How To Steal Mila Kunis And Ashton Kutcher's Elevated Rustic Home Style

Hollywood royalty couple Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher's home, which overlooks Beverly Hills, is a beautiful mix of rustic and historic overtones with functional, glamorous, and sustainable details. A new construction designed to look like it's been there forever, Kunis and Kutcher's barn-style abode nestled on six acres of land above Los Angeles bucks the expectations of a Hollywood showplace, instead embracing both beauty and functionality. Kunis tells Architectural Digest, "We wanted a home, not an estate." The home's main house gives way to a lofted guest house, pool, and covered barbecue pavilion, all surrounded by seemingly boundless nature and beautiful vistas. 

The home was designed by architect Howard Bracken, known for his work in modern farmhouse design, and Vicky Charles of Charles & Co, both of whom worked from Pinterest boards created by the couple. What they created is a beautiful balance between farmhouse style and Hollywood glam, filled with reclaimed wood, luxe fabrics and materials, and huge floor-to-ceiling, all-around views of the surrounding landscape. Additionally, the house was created with sustainability in mind, from its power and well-water systems to its abundant use of recycled and environmentally friendly materials.

Most importantly, the home serves as a friendly, comfortable, and functional space for both the couple and their two sons. Whatever the scale of your home and personal design style, there are several principles to keep in mind if you want to emulate Kunis and Kutcher's distinctive mix of elements. 

Where rustic meets glam

As befitting any Hollywood couple, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis' spacious home is filled with luxurious fabrics, textures, and furnishings. Highly glamorous elements like crystal, velvet, and sumptuous fabrics are juxtaposed against the home's rustic-inspired bones, including reclaimed wooden beams, walls, and industrial elements like concrete, glass, and metal. The beauty comes from the layering of all its elements, including the more nature-inspired rustic tones of modern farmhouse design and the gilded luxury of Hollywood. As such, they work perfectly together to add a fresh, unexpected texture to the home.

Consider the beauty in the unexpected. Sometimes posing opposite elements against each other can only serve to make each more beautiful by proximity. Try a decadent gilt or crystal lighting fixture in an otherwise rustic, farmhouse-inspired room. Augment iron and metal accents with more modern glass and concrete. Luxe fabrics like satin and velvet look even more beautiful when placed in industrial or rustic interiors. According to Hey There, Home, mixing styles creates a layered effect that is truly unique. 

History and innovation

Kutcher and Kunis tell Architectural Digest that their aim was to create a home with a sense of history, despite the house and other structures being entirely new. The home's barn-style exterior and ample distressed wood throughout might lead visitors to believe it's been there for at least 100 years. The goal, however, was to create a sense of the home's history from the ground up, mixing a feeling of age with all the modern conveniences a family of four needs, including a modern and stylish kitchen. While its vaulted wood ceilings exude history and well-weathered time, a wall of glass grants a view from a very functional and 21st-century set-up. 

Whether your home is historical, or you are just trying to create the illusion of history, seek out ways that you can blend both classic and vintage elements with the things you need to function in the modern age. Like the mix of rustic and glam, the blending of old and new can offer similar impact and energy. If your home has old bones, consider ways that you can showcase more modern furniture in your rooms that complement your high ceilings and crown moldings. Similarly, if your home is newer, antiques and vintage elements can offer surprising variety in contrast to sleek, modern interiors. Pair a Victorian-inspired settee with a mid-century modern coffee table. Or, place an avant-garde, abstract art piece in a room of traditional farmhouse decor. 

Personal touches

According to Kunis and Kutcher, designer Vicky Charles was the perfect candidate for designing the home, as per Architectural Digest. After incorporating the couple's ideas, she was able to blend a design scheme initially inspired by the popular modern farmhouse aesthetic into something much more customized for the couple and their family. This included the incorporation of their unique tastes and collections of favorite items, like a 10-foot chandelier and a pair of ornate, throne-style chairs that wound up gracing the home's main bathroom. 

Our personal touches define us, so finding ways that we can adapt our styles and rooms to reflect unique treasures is important. Even if something you love seems a poor fit with whatever decor aesthetic you are aiming for, those things can often be the perfect thing to guide you regardless of arbitrary design rules and current trends. If you love it, you can make it work. According to Hiltingbury Interiors, these elements often help you feel even more connected to your home.

Family functionality

For a modern family of four, whatever your level of fame, functionality is key. While the Beverly Hills area is no doubt full of gorgeous lofty estates that look like showrooms, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher set out to make their home a perfect place to raise their children. This meant keeping an eye on what makes a home both accommodating to kids, as well as a place that will be memorable and nurturing as they grow up. Adding elements like a swimming pool or a set of awesome bunk beds created from recycled wood go a long way toward making their home not only stunning but welcoming and appealing to its youngest residents.

Whatever the needs of your home, be it children, pets, or anyone else who lives with you, consider the way that the space will meet their needs as well as yours. While some may consider child-friendly furnishings and toy collections visual clutter to be stowed carefully away, choosing attractive storage and stylish pieces can make them key elements in your home's design. Kid's rooms can be just as beautiful and well-planned as adult spaces. Pet accouterments like beds, cat trees (via Pop Sugar), and dishes can be as attractive as they are functional.


Kunis and Kutcher's home was designed with ultimate sustainability in mind. From its construction and landscaping to its power and water systems, the home was intended to lessen the impact on and blend in with the land that surrounds it. While constructing a home from scratch is typically an energy-consuming and environmentally impactful endeavor, the couple wanted to balance that with sustainable and reclaimed materials, as well as solar power and groundwater usage via a well. The surrounding acreage is not only scenic and beautiful but has recently hosted its own food garden and corn crop (via Mashed).

If you are looking to create a sustainable home yourself and can start from the ground up, keep in mind the materials you use, as well as their sustainability and impact. Also, think about how you can maximize things like solar power and eco-friendly water management. Consider the outside of your home and how it impacts the surrounding landscape, be it shade tree conservation or irrigation issues. Good strategies may include using paver stones or pebbles instead of cement or planting native grasses and groundcovers instead of traditional grass.