Alison Victoria's Expert Advice For Creating Charm In Your Space

Alison Victoria knows how to make a home feel comfortable and charming. On her HGTV show "Windy City Rehab," Victoria renovates townhouses, houses, and apartments throughout Chicago, Illinois. But Victoria is not the kind of designer to rip out all the character and replace it with sleek, modern finishes. Instead, she likes to embrace the history of the homes, some of which are more than 100 years old, and others, designated as historic landmarks.

While remodeling a historic home can be challenging, preserving its originality and charm is worth it to Victoria. It's these little details that make the home unique rather than one that lacks personality. Many modern homes do not have the charm of old houses, says The Made Home. And adding that appeal to a residence means implementing meaningful details to the décor and architecture. This creates a space brimming with a story, one that belongs to the homeowners and not just anyone.

Bring in antique pieces

One way Alison Victoria likes to infuse charm into the homes she remodels on "Windy City Rehab" is by bringing in antique pieces. These items often have a story, making the room feel unique. Victoria prefers sourcing her antiques from the Chicago area; she tells Parade. The interior designer likes finding pieces from other old Chicago buildings that are as old as the house she's working on. And to find one-of-a-kind items to incorporate into her designs when she's abroad, she says, "I find old vintage antique pieces from Italy and all over the world that I bring back in to [sic] the build."

Victoria often finds furniture or stained glass to give charm to a design. She once used an antique cabinet as a kitchen island. That shows that you don't always have to use the items in their original state. You can get creative with their use or even update them to fit your home décor better. Antique pieces can be a statement and accent pieces, says Veranda. They can also be fun items like sculptures, colorful chairs, or bold area rugs. Fun pieces can add personality and whimsy to a space that contributes to the home's overall charm.

Architectural details

But charm doesn't only exist inside your home. Updating your curb appeal is an excellent opportunity to add pizzazz to your space. Alison Victoria says that exterior charm often comes down to architectural details. The designer says that the window trim and the front door provide a great opportunity to add allure to the exterior of your home. She loves adding large picture windows because it allows you to bring the outside in and vice versa.

Victoria is also a lover of corbels and cornices. On "Windy City Rehab," the designer always looks to salvage or revamp these details if they're original. And if she can't save them, she tries to get a replica of the detail made. Whether you source antiques or find recently made ones, you can incorporate corbels into your home's façade. Builders Surplus suggest adding them under a balcony or front porch. Though they may not offer structural support, they provide a beautiful detail that can give your home instant charm.