How To Steal Hilary Duff's Bright And Family-Friendly Home Style

Hilary Duff is a multi-talented actress, singer, and author who's currently starring in season 2 of the Hulu series "How I Met Your Father." Celebrity career aside, Duff is also a wife and a mom to three children. She comes across as very authentic and relatable when she speaks about the same types of child-raising issues other young parents face in her interview on The Kelly Clarkson Show (via YouTube). 

As she talks about the home that she and her husband, actor and composer Matthew Koma, share in Beverly Hills, California, it's clear that she sees her home as a place meant for enjoying and living life fully without worrying too much about wear and tear. She's gravitated toward furniture and design materials that grab her attention as soon as she sees them because of the interesting shapes, patterns, and colors. If you're trying to liven up your interior decor here are some of Duff's bright, family-friendly home style ideas that you can steal and use in your home. 

Buy furnishings that you love and enjoy them

Let the furnishings and decor of your home be a reflection of who you are without worrying about may happen the wear and tear from pets, kids, and friends. Hilary Duff points to the top of the credenza, pictured above, which is covered with watermarks from years of use. She's okay with that because, as she says in an interview with Architectural Digest (via YouTube), that's what makes her house feel like a home. 

Duff bought the credenza over 15 years ago because the design reminded her of a woman's corset. Whether you shop online, at flea markets and estate sales, or at retailers, pick out furnishings that not only function well for your needs but that inspire a connection in you. If your cat scratches the furniture or a child gets ahold of some paint, you can almost always repair the item or cover it up. That's not to say you shouldn't use coasters or only buy water-soluble markers, but the preciousness of your home is about the people and the memories you create rather than the things you own. 

Lighten up the color scheme

When Hilary Duff redecorated her home, she got rid of a lot of the dark colors and added lighter and brighter-colored furniture that she felt was a better reflection of her taste (via YouTube). While you may not be able to replace everything, there are a couple of great ways to change the look of your furniture by adding slipcovers, and new accent pillows, per Lovely Etc. Another option is to paint the frame or legs or replace them. A lighter-colored area rug immediately changes the look of the room, as does lighter-colored mats for your photos or paintings. 

One of the first places to start brightening up your home is at the front door, like Duff, who painted her door a coral-blush color. If you want to paint your front door, pick a color you love and use semi-gloss paint to really make the color pop. 

Go for the colors and styles that appeal to you

There is an overwhelming amount of decorating advice on TV and social media sites these days. Sometimes, all the do's and don'ts can be overwhelming and actually limit your attempt to try new designs. Grace in My Space (via YouTube) shares helpful information on different design styles and the emotions they evoke, which may help you identify the things that you like and how you can combine them in your design. She also encourages people to pick the elements they like best from different design styles and combine them to create a unique look. 

As Hilary Duff shares in her interview with Architectural Digest (via YouTube), from the moment she saw the tiles that are on one wall of her kitchen and the inside of her breakfast bar, she loved them but worried they might be too loud. Now, she says it's one of her favorite parts of her house. Don't be afraid to try bold new colors and patterns. Instead of tiles, you can try paint or fabric. Or, just add a few boldly colored accessories to your room.

Dedicate a space for yourself

Hilary Duff was able to turn her master bathroom into a space where she can get away and relax with a deep soaking tub, pale pink drapes, and a blonde wood vanity (via YouTube). A bathroom is one of the few places where you can lock the door and usually be left alone for a few minutes. As the vintage Calgon bath powder commercial reminds us (via YouTube), "take me away"! 

If you don't have a whole room available, consider a comfy, upholstered chair and footrest, and add a soft throw in a color that you just love. That can be your time-out space where you sit to read, close your eyes, and just think or meditate, per the Budding Optimist. Place a couple of plants nearby, and keep the space clutter free so you can relax your mind. While you may love bold, vibrant colors, you may want to consider neutral or pastel shades for your special sanctuary.

Enjoy the great outdoors

Adding to the family-friendly feel of a home includes making the outdoor space a place where everyone can enjoy being together, per Residence Style. There are many ways to create a fun outdoor space with sections for playing, relaxing, and even pets. Hilary Duff's backyard, for example, includes a hen house and a paver patio with a fireplace (via YouTube). Even without a patio, you can dedicate a seating space with an outdoor area rug. If you don't have enough outdoor seating for everyone, add some large floor pillows covered in fabrics that can hold up outside. 

Plant flowers and vegetables in containers if your backyard doesn't have space for a larger garden, and make sure to bring some of that greenery close to your seating area for a cozy feel. A recirculating water feature adds a soothing backdrop sound and can also provide a spot for the birds. Add a fire pit, and you can practically taste the s'mores!