5 Bedroom Paint Colors To Pair With Gray Bedding

Proponents of feng shui believe the bedroom is the most important room in your home, according to Interismo. This sacred space is where you rest your head at the end of a long day and your oasis from the outside world. Since you will spend about 33% of your life sleeping (or trying to), why not make your bedroom décor a priority since everyone needs a soft place to land?

The most crucial element in your bedroom is the bedding. Investing in high-quality thread count sheets and a comfy quilt or comforter is helpful for a good night's sleep, so selecting a neutral color like grey around which to decorate makes sense. Once you have chosen the perfect bedding to snuggle into at night, it's time to decorate the rest of your bedroom getaway. Start your décor plan with the wall color to establish the ambiance you desire based on your unique style.

1. White

White and grey are a classic combination that can create a soothing space for sleep. If you like to redecorate with the seasons, white walls with neutral bedding allow you to freshen up the room whenever you are ready for a change. Add a new throw, a rug, and a few new pillows, and you have a whole new room without spending a lot of time or money. White walls in any space also provide a clean-looking environment, states Lauren McBride. If you want to create an area that feels serene and bright, consider painting your walls white. Of course, keeping the room clean is up to you.

When you shop for white paint, you will see there are a lot of options from which to choose. Select a white with warm undertones of yellow or pink for a cozy atmosphere. Or, if you want to start your morning by waking up in a cheerful space, opt for the cool undertones of blue and purple.

2. Aqua

Aqua and grey go together like gentle rain and the beach. If you are looking for a spa-like atmosphere in your bedroom, consider aqua with your grey bedding. On the color scale, aqua lives between green and blue, and there are many hues within that space, according to PPG paints. Tones of aqua range from warm bluish greens to cool blue or greens with a hint of grey; it can be bright or dark and moody. The right aqua for you depends on the ambiance you want to create.

To build contrast with your bedding, choose a paint with a tone that is opposite of the color of your bedding. For example, if your bedding is light grey, a darker aqua would provide a beautiful contrast, allowing your bed to be a focal point. Likewise, a bright aqua will create interest if you have chosen dark grey bedding. Whatever tones you select, add artwork, a rug, or throw pillows that include both colors to bring it all together.

3. Pink

If luxury is your style, pink walls with grey bedding create optimal visual softness in a space that is perfect for a romantic room, according to Shutterfly. To make your own dreamy getaway, look for powder pinks and steer clear of anything that reminds you of Pepto Bismol. Pink and grey provide a natural contrast, so you can pair dark grey bedding and light pink just as well as light grey and light pink. You really cannot go wrong with this color combo.

Add lots of texture, luxurious finishes, and soft lighting to make the most of your romantic bedroom. Gold metallic accents add to the luxe feel of a room, but if that's not your style, mirrored end tables and lamps with a silver finish also pair well with grey. Bring a deep pile rug and furry throw pillows to finish the space. Ultimately, keep in mind that nothing ruins a relaxing atmosphere like harsh lighting, so use low-wattage bulbs in warm tones to keep the mood mellow.

4. Red

Red walls in a bedroom can be intense, but when done well, they can provide an intriguing focal point. As the saying goes, sometimes less is more, which is true of red walls. Instead of painting your entire bedroom, consider creating a focal point by painting only the wall behind your bed. Since the bed is the star of this room — and its main purpose — it only makes sense to use it as the visual focus. Setting for Four suggests limiting accent colors to keep your bedroom from looking too cluttered. A few neutral accessories with hints of red are enough to make the space feel finished. And, since it's tough to match reds, it is best to keep those red accents to a minimum.

To use the red accent wall technique, select the wall you want to be your focal point and paint it your accent color. Color options for the other walls include white, off-white, or a very light grey to create contrast. Place your bed on that wall and choose neutral artwork or a large mirror to create a dramatic but not chaotic look.

5. Black

It is a daring commitment, but a black bedroom is bold and dramatic. And, since this is the one room in the house where you can benefit from being dark, it is a good option. DigsDigs states if an entirely black space is too much, you can do one black accent wall and paint the others a crisp white for the ultimate color contrast. But if you are ready to dive into a fully black bedroom, there are a few tips to add interest and light to the space.

Black walls will work with light and dark grey bedding, but to keep the space from being too dark, choose eggshell or satin paint rather than a matte option to help reflect a little light. Wall or floor mirrors will help the room feel bigger, while light-colored accessories like rugs and lamps will add interest and brightness to the room while preserving the moody vibe.