Take A Look Inside Hilary Duff's Beautiful Family Home

Hilary Duff has come a long way since her days starring in the hit Disney series "Lizzie McGuire" as a teenager, per IMDb. The beloved tween show follows 13-year-old Lizzie as she navigates the highs and lows of middle school alongside her best friends Miranda and Gordo. Since then, Duff has made five studio albums with plenty of hit songs like "Come Clean" and "So Yesterday." Plus, the actor also starred in a wide variety of movies and graced the small screen with shows like "Younger." Now, Duff, who is a mother of three kids, is back in action with the show "How I Met Your Father," and to celebrate we're taking a look inside her beautiful family home in Los Angeles

In Duff's home tour with Architectural Digest, she welcomes cameras inside the 5,260-square-foot Beverly Hills house, which she has called home for almost 10 years. The beautiful Georgian-style house is light and cheerful, with plenty of personal touches like a backyard chicken coop, a well-stocked walk-in closet, and a backyard pool slide for Duff's children to play. The way Duff has decorated and remodeled her home to fit her family's unique lifestyle is inspiring, and we love every one of these cute rooms. Follow along as we take a tour through Duff's amazing living space.

1. Duff originally bought her Beverly Hills home while pregnant with son Luca

One of the main reasons Duff moved into her current home was because it felt peacefully secluded. Duff had always had issues with the paparazzi and was even relentlessly stalked by them when she was nine months pregnant in 2018. So when choosing a house, she needed one with sufficient privacy. Since settling in, Duff has renovated her home twice, noting she has a "small addiction" to interior design projects. Before the remodeling projects, the house was filled with elaborate fountains, outdated floors, and dark colors. Duff lightened everything up with a fresh coat of blush paint on the front door, new child-friendly furniture, and an open-concept kitchen.

According to Better Homes and Gardens, Duff worked with the Studio Life/Style design firm to bring her interior design vision to life. They worked some magic in the foyer area by sewing three different rugs into one runner for the stairs in the foyer. Since finding the perfect rug is always a challenge, you can copy this DIY trick for your home (via A Beautiful Mess). If you find a rug that's too small for a space, buy multiple pieces and sew them together to create one big, beautiful rug.

2. One of Duff's favorite pieces is the entryway credenza

In Duff's home tour, she notes that her favorite piece is the midcentury credenza in the entrance. As reported by Real Simple, the beautiful mid-century modern piece is a conversation starter. It dated back to the 1950s and was one of the first big purchases the actor ever made when she was just 18 years old. While the credenza has been through a lot over the years — and has the water stains to prove it — Duff still loves the way it resembles a corset. It's also a great place to display small decorative items like candles, crystals, flowers, and artwork at the front of the house.

There's a lot to love about credenzas. These cabinet-style furnishings were first used in Italy in the 14th century as a place to keep food that needed to be checked for poison. After the food was tested, it could be served to nobility (via Elle Decor). Nowadays, credenzas continue to be popular home furnishing items, used for decoration and storage.

3. Bright pink chairs decorate the formal sitting area

California cool pieces blend with Art Deco influences in Duff's sitting room. The bright pink lounge chairs are from Kelly Wearstler, a famed designer known for her colorful and sophisticated style. As reported by Forbes, she is considered to have brought contemporary American design to a new level. Along with pieces from Wearstler, Duff's living room also includes artwork from Kate Hall, lots of family photos, a woven piece from Crate & Barrel, and lovely Sharpie marker drawings on the coffee table from her kids. There's also a cactus in the corner, which Duff takes care of and tries to keep alive.

If you feel inspired by Duff's cool living room, consider incorporating Art Deco influence into your own home. This lavish style from the 1920s mixes perfectly with contemporary looks, and there are plenty of ways to bring it home. For example, bright pops of jewel-tone colors, geometric patterns, bold artwork, and rich materials like marble will all elevate your space instantly with a dose of Art Deco glam (via Better Homes and Gardens).

4. The casual living space is the heart of the home

With cozy couches and an inviting fireplace, Duff's living room is an ideal place for entertaining and spending quality family time. While it doesn't always look so perfect with fluffed pillows and fresh flowers, the room is where the family loves to relax and watch TV together. The television, which is The Frame by Samsung, looks like a picture when not in use. You can customize the background to display family vacation photos or other favorite memories. According to TechRadar, this TV is just as functional as it is fashionable. Also in Duff's living room is a wild, bright pink piece of art from Matthew Palladino and a fireplace with exposed wood. 

