25 Gorgeous Rooms That Embody The Industrial Farmhouse Aesthetic

Think steel, wood, and brick if you want your home to exemplify a cool industrial farmhouse appearance. Rustic yet modern, the interior design style is a recent hybrid of industrial and modern farmhouse, originally made famous by the founders of Magnolia. The industrial age originated in 18th century England, as it progressed across the globe with the demand for heftier building materials like cast iron, glass, and steel, per Rethinking the Future. As factories and warehouses have become less utilized compared to the early 20th century, the aesthetics of these structures still influence the design trends of homes and businesses. 

How do you achieve an industrial farmhouse aesthetic? Like yin and yang, a balance of black and white shades crosses over with various brown and tan wood elements. With muted coloring, many designed spaces might also incorporate shades of gray and silver, including exposed concrete or brick. The photo above encompasses a clean and classic industrial farmhouse look with the white base on the walls and cabinetry, black metal light fixtures, and wooden farmhouse table, among other black and brown contrasts. From a vintage factory-like kitchen to a contemporary, streamlined bathroom, there are several ways to incorporate an industrial farmhouse appeal within your home. Keep reading for more captivating design ideas!

1. Open floor plan

The industrial farmhouse aesthetic should showcase an open concept, as seen in this image. With elevated space, the black pendant dome lights, furniture, and appliances complement the white walls. The neutral, modern palette also incorporates grays and tans in the flooring and décor to contrast with the illuminating light of the exposed space.

2. Floating kitchen shelves

Incorporate floating wooden shelves in your industrial farmhouse kitchen. Originally a rustic, modern farmhouse element, wood block shelving creates function and ease for your daily cooking and eating routines, as seen in this illustrious kitchen. From the popular pine and walnut, there are several types of wood to choose from, including oak, maple, and mahogany.

3. Steel and wood bookcases and shelves

Integrate industrial elements into your living, office, or other useful spaces with bookcases and shelves constructed of wood and metal. While this image features a few different metals and wood components, the bookcase on the far right exudes a classic industrial farmhouse vibe.

4. Pipe-leg coffee table

There are many furnishings that infuse metal pipes with table legs or other unique connector pieces. Pictured is a low, spacious coffee table with an industrial flare by its black steel pipe legs. This loft living room offers a warm vibe from the plants and brown leather couch, mingling with the edgy table.

5. Industrial mudroom

You might install a wooden hall tree with black steel hooks and shelves to fashion your mudroom or foyer. The brown sectional storage space with a matching bench is gorgeous. Not often seen in this space is a washer and dryer, but the silver tones compliment the scene and multi-toned flooring.

6. White brick backsplash

As a traditional, modern farmhouse design might showcase white walls, brightening up a brick façade or wall with a white shade will freshen and open the space. This cozy kitchen pictured above has a manufactured vibe through the brilliant white brick backsplash and accompanying industrial colors, countertops, and finishes.

7. Sophisticated bathroom

Enhance a space like a bathroom with industrial elements like brick and pipes. Keeping with the sophisticated theme, this modernized bathroom features a white oval bathtub, clear glass shower, and brown-white floating sink to complement the striking red brick wall that surrounds the large urban window. Notice the black metal features with the long pipes attached and light fixtures.

8. Distinctive chandeliers

From a rustic wagon wheel ring to hanging dome pendant lights, industrial-style chandeliers are diverse yet often appear modest while showcasing a black or brown base against the glowing lights. This birdcage chandelier stands out amidst a southwestern flare with tan wood furnishings and cabinets, black wire metal chairs, and piped shelving.

9. Gray elements

With neutral colors and shades often represented in an industrial farmhouse, you may lean towards black and white, brown, tan, or even gray. Indicating steel and metal materials, this image showcases gray more clearly through the wall, couch, tables, and pillows. Other elements like brick and wood are featured in the background yet balance the entire scene.

10. Exposed beams and ducts

Another aspect generally visible in a factory setting might be exposed beams, vents, and ducts. Incorporate a red brick wall with silver metal ducts or have them blend in with the small kitchen. With white predominantly represented, the ducts merge with the countertops and cabinets while contrasting the sleek stainless-steel refrigerator and black subway tiles.

