How To Decorate Your House Like Yellowstone

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If you are one of the many avid watchers of the Paramount hit show "Yellowstone," then there is a pretty good chance you have been sitting on the sofa in your own home, picturing yourself living on the Dutton's sprawling ranch-style estate. While a trip out west could have you enjoying the mountainous background from a porch chair, rather than take a vacation, you could bring a bit of the rustic charm into your home instead via the decor. "Rustic design, at its core, is the use of organic elements in their most natural state," interior designer Katie Hodges told House Beautiful. John would agree, don't you think? 

For a genuine "Yellowstone" home aesthetic, decorate your space with key interior features such as wood beams, stone accents, and vintage-influenced pieces for a ranch-inspired interior aesthetic worthy of the big screen. Complement the internal additions by embracing the warm tones and natural materials you would undoubtedly find inside the Dutton's home. Give every room of the house a bit of western flair and really enhance the nostalgic charm. From the antler decor to the western art, here's how to channel "Yellowstone" inspirational ornamentation in your own home. You'll feel like you're living in the Wild, Wild West, even if you're living in a small apartment on the East Coast. 

Incorporate bold light fixtures

Alter the mood in the room with the flick of a switch. Decorate the interior with Western-inspired light fixtures that function in your everyday life and enhance the design of the room. One of the most popular options for rustic-inspired interiors is light sources with antler features. Stay au naturale or opt for faux antlers — the decor choice is yours, and fixtures are available in either form. You can create the perfect feel for your Western interior with antler light fixtures on the ceilings, table tops, and walls. 

Try to integrate antler-inspired pieces into your space for a genuine ranch vibe, like this faux antler chandelier from Pottery Barn, which was carefully sculpted and painted by hand to look like something you would find in a luxury Alpine lodge. Or, if you want something a little homier, you can find one just like the wall sconce behind Rip in the image above to capture a Dutton-worthy interior. Chandeliers, even ones with antlers, can be bold statement pieces dangling over dining room tables or hovering in a living room. Fashionable and functional, antler light fixtures provide light while being a unique element in the room. Just make sure to use it sparingly, so your home feels modern rather than woodsy. If you choose an antler chandelier, opt for contemporary sconces or floor lamps to balance the look. That way, your room won't feel like a TV show set. Bold lighting choices with this type of natural decoration are an important element of ranch-inspired decor as tradition and modern design collide to create a contemporary ranch aesthetic.

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Include wood elements and accents

Rustic interiors are a nod to the natural elements you can find outdoors as they often incorporate exterior materials. Western-inspired homes are filled to the brim if not built with materials you can find outside, which makes sense if you're living out in the remote wilderness of Montana. Looking at the image above, you can visually capture how significant wood is in the Dutton interior. From the column posts to the wood panel walls, tables, chairs, and staircase banisters, wood is a statement everywhere! Materials like wood can be used to create almost anything you may need to furnish a home or accessorize one.

As devoted fans of the show, you know incorporating wood features into your dwelling is a must-have staple to capture the essence of a ranch atmosphere. Consider adding faux wood beams to the ceiling of your interior like these available at The Home Depot. While the wood isn't "real," it's still impressive, cost-effective, and gives the room a modern twist. It will also be much lighter than real wooden beams, meaning you won't need to worry about the structural integrity of the ceiling and if it can support the new weight. Decorating with wood beams can wrap a room in warmth and instantly make it more welcoming. The space will feel more intimate as the wood beams give structure to the open areas and accentuate vaulted or flat ceilings. You could add smaller wood features to the interior by furnishing it with end tables, chairs, and benches crafted from various kinds of wood in multiple tones.

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Add stone features to the interior

While stone seems like a natural material for country homes, it's not just limited to bucolic architecture. You may be surprised by just how effortlessly charming it can be incorporated into even the most modern of interiors for a subtle rustic touch. Much like wood, natural elements like stone were also heavily favored in western style decor as they were what was available. Capture the essence of the west in your home by adding a stone feature wall to the living room or bedroom areas of the house, just like in the Duttons' living room pictured above.

