The Best Paint Colors For Your Home If You're An Aries

Zodiac signs aren't just for guiding you through love, friendships, and your career. They can also help you pick your interior design style and even the paint you use for your walls. For instance, Aries are known for their fiery disposition, passionate personality, and confidence. If you're an Aries, you want your home to be a reflection of your brave and determined vibe, and DIY tasks aren't something this zodiac sign shies away from. Redecorating or renovating one room or all of them to reflect the personality traits Aries are known for will transform the space into a bold, lively, and cheerful one.

There are a variety of ways to incorporate this sign into your décor. Think fire-based elements and a yang-minded aesthetic, according to Dengarden. Opting for a louder, bolder, more energetic side of the yin and yang sign will allow you to channel the ram within. Sticking to reds and other bright colors is the perfect way to embrace your zodiac sign, and the following suggestions are the perfect paint colors for any Aries.


Crimson is one of the boldest and most intense paint colors you can choose, and it is also extremely representative of Aries. As the shade of fire and Mars — both of which are associated with this zodiac sign — red is perfect for expressing that energetic and strong personality. According to Dopely Colors, red symbolizes both ferocity and passion, two traits you might know well under this sign. Using crimson in a room, especially one where you spend a lot of time, can help you embrace the courageous and ambitious side of life. Offices, living spaces, and even the bedroom can benefit from this color, creating an engaging backdrop that sparks your adventurous side.

Benjamin Moore also recommends opting for pink to create a cozy, inviting atmosphere if you want to embrace a pop of color without committing to something too intense. Pink is connected to red, as the latter mixes with white to create a variety of shades of pink. Using it in your house is a great way to incorporate fiery elements but in a softer shade. If you're craving a more subtle aesthetic, pink can add an invigorating vibe that carries throughout the space and allows you to explore the different dimensions of the color. Adding in lighter or darker accents will also change the room's dimension and depth.


If red feels too intense and pink feels too soft, why not lean into orange? Bright shades to rustic hues are all available to incorporate the brave side of Aries. Using orange tones in interior design isn't unusual, but people tend to shy away from it because they worry it might be too brazen. However, this color is actually a fantastic selection filled with possibility and a fairly neutral, earthy palette. You can mix it with a variety of accents and décor, including deep blues or vibrant greens. While it is still bold and fierce, it can be softened with beiges or other neutrals to make it more approachable, too.

Another benefit of this color option is that it can be easily matched or paired with other shades to create a masculine or feminine vibe. According to Home Stratosphere, its versatility allows it to fit either need and is easy to combine with your interior design plan. If you're going for a more chic, vintage atmosphere, stick to burnt oranges and earth-inspired tones. If you want something eye-catching, aim for jewel hues that brighten the room and add a pop of color.