11. Factory setting

Expansive indeed. This loft-style home looks like a vintage factory warehouse with red brick walls and an open concept. Known for its strength and durability, brick is commonly used to fortify structures like factories and workshops. The gaping black-framed windows and pristine white interior accompany the old factory and-or brewery vibe.

12. Minimal bed and bath

The industrial farmhouse style can be as clean and minimal as you want. Situated in an urban loft-style apartment, the image above features an open concept bedroom-bathroom combo with a simple bed, bathtub, and vanity. Many of the colors balance each other with the gray/silver metal components, tan, bamboo-like wood, and white basins and wall tile.

13. Dining room motif

The dining room is where you spend a lot of time with family and friends. A well-balanced industrial farmhouse style, this classy free dining-kitchen-living space offers warm and cool vibes from the gorgeous brown wood floors to the gray metal farm-style dining room table, including silver-colored appliances and ducts.

14. Coastal vibes

If you didn't think industrial and farmhouse could mix with a coastal blend, look again. Subtle in style, a light and airy beach house with ocean blue waters and furniture in the background intermingling with black dining chairs, a matching table, and manufactured drop lights.

15. Stainless-steel kitchen

Typically associated with commercial restaurant kitchens, stainless-steel worktables and prep areas don't have to be quite utilitarian in your home design. This broad kitchen features several steel elements that coincide with the industrial look, including the massive island and appliances. There are visible farmhouse touches, like the white walls, cabinetry, and contrasting black stove. 

16. Metal staircase railing

If you have a grand staircase, show it off with black pipe metal on the railing. With a warehouse edge, the stunning living room and kitchen pictured above incorporate several industrial elements and colors, including brown, gray, silver, and black, as the striking wood and metal staircase gravitate up to the bedroom loft.

17. Industrial hardwood floors

Many industrial farmhouse interior designs may include brown, tan, or gray hardwood floors. Wooden floors or other materials that might resemble them emanate a warm, homestead feel as they often stretch far and wide across an area. This meticulously decorated studio office appears comfy and prolific with a mix of manufactured and farmhouse design elements.

18. Color blending

While vibrant colors are often limited amidst an industrial farmhouse look, several earthy, neutral tones like beige, blue, and green may be infused, or you might opt for brighter shades like red and yellow. This photo features significant color among the cabinets, refrigerator, bicycle, stools, and décor within a brick-walled loft kitchen. 

19. Alluring shades of black

Whether a shade of black is old-fashioned or modern, spreading its depth throughout a space can make it appear tempting and seductive. The image above features some unique dark pieces within a bathroom, including the bathtub, a large square planter, a drainpipe, the heater, lighting, and another décor that provide an overall sleek appearance.

20. Exposed brick wall

Like a vintage venue, you might highlight an original red brick wall in an entryway, bedroom, kitchen, living, or dining room. Open and minimal, a large, exposed brick wall with white efflorescence is showcased within a basic prep kitchen and entertaining area with inviting metal stools around a dark table. 

21. Contemporary design

Some spaces have the potential to be something more contemporary with straight edges and formed features. This photo showcases a modern, industrial kitchen with a black and white theme and a sophisticated, tan, U-shaped farm table that closely matches the flooring. A black marble backsplash and fireplace also enhance the smart and modern design.

22. Comfy furniture

Even though industrial décor might often look bare or rigid, even when combined with a farmhouse design, you can soften the space with contemporary couches, chairs, and pillows that collaborate with both styles. Pictured is a welcoming black leather-like sofa, including a slightly cushioned chair with clean-cut lines or frames.

23. Serene bedroom accents

Bring in an industrial farmhouse appeal to your bedroom. This simple setup showcases a tranquil bed with decorative black and white linens with a basic snow-white backdrop and brown wood floors to contrast. The subdued space also features gold-metal nightstands and a large picture frame in the addition of metallic materials.

24. Immense spaces

An ultimate warehouse, this elaborate home interior grasps an open concept in the grandest ways. Like a giant industrial barn, everything in this living space is visible with easy access. From the kitchen to the library shelving, little is concealed. The sizeable setting also features a large metal firepit with plenty of firewood at the ready.

25. Ultra-rustic cabin

Get back to nature and old-fashioned charm. This quaint cabin-like kitchen is equipped with a small cast iron range, stove top, and smoker set atop a stone base that merges with the rustic table and other wood elements.