Today's options of adding stone to the interior are much simpler than those of the past, thanks to faux solutions being available in conjunction with raw materials. Known as stone cladding, it can appear anywhere from the front of the house to the fireplace to columns inside the house. Get the Dutton living room fireplace feature wall in your own home by using faux stone panels like the ones available from Amazon. Lucky for you, the faux options today allow you to capture the look for a fraction of the cost, and the peel-and-stick versions are DIY-friendly, even for beginners. Create a timeless and everlasting design with stone accents to complement any interior decor preference.

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Western art on the walls

What is a cowboy without a horse? Best not find out the answer to that question if you are a cowhand at the Dutton ranch. Throughout the seasons, you learn about John's admiration for horses and watch as the rancher turns his empire into a prize-winning show horse stable. Bring the horses home to your interior with just a little wall space – no stable required.

Decorate the walls in your residence with Western-inspired framed art, just like in the image above of the men on horses behind John. You can easily keep the spirit of the West alive in your interior by decorating with art that highlights the era, the past times, and the customs. Framed art depicting running horses like this black and white version available at Joss & Main is perfect for capturing a bit of the Wild West on your walls but in a contemporary fashion. A wall hanging featuring traditional Western themes like horses, cowboys, or rodeo scenes introduces western influences and brings them to life on the walls.

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Blankets and quilts as accent decor

Quilts are very versatile pieces in an interior, as they can provide warmth and be purely decorative elements simultaneously. You could choose to decorate with an eye-catching quilt to add a little Western flair to your home. Layer quilts as throw blankets, placed at the end of the bed, draped over a chair, or tacked to the wall as a form of art, as seen hanging over the bed in the image above. When not in use, they are still something beautiful to look at.

Quilts are known for their handcrafted quality, impressive stitching, and one-of-a-kind designs that can increase the texture and add dimension to any room. If you're interested in crafting your own unique creation, consider stitching a quilt by using kits like these available on Amazon. You can stitch your design together using a sewing machine or practice stitches by hand. Unlike blankets, quilts are often handcrafted and stitched with unique designs full of meaning that can be an instant conversation starter. They also can be passed down from generation to generation, which mimics the strong family ties and hierarchies in "Yellowstone." It's all about family and what you pass down in it!

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Decorate with animal-inspired decor

Discover creative ways to incorporate animals into your decor. You don't have to include once-living animals but ones that mimic the wall busts you see in the image above from the Dutton's living room. Faux taxidermy is optional for those decorators who want the look without having to go hunting. Consider decorating the walls of your interior with faux animal decor like this wall mountable piece from Amazon. You can also get the "Yellowstone" cabin vibe and show off your love for animals with resin-created busts or ones carved from wood.

When deciding on an animal for your room, consider representing the West with native species like deer, bison, or buffalo sculptures. Three-dimensional wall decor brings the walls out of the background and creates visual interest in depth and form in the room. This can help break up gallery walls, balance large focal points like fireplaces, and fill empty spots on awkward walls.

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Vintage carpets elevate the floor space

Style any room of the house with a vintage-inspired accent rug, as these floor elements are versatile, durable, and add tons of character. There are many reasons to roll out a rug in a room in your house but none more pivotal than how rugs can anchor the design. The right size rug adds structure to a room and elevates the furniture that sits on top of it. Be inspired by the interior at the Duttons and choose several rugs to accent different parts of the house, like pictured in the image above. There are four different rugs in the large space, helping to carve out different conversational spaces in the room and making it feel organized rather than disjointed.

Bring the wild West into your interior and outfit your floors with vintage-inspired area rugs in earthy tones and Western-influenced designs. To recreate the Dutton ranch aesthetic, choose rugs with various geometric shapes that line the edges, or repetitive diamond patterns scattered across the middle. It would be best if you also focused on selecting a covering with traditional colors, like this one from Loloi Rugs. Rather than choosing bright colors or jewel tones, focus on neutral or dusty shades like brown, beige, burnt orange, deep red, and clay pink.

