you'll have to deal with the wax that seeped into your attire.

Next, grab a white towel and lay it under your clothes, and then put two layers of paper towel on top of the stain. You'll have to heat an iron to medium heat and press it over the stain for just a few seconds until the wax soaks into the paper towels. While doing this, you'll have to move the paper towels around to prevent the spot from becoming oversaturated. After you've removed the wax, you can pop your clothes in the washer; be sure the stains have been removed before transferring them to the dryer.

Different methods

There are a plethora of other ways to get rid of wax stains, according to Public Goods. First, you can use vegetable oil to get rid of the wax. Just like the first method, you must wait for the wax to dry. Once you've scraped it off, you'll soak the stain with vegetable oil and use a paper towel to dab it softly. Once done, you can throw it in the laundry with whatever detergent you prefer. Another method is using boiling water; start by laying your piece of clothing over a big bowl. Once you've fastened it securely, you'll begin pouring boiling water over the stain to hopefully melt it away.

Surprisingly, a carpet cleaner is also useful for removing wax from your clothes. You'll begin by putting carpet cleaner on the stain, then grab an old toothbrush to scrub it out. Once done, dab the area with a paper towel before throwing it in the washing machine.