5 Ways To Create The Ultimate Harry Potter Kids' Room

The books and movies of Harry Potter have been read and watched by millions of children worldwide — beloved for their vivid storytelling and spooky but whimsical settings. And, of course, the way it uniquely seems to unleash children's imaginations says Imagination Soup. All young witches and wizards dream of the day their Hogwarts acceptance letter will fly in through the mail slot or come swooping in on an owl. But in the meantime, why not give them their own Harry Potter-themed room right at home? 

Part of what makes the aesthetic of the Harry Potter universe so distinct is its combination of gothic architecture, classic British design, and the supernatural. The most comparable modern aesthetics are whimsigoth and light academia, but with more actual magic. So how do you create magic when you're just a muggle? Use our handy guide to help you make the most stunning Harry Potter-themed kid's bedroom. 

1. Create Platform 9 3⁄4

What is more magical than walking through brick walls and hopping on a train that transports you to the most fantastic place in the world? Not much, even in the world of Harry Potter. The famed platform of King's Cross is a favorite for fans to visit at Universal Studios Orlando, says Paste Magazine. That's why creating your own Platform 9 3⁄4 is an excellent choice for the theme of your little one's Harry Potter bedroom. 

If you have an exposed brick wall, you've already got the perfect backdrop for a King's Cross, but there are plenty of ways of achieving the look without it. Consider snagging a peel-and-stick textured brick wallpaper to create an accent wall. When it comes to the bed, you can go literal with a Hogwarts Express engine bed, or you can opt for something in its signature colors. If you're looking to win parent of the year, try adding a trolley cart with treats from the wizarding world, like Chocolate Frogs and Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans.

2. Decorate with their house colors

When Harry Potter first came out in the early '90s, kiddos would spend hours with their friends trying to decide which Hogwarts House the sorting hat would place them in, be it Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Slytherin, or Gryffindor. Now kids can sign up with Wizarding World to be sorted into their destined house with the help of a fun, easy quiz. No matter how you arrived and which house you belong to, it's important to know where you belong as a Harry Potter fan, per Bustle. Drawing from the Hogwarts House system, you can create a unique space for your kid or tween that matches their personality. 

Use the house colors and mascot as a jump-off point. Ravenclaw's colors are blue, and silver (or bronze if you're a book purist), and their mascot is an eagle. Hufflepuffs are canary yellow and black, with a badger as their mascot. Slytherin's signature serpent sports deep emerald green and silver colors, and Gryffindor's are scarlet red or maroon and gold, with a courageous lion as their mascot. Beddings, furniture, and décor elements can represent these shades. 

3. Make every day Hogwarts acceptance day

One of the most magical scenes in any Harry Potter book or movie is The Sorcerer's Stone, when 4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging is bombarded with Hogwarts acceptance letters for the young wizard himself. MuggleNet, a Harry Potter fan resource, rates this as one of the best scenes of the entire movie. And many kids, tweens, and teens dream of that moment for themselves. Recreate that magic with a banner of acceptance letters from the Etsy shop ZsaZsaZsuthings. This shop offers customized acceptance letters that would be a fantastic piece of framed wall art. If you're feeling particularly crafty, pick up some excellent card stock, calligraphy pens, and a wax seal set. 

To push your design over the top, consider adding some plush owls with letters attached to their legs. An accent pillow that reads "You're a wizard, Harry" would also make for a nice touch. And for an easy detail that will make any Potterhead smile, lean a pink umbrella in the corner, and they'll know what it means.

4. Transform the bedroom into a castle

Hogwarts, the castle where it all starts, is a great place to draw inspiration from. While much of the movie uses a miniature model to get those jaw-dropping exterior shots, it's also filmed partially at Alnwick Castle and Gloucester Cathedral in Gloucestershire, England, says Brit Movie Tours, both of which have a gothic architecture style. To bring that unique and ancient style to your home, you'll have to get a bit creative, but this is an excellent theme if your little one doesn't have a house yet, or loves the whole world of Harry Potter.

Use remote-controlled LED candle sticks suspended by a fishing line to create a space like the great hall. And switch out the light fixture for a gothic-style chandelier to pump up the magic. Using wrought iron hardware for doorknobs quickly gives the room an air of sophistication. Add a few macabre details to make the space feel truly lived in, like a faux stuffed raven or a crystal ball for divination purposes. 

5. It's all in the details

Part of what made the magic of Harry Potter feel so real in its screen adaptation was the exhaustive attention to detail. The Atlantic cites Rowling's ability to build worlds so detailed and ornate as the sole reason the book and movie series became so popular. When tackling your child's bedroom and trying to give it that same careful magic, be sure to spend plenty of time on the tiny details and accent pieces. It can be tempting to throw money at officially licensed products, but you can create plenty of magic with a regular bed and a little creativity. 

Here are a few budget-friendly ideas for your Harry Potter kid's room: Print or order potion labels and attach them to old glass bottles, which you can find at thrift stores, or give your condiment jars and bottles a good wash before filling them with a food-colored liquid. Head to your local thrift store or charity shop and search for old books with ornate bindings and vintage travel trunks. Learn how to make your own golden snitch from ping pong balls and paper clips with this tutorial from yoyomax12.