Crate And Barrel Shopping Perks You Need To Know About

Who wouldn't want to do their home shopping with the bonus of perks? Crate and Barrel offers many perks to shoppers, including using eco-friendly production and a price match guarantee, according to Honest Brand Reviews. But the brand promising to match the price from a direct competitor is only one perk shoppers will receive at Crate and Barrel. Crate and Barrel offers shoppers some free bonuses that will help them plan their spaces better.

Furnishing a space isn't always as easy as choosing the right items. There can be a lot of logistics that go into making sure a piece of furniture will work well in a room. Crate and Barrel has tools available for free on its website that can make this step easier. These features are ideal for anyone looking to give their home a complete refresh and who wants to be confident in the furnishing decisions they're making. The tools are also helpful for small-scale interior updates like replacing a sofa or getting a new television console.

You can create a mood board

Crate and Barrel has its own version of a mood board to help shoppers design their spaces. On the Crate and Barrel website, you can save items to your favorites and then create a mood board. This will put all the items together on one page. From there, you can move things around, swap in new items, or take some out. You can move the images around and adjust the sizes. The mood board tool will allow you to see how different Crate and Barrel pieces look next to each other without having to buy them, per Crate and Barrel.

All experts will agree that a well-designed room starts with a plan, which is why they suggest creating a mood board. These tools allow you to see all design details up against each other and better visualize the design before applying it to the space, according to Foyr. This tool will help you find the perfect combination of furniture and decor to help you create your dream interior design.

Use the View in Your Room feature

The View in Your Room app from Crate and Barrel allows shoppers to see pieces in their own homes using augmented reality. According to Retail Dive, the app was created with NedSense Loft and allows shoppers to put in room measurements to transform a digital photo of their home into a virtual room. You can then place 3D models of Crate and Barrel pieces in the space to see how they look. 

Downloading the Crate and Barrel app to use the View in Your Room feature is especially useful for anyone who's shopping for a larger piece of furniture for their home. You're able to alter fabric and colors to find what looks best with the current color scheme of your space. And if you're only looking for one or two pieces, you can see how a new Crate and Barrel item will look with the rest of your furniture and the aesthetic of your home. 

Wedding registry perks

Getting engaged is one of the most exciting parts of life. The time before your wedding is full of wedding planning and tons of details. One of those details is creating a wedding registry of items to be gifted. Crate and Barrel has great home goods like kitchen items, vases, and bedding to add to your wedding registry. 

When creating your registry, Wedding Chicks suggests adding kitchen items like pots, pans, and white dishes. Quality cookware is essential for a married couple, especially if you love to cook at home. And by selecting and fulfilling certain items on your Crate and Barrel registry, you will receive special gifts. For example, if you register and receive a certain amount of Le Creuset products, you can receive a complimentary Le Creuset Toughened Nonstick Pro pan, and a Cerise cast iron wok. And there are plenty of other wedding registry perks that Crate and Barrel will thank you with, including Nespresso credit, champagne flutes, and knife sharpeners.