Here's Where You Should Place Selenite Crystals In Your Home

If you want to get into the healing properties of crystals, selenite is a surefire start. Selenite is often regarded with awe in metaphysical communities for the abundance of energetic, healing, and cleansing properties it holds. Selenite is made of calcium sulfate, found in limestone and clay as well as other sedimentary rocks, according to Fire Mountain Gems. Selenite has also been used throughout history; the ancient Greeks named the crystal after Selene, the goddess of the moon, and made their windows out of selenite. The windows of the Roman church Santa Sabina are also made of selenite. 

This crystal has long been appreciated for its beauty and healing benefits, which include being a great spiritual cleansing tool, often used to cleanse other crystals, as well as energizing one's spirit, providing a sense of peace and calm, clearing blocked energy, and aiding in healing, and providing clarity, according to Healthline. This crystal vibrates at a very high frequency, and as such, it puts out a lot of revitalizing energy. This can make it tricky to display in your home, though, as it can create feelings of restlessness or anxiety if left next to your bed, for example. There are strategic areas of the house to put selenite in order to reap the most benefits.

By the front door

To begin, consider how you want to present the selenite in your home. Selenite comes in a variety of forms, including, but not limited to, wands, towers, spheres, sticks, pyramids, small tumbled crystals, and lamps. While they all have the same effect, they can be either strategically hidden in a windowsill or above a door frame or displayed for everyone to see when featured as a table lamp.

One way to get the most out of selenite's cleansing properties and positive vibrations is by placing it by the front door, Deborah Hanekamp, the founder of Mama Medicine, told Architectural Digest. The high vibrations will help rid you of any negative energy you've picked up during the day, as well as dispelling and energetic funk guests bring into your home. You can display the crystal on an entryway console table for a more visually pleasing effect or stick a thin selenite stick or wand on the lip above your door frame for a more subtle impact.

On your window sills

Selenite is also a great crystal for aiding in protection, again due to its high vibrational frequency and ability to dispel negative and oppressive energies. Heather Askinosie, the co-founder of Energy Muse Jewelry, told Mind Body Green that for this reason, selenite is great to put in the windowsills of your home. This will help facilitate the flow of positive energy throughout your home, as well as repel any negative or unpleasant energies from entering your home.

Selenite wands and sticks will work best for slim window sills, but selenite lamps, towers, and spheres make great decorations on larger window sills. A wonderful way to amp up the protective energies of selenite is to bundle it with other strong protective herbs and crystals. One popular bundle is cinnamon and selenite due to the immense protective properties of cinnamon. While these are very easy to find from online sellers and at metaphysical stores, they are also incredibly easy to make. Simply wrap a stick of selenite with a similarly sized cinnamon stick in twine, and place one in each windowsill of your home.