3 Headboards To Pair With Gray Bedding

Gray bedding can be combined with other light colors like white and blue when you're thinking about rugs, curtains, and other elements of the room. The bed frame, however, is something that should not be overlooked! The whole frame, from the headboard to the footboard, is a key part of the room's decor. When it comes to the headboard, you can choose to keep things simple or make it the focal point of the bedroom.

Headboards add that personal touch. In addition, they provide you with support while sitting up, protect your wall from wearing out, and keep your pillows in place (via JYSK). Whichever direction you go with the design, there are many fun headboard ideas out there with various textures, styles, and shapes to choose from. There are also DIY options, like using wallpaper or even painting a headboard onto the wall (via Lick). Looking for the best headboard for your gray bedding? Here are three types that will pair well.


Gray is a color that's usually associated with luxury, and leather is the same! Whether your bed frame is made of real or faux leather, pairing it with your gray bedding will make your bedroom feel more sophisticated. A common type of leather headboard you'll see is the tufted headboard, which is a detailed, sewn pattern, per Liberty Leather Goods. Some other types are woven and quilted. Should you go for faux or real leather? You should know that faux leather is cruelty-free, available in a wider range of colors and styles, and is more affordable. Authentic leather, on the other hand, is more durable (via Happy Beds).

Black or dark gray leather are great options for your gray bedding if you're going for real leather, while light gray and white are great faux leather options. Whichever you choose, know that the best way to take care of your leather headboard is by knowing the exact type of leather it is and cleaning it according to the care policies provided, says Happy Beds. Another tip when choosing a leather headboard is that it is more cost-effective to skip the full leather bed frame and have only a leather headboard since that is the most visible part.


Upholstered headboards usually serve the purpose of bringing texture into the space. They can have certain designs and be made with fabrics like cotton, velvet, or linen. This option is known for providing comfort when you have to sit up in bed or lay your head against the headboard since it comes with padding. Most shades of grays, whites, and blacks will pair well with your gray bedding, and whichever you want will be easy to obtain since it's fabric!

There are some things you have to take note of if you're interested in getting an upholstered headboard. According to Hunker, they easily stain, gather dust, and attract pet hair. Depending on the fabric, you will need to regularly vacuum the headboard. Fabric spray can also be helpful to maintain a pleasant smell, per time4sleep. Tears are also common with this type of headboard. After a while, the fabric might need to be repaired, which is why this isn't the best long-term option, says Furnishing Tips.


Is your style more minimalist? Looking to make a long-term investment? Metal headboards are the option for you! This classic option can be durable and also more affordable due to its simplicity, says Furnishing Tips. Two other advantages of a metal headboard are that it adds a modern touch to your bedroom and can be found in various styles. The natural metal color will pair well with your gray bedding, but it can also be easily painted over if you want it in another shade (via Mattressnut).

Another great thing is that metal headboards can be easily cleaned! Like other materials, you should make sure you're cleaning them in accordance with the care guidelines. Avoid cleaning with harsh chemicals and leaving water on your metal headboard, and take special care against rusting. A common issue with this type of headboard is a lack of comfort and support when you need to lay back on it. Depending on the style, your pillows also might not stay in place.