Are White Appliances Going Out Of Style?

It might be difficult to remember when white appliances first became popular, but there was a time when it seemed like every kitchen in America was adorned with white refrigerators, ovens, and even microwaves. White kitchen appliances were a major staple in the 1980s and early '90s, says Ashton Woods. By the late 1990s, stainless steel appliances began to creep into homes across the U.S. and quickly became the preferred option. There was a short stint a few years ago when white appliances made a brief appearance, but they eventually faded back into oblivion, putting stainless steel on top once more.

Of course, trends fade (such as all-pink kitchens in the '50s), so it's no surprise that white appliances finally met the same fate; however, in more recent years, we've seen white appliances making a comeback in kitchens everywhere. The question is, are they here to stay, or will stainless steel rise again?

White appliances are still in style

White appliances are back and better than ever, and for a number of reasons. White appliances are more cost-effective, as stainless steel appliances can run you upwards of $300 more for the same appliance in white, says Angi. Not only do white appliances cost less, but they can last just as long as stainless steel appliances. Additionally, stainless steel appliances show every fingerprint and smudge, whereas white appliances can better mask them. If you have children, white appliances might be a better option, as kids love to put their hands on everything.

White appliances are also more versatile than stainless steel. If you decide to redo your kitchen, white typically goes with more styles than stainless steel, especially black stainless steel appliances. Think about it: if you decide you want a country vibe in your kitchen, a black stainless steel refrigerator is going to stick out like a sore thumb. White is classic and can be styled in a number of ways, so if you plan on redoing your kitchen in the future, you should ditch the stainless steel appliances and make room for white.

How to style your kitchen with white appliances

If you still think white appliances look too dated, there are ways you can style your kitchen around them, so you don't look like you're stuck in the '90s. Consider an all-white kitchen, which looks crisp, clean, and modern. Kitchens with white appliances alongside white cabinets and countertops are timeless. Add a colorful backsplash and a few houseplants to prevent your space from looking too stale (you don't want it looking like a doctor's office). Blogger Jane Ko chose to keep her backsplashes white and add bronze and gold accents to her appliances and cabinetry for a sleek look. If all-white kitchens aren't your vibe, opt for wood countertops to give your space a more rustic vibe.

Another way to give white appliances their moment in the sun is by switching up your cabinet colors. Navy cabinets look stunning with white countertops, white appliances, and gold hardware. The stark contrast between the cabinets and the white appliances gives your kitchen a cool and unique look, and it's sure to be a conversation starter when guests visit. If the contrast is too dramatic for you, opt for something more mellow, like a lighter blue or mint green.