If you want to take cues from Duff and make your living room feel homier, starting with a comfortable couch is key (via Apartment Therapy). From there, a stylish coffee table and more decorative pieces like mirrors and chairs will let your personality shine. Offbeat details like artwork will make the room feel like your own.

5. An open kitchen is decorated with bold tiles

Next to the living room is Duff's open-concept kitchen, which she decorated with bold Ann Sacks tiles during her remodel. The star fell so in love with the wild zig-zag pattern that she used it for her backsplash, island, and outdoor patio area. "The tiles screamed at me when I first saw them," Duff told Better Homes and Gardens. "They were so happy. I knew they'd bring a jolt of energy into the house." Blue cabinets and gold open shelving complement the statement tiles. In her home tour, Duff notes that there's always a bowl of fruit on the table (which her kids love to take a bite of and then put back in the bowl) and a stocked bar cart, which was especially important during quarantine.

If you've been thinking about taking your kitchen tile game to the next level, get inspired by Duff's bold look. Tiles are a staple on kitchen walls, not only because they look good but because they also protect against cooking and water stains above ovens and sinks (via House & Garden). Ceramic tiles are the most popular choice for kitchen backsplashes since they are available in a wide variety of colors and styles (via Forbes). However, glass, stone, and porcelain tiles are also great options to consider. 

6. The elegant dining room table is made from one solid piece of wood

The open kitchen leads to a dining space, where a long, solid wood dining table takes center stage. In her home tour, Duff shares that her dining table is made of a single piece of wood, which has gone through a lot over the years. "Hilary wanted her home to feel feminine and modern but definitely lived-in and cozy," designer Shannon Wollack told Better Homes and Gardens. Much like the water-stained credenza in the entryway, Duff knows that living in a house means the furniture will get banged up and weathered. But she loves that. Above the table hangs a futuristic piece of art from Lindsay Adelman, while French doors and windows bring plenty of natural light into the space.

Choosing the right dining room table for your space includes finding a table that fits your budget and features solid construction (via The New York Times). Since the table will be the focal point of the room and the place for countless meals, it should also look nice and reflect your personal style.

7. The kids' playroom is filled with cute and friendly pets

One of the most fun rooms in the house is the kids' playroom. The space features cabinets stocked with toys, a corner fish tank, and even a crested gecko pet named Chip. The kids' artwork hangs on the walls, along with framed photos and a neon sign that says, "I love you all the way," which Duff often says to her kids. There's also a comfortable couch and a computer added for school time during quarantine. Duff shared that the room used to be their formal dining room, but they never used it, so they reassigned the space. Southern Living notes that with the rise of open floor plans and breakfast bars, fewer people require the space.

If you want to create a play space in your home for letting loose and having some fun, go ahead and let your imagination run wild. Install Lego details on the walls, add a mini climbing wall, or cover the space with vibrant, rainbow colors (via House Beautiful). Some other good tips to keep in mind include using pieces like bean bags or floor poufs that can be rearranged, or making the room friendly for kids of all ages with a ping pong table or other gaming essentials. 

8. Duff's sanctuary features a bathtub and plenty of family photos

While Duff's home is certainly family-friendly, the star has her own private sanctuary upstairs, where she escapes to relax and carve out a little time for herself. The room features a vanity space with a light-up mirror, a guitar named Oreo (a gift from her husband, Matthew Koma,) and a luxurious bathtub under the window. Duff loves baths and even had a water birth at home in this space with her daughter Mae in 2021, as reported by Entertainment Tonight.

Duff has undoubtedly created a peaceful space for bath time in her home. To create your own home spa experience, start by making the atmosphere feel serene with lighted candles, placing a bath pillow in your tub, and splashing some of your favorite essential oil into the water (via Byrdie). Stay hydrated during long soaks by keeping a glass of water nearby, along with some of your favorite snacks and a glass of wine or tea.

9. Duff finds peace in her well-stocked closet

Of course, Duff also finds solace in her walk-in closet where she keeps her collection of purses, shoes, and clothes. The star, who admits to having a purse obsession, is constantly rearranging her closet and trying to keep it organized. But sometimes that organization bleeds out to her husband's closet, too. When Koma was away on a business trip in 2021, Duff documented cleaning out his closet on Instagram Stories, jokingly calling him a "pack rat," as per People. While having a walk-in closet is certainly a luxury, keeping these spaces clean and not becoming overwhelmed by clutter can be difficult. 

