15 Exterior Paint Colors To Spruce Up A Bland Garage

As a house is typically the principal focus of a property, the garage may often get overlooked. Depending on its size and construction, you can transform an ordinary garage with a crisp coat of paint. Many garages are painted to match the same color as the house, although not always, especially if it's a detached structure, barn, or shed-like frame. What kind of garage do you have? According to Behm Design, there are several kinds like standard, apartment, colonial, or compact, among a few others. Areas of the garage you might enhance with color are the façade, trim, and windows, particularly the main door entrance. With so many colors to select, neutral palettes may be more common choices like gray, beige, brown, or white, as they can improve a plain appearance when suitably balanced.

If your goal is to make the garage more of a focal point, you might choose a rich blue or red hue, whether it's classic barn red or muted and rustic. White is a significant shade that contrasts and complements a color scheme. Whether the door or trim, its vivid appearance provides a clean, balanced vibe, especially if the primary color is dark or opaque, as pictured, via J&N Structures. Whether your garage is attached, isolated, oversized, or small, transcend it to a new level with a distinguished color. Keep reading to discover some excellent hues for your garage's exterior.

1. Farmhouse red

Completely covered in red, this charming barn-like garage is attached to a brilliant white farmhouse. Even though it's adjoined to the house, it stands out significantly as its own entity by its rich shade of red, charming windows, rustic wooden doors, and gabled A-frame roof points.

2. Elemental gray

Although gray is often a soft, neutral color, medium to dark hues can appear more emphasized when contrasted with natural elements like stone, brick, or wood. Here pictured is a distinguished two-door garage colored in an earthy gray that sits well against a light brick border and façade.

3. A white foundation

Covering your garage with a primarily white base may give your home an overall modern farmhouse appeal. This contemporary, two-car home appears clean and simple by the eminent white garage door, façade, and trim, while it beams with an immaculate contrast against the wooden accents.

4. Chocolate brown doors

Rich, dark browns can appear prominent against a plain background. Enticing as bars of chocolate, this two-door garage stands out considerably against the home's bland, yellowish-like exterior. Whether it's a painted metal door or a wooden material, brown controls the spotlight when compared with a light palette.

5. Blue hues

Blue is a tranquil yet versatile color often used in home interior spaces. You might mix shades of blue like the faint gray-blue tint represented here on this contemporary style garage, which contrasts nicely with the white trim and exterior, plus the two striking navy-blue garage doors.

6. Sophisticated black

Sleek and contemporary, shades of black contrast well with other natural tones like brown, white, or gray, including yellow, blue, and red. Here pictured is an ultra-modern home design with a dark declaration by the two-car garage, which stands out against the white and gray shades of the home.

7. Sunny yellow

A cheerful splash of yellow brightens up a garage like this one pictured above. The attached, one-car structure is charming and inviting, with black and white windows, trim, and garage door, as its joyful color continues to other parts of the house.

8. Beige blend

Considering beige or tan for your garage are initially mild color choices, as you might utilize these sand-like tones with earthy elements as pictured above. With the garage front and center, the plain, beige-colored door appears improved when combined with dark gray stone slabs and orange-tinted wood on the exterior.

9. Pretty coastal pink

Reminiscent of beach shells and sunsets, a soft, sweet pink paint hue would suit a seaside town home and garage. Here pictured is a pretty pink beach cottage-like home with a matching detached two-car garage that showcases a defined balance of black and white through the trim, shutters, and fence, along with a neutral gray roof. 

10. Beachy green

Various shades of green often resemble life, growth, and nature. With upbeat vibes, this beach town-style house features a three-car garage in a lively lime green shade which complements the ribbed green roof panels and delicate strawberry green-colored façade.

11. Bright white garage doors

If your house is stone or brick and cannot be painted, focus on showcasing the garage doors with various colors that complement your house, mainly a dramatic contrasting white. Pictured above are three brilliant white garage doors that stand out from a neutral-colored brick exterior and gray shingle roof.

12. Peach pizzaz

Peach may be a unique color for your garage or home, but it offers a sweet and friendly aura when mixed with brown, white, black, or gray. This eye-catching garage pictured above features a large gabled roof with a pleasant pastel peach color that spreads throughout the exterior.

13. Fiery orange

With limited space on this two-car structure, the garage doors nab all the attention with their vibrant reddish-orange hue. The sizzling color appears heightened compared to the calmer brick shade on the garage exterior and townhome, while the brown clay tile roof and white trim balance its vivacity.

14. Timeless taupe

A chic, neutral taupe mixes gray with a little brown to create a subtle yet sophisticated color for interior and exterior spaces. Here pictured is a charming, detached garage covered in taupe. Potentially bland on its own, this classic color doesn't fail to exude its natural quality, especially contrasted with white, as seen on the garage door, side door, and trim.

15. Cape Cod blue

A little coastal, a little vintage, here pictured is a quaint Cape Cod style two-car garage with enchanting windows. The vibrant ocean blue color of the exterior pairs well with the brown wooden garage doors, white trim, and a gabled gray roof.