3 Headboards To Pair With Floral Bedding

Your bed is the center of a bedroom design, so it makes sense to focus on getting it right. The right bed can make your room feel cozy and help show your personality through different textures and patterns, so when it comes to the design, always start with the base: the bed itself. Then, you'll want to think about size, height, and material, and not lastly, consider the headboard.

Some beds come with an attached headboard, and others don't, so you can mix and match those pieces. According to Casper, a headboard isn't only an aesthetic choice; it can also offer neck and back support when you sit up in bed and protect your wall against scratches and stains.

To complete your bedroom design, you have to choose the right headboard. That often means considering your interior style as well as the bed sheets. While not necessarily the first choice for many people, floral bedding can be pretty and romantic as it creates a serene space. Luckily, you will have a few options for how to pair the print with a headboard.

1. Classic wooden headboard

From boho chic to cottage-inspired, you can bring the look of nature into your bedroom with a wood headboard. A headboard made of wood can pair well with pretty floral sheets or a cute comforter. Wood has graining that can add a natural texture to the design, but it is also very versatile, being able to give you a classic and traditional look but also a modern style, which often depends on the design and stain of the headboard. Darker colors often create a warmer, rustic, or elegant feel that appears more traditional; however, if you're going for the modern easy and airy aesthetic, lighter wood stains can create that look, says From The Forest.

Besides the stain color, you should consider the shape and pattern of the wooden headboard. Choose a sleek bedhead with clean lines and simple shapes for a modern design. You can also find more carved wooden headboards with intricate designs that would be great for a bedroom trying to mix eclectic and traditional styles. You can also look for a bedhead that features a wood inlay pattern if you're trying to add a bit of color or form to the overall décor.

2. Luxurious velvet headboard

Florals can feel romantic, so complement that with luxurious velvet. While this is a classic material, it's also on trend. A velvet headboard will bring in soft textures that add to an idealistic and luxurious bedroom. There are different kinds of this material, like crushed velvet, which feels lush, and silk velvet, which has more of a wet look, but is incredibly soft, according to The Kuotes. A velvet headboard will also add lots of visual interest to the space.

There are plenty of options you can choose from when it comes to a velvet headboard. You can find them in a plethora of colors, including bolder hues like pink, green, yellow, and blue. Consider a darker-colored velvet if you want to add a little bit of drama to your space, but you can also coordinate the color of the headboard with your floral bedsheets. You'll also be able to find a variety of shapes and styles so you can find the piece that best fits your aesthetic. There are more traditional shapes with tufting details as well as arches and channeling that feel more contemporary and are more trendy.

3. Minimalistic metal headboard

Metal is a timeless material that will pair extremely well with your floral bedding. If you really want to allow your floral sheets, pillows, and comforters to shine, then choose a minimalistic metal bedhead. These simple options won't steal a lot of attention away from the bedding, so you'll get all the benefits of a headboard without a scene-stealing backdrop. Still, that doesn't mean the piece has to be boring. You can still find stylish designs that are still very minimalistic, but it mostly depends on the metal type and color.

When it comes to metal, you can choose from plenty of finishes. Brass and black finishes are two of the most popular options for furniture. This metal also adds a bit of glamor and refinement to a space, while a black finish is more traditional. In addition, brass metals tend to be more lightweight, while options like iron have a heftier weight, according to eFurnitureHouse. Aluminum is another modern-looking material loved for its affordability and durability, not to mention that it's incredibly lightweight.