According to Reader's Digest, the optimal way to arrange your walk-in closet is by making different zones for each type of clothing, including shoes, coats, sweater, and bottoms. Casual pieces should be grouped together, as well as formal business pieces and work-out gear. Shelving is also an important part of closet organization, providing a place for folded clothes, bags, and other accessories. Keep your go-to pieces on easy-to-reach shelves, while storing off-season items higher up. If your closet is on the smaller side, decorate with mirrors to create the illusion of more space (via The Spruce) and don't forget to install some good lighting.

10. Duff's daughter's room is pretty in pink

Duff's daughter's room sets the scene for sweet dreams, decorated with soft rainbow hues and a pretty canopy. Hats and balloons hang on the walls, while cute stuffed animal friends hang out around the crib. The adjoining bathroom is styled with pink tiles and sweet gold hardware, making it the perfect place for Duff's little one. In a 2021 Instagram post, Duff revealed that she converted the nursery from her office, and she now has a gold-accented nook in her bedroom to conduct her business. "When @matthewkoma and I got prego with Mae we took over the only spare room in the house, which I used as an office and a place for dog crates lol. So I decided to utilize this sweet nook in our bedroom for a small thinking space/office for myself," she captioned. "I loved the idea of a floating desk so everything still felt very light and sleek."

If you're designing a bedroom for your little girl, look to Duff for inspiration to dream up a sweet space. The ideal girl's room will feel timeless and be neutral enough to grow up with your child, incorporating elements like geometric patterns, fun shapes, and imaginative designs instead of a basic princess theme (via The Spruce). A cute reading or lounge nook filled with cozy pillows is always a good idea, as well as a chalk wall or whimsical twinkle lights. And don't feel like you have to stick to a pink color palette. Walls painted in soft shades of blue are also a great choice for a girl's room.

11. The bedroom for Duff's son Luca features an epic slide

Stepping into the epic bedroom Duff designed for her son Luca is like taking a trip to your favorite amusement park. The big space features an upper level, two bunk beds, climbing netting, and even a giant slide to take playtime to the next level. There are also shelves filled with artwork made by Luca during quarantine, stuffed animals, books, and random knickknacks. When remodeling his house, Duff designed it with her son in mind. "This house is a sanctuary for me and Luca, so I always shop with him in mind," she told Better Homes and Gardens in 2018. "He's respectful of our belongings, but I want him to be able to roughhouse and do other kid things here."

According to Cuckooland, adding a slide to your kid's bedroom is a great way to keep them entertained for hours at a time. There are plenty of kids' beds available online from places like Wayfair that come with a built-in slide, or you can easily build a DIY slide on your stairs. You'll just need a few simple materials, including a 3/4-inch sheet of melamine-faced MDF board, pipe insulation, and some mending plates (via The Spruce). 

12. A spacious backyard is perfect for socializing, swimming, and eating dinners

Out in the backyard, Duff keeps things fun and relaxing. There's a serene pool and water slide, lounge area, an in-ground trampoline, and a treehouse. Of course, Duff isn't the only celebrity with an in-ground trampoline. Cara Delevingne also has a series of them scattered across her backyard for her friends to play on, per Architectural Digest

Duff also has her own little herb garden to improve her green thumb. The family spends a lot of time hanging out back here in the California sunshine, whether eating dinner or swimming the day away. Having ample space outside for entertaining is a big plus, especially during the pandemic. 

While there's no shortage of backyard inspiration to draw from Duff's home, one idea you can implement regardless of the amount of space you have is to grow your own herb garden at home. According to BBC Good Food, most herbs grow easily and are guaranteed to make your meal tastier. Plus, if you have kids, it's a fun project to do together, and children can learn the beauty of growing their own food. Some of the easiest herbs to grow include perennials like rosemary, mint, and oregano, but you can also fill your garden with annuals such as parsley and basil.

13. Duff loves taking care of the chickens in her backyard coop

For a fun project, Duff built a chicken coop in the corner of her backyard. The actor now has about six chickens running around, and she spends much of her time hanging out and feeding the chickens. According to Elle Decor, Gisele Bündchen, Oprah Winfrey, and Kate Hudson all had chicken coops on their celebrity estates.

Backyard chicken coops are all the rage these days, popping up everywhere in various shapes and sizes. If the thought of raising your own chickens makes you smile, it might be time to look into building a home for your new feathered friends. According to The Spruce, you should start designing your own coop with careful planning and keep things like cost, size, and ease of portability top of mind. Solid floors and construction are a must to keep predators at bay, and the coop should have full-size doors so that you can enter and keep it clean. While you can design your dream coop in any style, be sure to include essentials like nesting boxes, feeders, water boxes, and elevated roosting bars for your chickens to sleep at night.