How To Steal Gwyneth Paltrow's Modern And Traditional Home Style

While some are fascinated with traditional designs, others cannot get enough of the contemporary urban feel of their home. The discussion of which home style approach is better can go on forever. However, one thing Gwyneth Paltrow has demonstrated in her Montecito residence is that you can enjoy the best from both worlds. Her Montecito home isn't anything you would imagine a celebrity home would be. There is no futuristic technology or anything fancy without a purpose; instead, the entire design was centered around creating a home that appeals to the body, mind, and soul, via Architectural Digest

This unique multi-million home was constructed deliberately to bring harmony between traditional and modern living. From the choices of color to the selection of interior home décor, there is plenty to take home from her family residence. Throughout Paltrow's home, there are fundamental design elements from both traditional and modern styles that anyone can use to create a space that accommodates the past and the present beautifully. Remember, trends come and go, but you can count on the traditional and contemporary combo to stand the ultimate test of time. Stick around to discover how to adopt this interesting style in your home.

Use reclaimed pieces

What better way to introduce some aging into a relatively modern home than incorporating dated reclaimed pieces? One thing that remained consistent throughout Gwyneth Paltrow's house was the use of antique and reclaimed details. Right from the entryway, this home features a traditional fireplace and old tiles, all to bring out the classic vibe. This particular entryway also features two wooden rustic corner pieces that unveil the country and traditional style even more. 

The hallway or entryway is the first place guests get to interact with your home; therefore, it is necessary to be consistent with the design theme right from the door. While not every home can afford such a grand entryway, creating a European-inspired traditional feel for your home's entrance is possible. The classic white reflective walls on Paltrow's entry can be achieved in most homes. According to ArticleCube, this is a European-inspired tradition for a vintage luxury look.

Combine the old and the new

Gwyneth Paltrow's home has demonstrated the possibility of combining old and new accessories and concepts without tipping the perfect balance. To incorporate this style in your home, you need to be comfortable with ditching the idea that you must have matching furniture or finishing in your interior décor. This dining room is the perfect example of how you can have different furniture with contrasting color schemes sharing one space. The unconventional black chairs in this dining room are carefully placed around the white antique table. 

The fact that the chairs can recede into the table while not in use makes the room feel more spacious and airy. However, you should remember that interior design elements should flow together; therefore, you should be careful of the colors you pick. While still in the same concept of mixing old and new, the fireplace in this dining room is reclaimed, introducing the traditional feel to this nice dining area. A Glass of Bovino mentions no one method fits all mentality when combining modern and classic pieces. If you want to lean heavily on the traditional side or otherwise, the choice is entirely up to you.

Wallpaper can change a room's vibe

Using wallpaper is a nice way of introducing drama and personality into any space. However, many homeowners don't know that you can also use wallpapers to pursue whatever style you fancy. Whether you want to introduce an urban or a traditional vibe, wallpaper is an excellent place to start. Gwyneth Paltrow's dining room shows how wallpaper can easily give a modern contemporary home a traditional vibe. To achieve a similar look in your home, try hand-painted 3D wallpapers with moody colors, as demonstrated above. 

This dining room has beautifully painted wallpapers featuring black and white trees that perfectly complement the room's black and white floor tiles. The color palette in this dining room is black and white, right from the dining table, floor tiles, and even the wallpaper. Consistency is what brings elegance into this space. Using wallpapers on the interior walls of a house was famous in the '60s and has made a comeback with plenty of color and pattern options for every interior home décor, mentions Ghaster Painting & Coatings.

It's okay to have an urban kitchen

Gwyneth Paltrow's kitchen is predominantly modern, unlike the entryway and the dining room. While a traditional kitchen is homey and inviting, modern kitchens are open and airy, appealing to many homeowners. Today, modern kitchen design is king, and for all good reasons. They feature a neutral color palette creating a sleek, synchronized flow in your kitchen. Paltrow's urban kitchen design doesn't disappoint. The grounding color for this space is white, making it possible to incorporate other decorative designs. Exploring different colors in the kitchen to make the room appear less sterile is a brilliant idea. 

For Paltrow, achieving this was quite simple; it is impressive to see how she displays her colorful and prized kitchen ware on the open shelves. Glass front and open shelves are highlights of this kitchen. Open shelving storage not only gives you a stage for showcasing your prized kitchenware but is also relatively easy to organize, mentions Kitchen Cabinets Refacing. While the kitchen design is predominantly modern, it is necessary to acknowledge the effort to incorporate some traditional rustic elements with the informal wooden setting area in the kitchen. It brings the required warmth to an otherwise white and almost sterile kitchen.

Symmetry and texture

Straight lines and symmetry are the biggest grounding factors for modern contemporary designs. Paltrow's expansive living room is designed to represent the interest of both worlds. While the two windows and two picture frames provide symmetry and straight lines typical to modern designs, the U-shaped couch with velvet textures balances everything off with a cool '70s vibe. It is worth mentioning that for a big living room like this, it is necessary to create a focal point. MHM Professional Staging details that a focal point is the star of the room that anchors the entire décor of that particular space. 

 The two symmetrical picture frames over a black fireplace are purposely placed between the two windows creating the perfect focal point for this living room. Also, unknown to many, you can have more than one focal point in a room. However, you don't want too many points of interest in a space that will make it feel cluttered and disorganized. The bar area in this living room can also serve as a focal point, especially when sitting on the couch.