The 5 Best Crystals For Your Home If You Need To Open Your Heart Chakra

Chakras are focal points in your body, running from the crown of your head to the base of your spine. Of the seven chakras, the fourth energy point is your heart chakra. This chakra is called Anahata, and, as its name suggests, it is located in the middle of your chest, where your heart is. Chakras can become blocked for a variety of reasons; some being stress or anxiety. When these energy points are not open, your body can suffer in more than just emotional ways. According to Yoga Journal, people with a blocked heart chakra can have lung conditions and circulatory problems, including high or low blood pressure, or bronchitis. Emotionally, a blocked heart chakra will cause you to feel isolated, jealous, and defensive.

When your Anahata is balanced, you feel at peace, you can easily resolve any relationship challenges, and also feel full of compassion and surrounded by love. Fortunately, there are several crystals that can help you balance a blocked chakra, and many ways to use their vibrations for your heart energy point. One way is to wear them as jewelry, particularly as necklaces, so the crystal can sit on the skin close to where your heart chakra is. Another way is to hold them while you say your daily affirmations or place them on your heart chakra while meditating. Keeping crystals around your house is also a good option. Here are the best five stones that will help you open your Anahata.

1. Rose quartz

Rose quartz is known as the crystal for unconditional love, so it's no wonder it is number one on the list to open your heart chakra. Rose quartz is a light pink stone that can help in more ways than bringing romantic love into your life. According to Sarah Scoop, this crystal is the best for the heart chakra. It will bring love, open-mindedness, compassion, and gentleness into your life.

Other than looking at rose quartz for its characteristics around love, it can also help how you view yourself. This stone helps with all types of love, including self-love. It can help you have more compassion and empathy for yourself. To open your heart chakra, you need to love yourself before you can truly love somebody else. Tiny Rituals explains that rose quartz also has healing properties: It can help prevent heart attacks, improve your circulatory system, and heal emotional trauma.

2. Jade

Jade is another crystal great for the heart chakra, although it is not commonly used for its benefits with love. Instead, jade is best known for being the crystal to bring good luck and treat anxiety and stress. Truly Experiences explains that as a heart chakra stone, jade is good for bringing a good future by attracting people who help heal your Anahata and curating negative emotions. So, with the help of this stone, your intentions will be strengthened as well.

Jade has a patient and nurturing energy that will help open your heart chakra easily. Like with rose quartz, the first step before thinking about attracting love is healing yourself. Jade can help do this by bringing any of your emotional issues to your attention, according to Satin Crystals. This will allow you to work through your past trauma to a better future. Then, once you have opened your heart chakra and love yourself, you can begin looking for love in other people.

3. Amber

Amber is known for causing balanced decision-making and healing traumas. It is a heart chakra stone, but depending on where you hold it, it can help with the love you receive from others or yourself. Sarah Scoop explains that holding amber over your heart will open you up to receive love from others. Likewise, if you hold amber over your third eye, the center of your forehead, you will receive better love from yourself.

Amber does well at healing past traumas because it allows you to let go of the negative energy so you can heal and move forward. This stone is also good for people who have experienced loss in their lives and need help letting go of the sadness. Roma Designer Jewelry explains that amber can balance feelings of anxiety and stress as well. The combination of all of the stone's characteristics makes this crystal a good fit to open your heart chakra if you have a lot of emotional blockages.

4. Green aventurine

Green aventurine is another heart chakra crystal that can help with your emotions. Like amber, it also resonates with your third eye, allowing the stone to help you with your self-esteem. It's also a crystal of abundance. This light green crystal is full of vibrations that bring earthy love, according to Truly Experiences. Green aventurine is the stone to choose if you need help balancing your emotions since it is grounded in nature. And because this crystal is so highly connected with nature, it can easily bring peace into your life.

Green aventurine has many characteristics, including the ability to empower your heart space to open the energy point. By doing this, the stone is also able to bring emotional peace and cause personal growth. This crystal will open your chakra and bring a new life to it while also encouraging nurturing and growth in your heart space.

5. Rhodonite

Rhodonite is a red and pink crystal with specks of black. It balances both the heart chakra and the root chakra, which is located at the base of the spine, according to Tiny Rituals. Rhodonite is also known for being the rescue crystal because it brings feelings of affection and connection. Since this stone is good at creating balance, it will help to open your heart chakra in a similar way to jade, amber, and green aventurine. In addition, rhodonite will bring up your past emotional traumas, so you have to deal with them and work through them instead of ignoring them.

By dealing with your past emotional traumas, this crystal will give you the ability to trust again with an open heart chakra. This stone will also promote self-love and forgiveness. According to Charms of Light, rhodonite can heal emotional shock and fear, which is why it is so helpful at opening blocked heart chakras.