3 Rugs To Pair With A Green Couch

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Rugs are an aspect of decor that lets your personality shine. Usually one of the finishing touches of a room, the rug communicates who you are and what you want the space to feel like. Everyone loves rugs because they are cozy, warm, and have the practical benefits of absorbing sound and brightening up the room, per Fusion. A rug can also be your way of incorporating the latest trends into a room that needs to be spiced up, says Interiors Online.

When bringing in a new rug, its size, shape, and placement are very important things to get right. It has to fit a room's current layout and decor or be a really strong piece that the rest of the room can be designed around. If you have a green couch, you need the right rug to balance its effect in the room. Here are three great rugs that you can choose from.

Black and white geometric print

This area rug from Amazon is a bold and fitting companion for your green couch. The freshness and natural feel of the green will be well balanced with the modern, classic look provided by this rug. Its geometric print is made up of black and white rectangles and it comes in various sizes. Depending on what your living room needs, it can be an area rug, a runner, or a full rug.

The great thing about this black and white rug is that the color scheme is timeless. If you feel like you made a bold move with the green couch, then this is a way to bring things down to earth. A black and white pattern also does a great job of adding variation to the decor scheme without making it overwhelming, says Swyft. Something to note is that even though the white isn't a huge part of the rug, it might still be hard to maintain if you have young children or pets or expect a lot of traffic where the rug is placed.

Round and yellow

This yellow patterned rug will go great with your green couch because it provides soft color and texture. It keeps things calm since the yellow isn't too bright and the texture is subtle. This rug can withstand a lot of use, is stain resistant, and is also waterproof — perfect for homes that have a lot of movement or those with kids and pets. Its shape might also be just what you need to shake up the space. Round rugs can highlight the curves of the room, carve out a nook for a specific purpose, and make the room feel bigger than it is (via Apt2B).

This rug can fit very well with a couch that is dark green or sage because the yellow would adequately complement those shades of green. Here, Ideal Home shows how bits of yellow scattered around a living room in the form of cushions, throws, and a patterned rug can bring the life out of an emerald green sofa.

Bright pink

This bright pink polyester rug is the perfect way to keep things playful in the living room. A green couch coupled with this rug will make the space light and fun, so if that's your personality, this is how to show it! Small Space Pros explains that a pink rug gives the room a bohemian and vibrant feel when paired with a green couch. The best part is that this unique combo isn't commonly found.

And Then We Tried shows how the pink rug and green couch pairing worked for them. They opted for a busy, patterned rug, which is great at hiding stains, and made sure the pattern contained bits of green as well to match the couch. The effect was colorful and eye-catching.

Soft and fluffy like a cloud, any of the various sizes that this pink rug comes in will be able to provide comfort to whoever touches it.