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Develop a muted color palette

When it comes to decorating a room to mirror "Yellowstone," nailing the color palette is an essential interior component. The right color choices are what will influence moods and add ambiance to your place. Decorate with shades that are toned down, dark, calming, and neutral. Combine colors of similar tones and avoid any shades that are too bright, as these can disrupt the palette. 

When choosing which colors to display in your home, look to the plains, mountains, and forests for color inspiration to decorate your dwelling, just like the interior of the Dutton ranch. Develop a toned-down color scheme that amplifies the coziness in your residence by focusing on organic color variations you see outside your front door. Earthy shades of brown, gray, green, and red help create the ultimate Western landscape. Use these natural yet muted shades on the walls and furniture to complement wood tones and produce a different kind of interior drama. Then to add some excitement, add a simple dash of red across the subdued design using accent pillows, like these velvet ones from Pottery Barn, to bring together the color scheme. A well-designed color palette plays a significant role in person, just as on-screen.

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Leather furniture is a must

If you glance around the Dutton ranch, you may notice a key feature across the interior of the house. Focus on the furniture and notice the material — it's leather.  Decorate your own house with this material for a genuine Western-inspired decorative scheme that introduces a classic rustic texture. Leather is a vintage, rugged type of material that is durable and cowboy-approved. From saddles to boots to jackets, and now your furniture, leather is a must-have texture.

Are you inspired by the Dutton office chairs pictured above? Try adding a pair of faux leather brown armchairs like this one from Kirkland's Home to an office, living room, or bedroom for additional seating and a touch of the West. Opt to use the material sparingly across one or two pieces of furniture, as too much leather can make the room feel dated. Large furnishings aren't required, as you could add leather through small accessories like accent pillows and ottomans.

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Hat rack on the wall

"Yellowstone" fans know all too well that cowboy hats are all the rage in Montana. The Duttons understand this concept, and it shows in their home. Whether you have a cowboy hat of your own or just need a spot to hang your beanie or cap, every home needs a dedicated spot to hang its accessories. The image above shows just how the Duttons do it with a hat rack right by the door. Create the look in your home by using a rack like this one from Walmart.

Placement of the hat rack is key, as you want it to be in an area near an entry or exit for convenience purposes, so guests can easily remember where they left their hat. Not all cowboy hats are the same, so if you have them, style them! Use the rack to arrange your favorite cowboy hats on a permanent visual display so you and your guests can enjoy them. It's the perfect piece of cowboy decor for the walls that introduces texture and dimension to the flat surface. Pair the hats with coats and scarves to grab before heading out the door.

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It's all in the dining room details

John Dutton is a fan of a formal setting when it comes to eating at home. He spares no expense with personal chef Gator creating meals and a table set for well over 10 people. Rustic appeal floats all over the room, from the ceiling to the walls to the table and chairs, as seen in the image above. Deck out your dining space with all the fixin's to create a Montana-worthy spread in your home. For dining rooms, big or small, one of the simplest ways to transform the space into a Wild West eatery is by swapping out the chairs. Surround your table with Western-inspired chairs like these barnwood-crafted ones from Western Passion, and set up a formal dining space in your home for family dinners. Even if not all members are in attendance daily, it's nice to know you always have a spot at the dinner table.

Decorate your home's interior with design features inspired by the Dutton ranch home. You can instantly bring the drama from the screen into your very own interior by finding ways to incorporate the homely features. Consider adding exposed wood beams, stone elements, other natural materials, animal decor, and leather furniture to your dwelling to introduce a bit of Montana to where ever it is you call home. Put your admiration for the hit TV show in your own home using the design inspirations you just read to create a Western-styled space for generations to enjoy.

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