How To Steal Nina Dobrev's Spanish-Inspired Home Style

Hollywood star Nina Dobrev has been in numerous TV shows and movies, including "The Vampire Diaries," the Netflix romcom "Love Hard," and "The Perks of Being a Wallflower," to name just a few. Because she regularly works in Los Angeles, it's no surprise that she lives in a lovely West Hollywood home designed with multiple living rooms, game rooms, and massive pools. Yet, instead of residing in a prodigious mansion, she's been enjoying her adult life in her modest four-bedroom Spanish-style home filled with European influences that reflect where the she grew up, according to Architectural Digest.

The Bulgarian actress transformed the entire interior during the pandemic when no one could leave home. She took the time to make detailed changes, such as painting the exterior, upgrading the flooring, importing an authentic Ilve stove from Italy, and creating her theater room. Whenever we get a peek inside a gorgeously styled home we immediately want to know how to replicate it ourselves, so we picked some of the best redesigns Dobrev added to her house that you can make your own.

Replace flooring with terra-cotta tiles

The terra-cotta tile flooring in the kitchen was reclaimed from Europe and looks as though it's been lived in for years by its texture and imperfections, claims Dobrev (via Architectural Digest on YouTube). The flooring does an excellent job of tying the entire design together by matching the butcher block countertops, olive-hued cabinets, and brass detailing. Tiles add a fresh and luxurious feel to any room, so they don't have to be used in the kitchen solely; per New Home Source, European homes use stones and tiles throughout. Incorporating the color of terra-cotta gives the kitchen a distinctly modern Spanish touch

Depending on the room, an assortment of styles could be added, such as faux stone or wood-look tiles. Faux stones can be more expensive, so terra-cotta tiles are a better option since they're affordable and offer that feel of having been around for decades. At a reasonable rate, terra-cotta flooring is more durable and versatile than others, states Do It Yourself. The clay reflects earth and nature through its shades of red and brown. If you enjoy the look of more natural earthy tiles, then terra-cotta will fit nicely into your home. Even though the tiles are uniformly shaped, each tile is unique and slightly different from the rest, which can appeal to some folks and not others. However, the flooring will last a long time since it's resistant to moisture, scratches, and stains when sealed.

Add wood furniture

Dobrev focused the majority of her renovations on her kitchen; she expanded her breakfast nook by adding another bench and installed a larger wood-finished breakfast table. In addition to the nook, the actress extended the wood furniture to her dining area with a table and chairs. Rustic wood furniture is part of the Spanish style that pairs well with the earthy feel of the home. I Want That Door suggests including natural wood furniture with hand carvings for an authentic look. Leather furniture is another complementary choice, especially if it's a couple of pieces such as chairs or a bench. If you enjoy the look of wood furniture, styling pieces with cotton woven or linen cushions to contrast the wood will create a cozy seating area.

Wood furniture can be pretty simple to find. Folks can purchase used and donated wood furniture such as dining tables and chairs in vintage furniture stores. In addition, furniture stores such as Pottery Barn and Wayfair offer Spanish-style furniture collections. The chairs are sold separately, allowing for a variation in styles to be used instead of sticking to the same design for everything. There are no limitations to wood furniture, especially when designing a living room, bedroom, or dining room. Try incorporating an oak coffee table to brighten your living room or dark stained nightstands in your bedroom for a cozier vibe; anything that will work with the earthy tones.

Add tile to bathroom floors and walls

Most of Dobrev's home contains neutral colors, such as different shades of white and brown with small pops of greenery for color. But, her primary bathroom is one of the few spaces designed with original vibrant blue tiles from the 1920s (via Architectural Digest on YouTube). Her bathroom flooring is light blue with black diamonds, and dark blue tiles cover the shower's interior. According to Rustico Tile, floor-to-ceiling tile in bathrooms is a common design feature in Spanish homes. Styling tile throughout the bathroom adds charm and creates a traditional look.

There are different types of tiles to incorporate into the bathroom, such as Talavera, which is hand-painted, or Riviera terra-cotta. Rustico Tile says not to be afraid of mixing different colored tiles or patterns because they can come together in a cohesive look or make fantastic statement pieces. For example, opting for bold tiles such as yellow, green, patterned, or multi-hued for a Spanish look gives a much more stylish feel to your bathroom than classic white subway tiles. Remember that tiles are versatile, so you can pair them with any style of accents, such as copper hardware for the sinks or a vintage clawfoot tub.

Play around with décor

Throughout Dobrev's home, subtle yet eye-catching Spanish-influenced décor, such as ceramic pots, candle holders, woven baskets, and various vases and planters can be seen in every room. As you can see from her space, including the right ornamentation can make any room look like it's part of a home from Spain. The Design Tourist suggests adding texture through wallpaper, carpet, tapestries, or rugs to make the space comfortable and welcoming. Intentionally matching rugs back to décor pieces or color palettes will create an authentic look and add dimension to the room.

Since Spanish-style homes are tailored to a more earthy and calming ambiance, incorporating plants such as rosemary, hibiscus, or bougainvillea will give a refreshing feel to your space, per The Design Tourist. Also, as mentioned before, ceramic pots and vases make great touches. To prevent them from looking empty, add a few fake or real flowers to them. They can be placed around every room on nightstands, coffee tables, and dining tables, or used to fill an outstanding space in a corner.

Refresh the exterior

Because most of Dobrev's home already had the architecture of a Spanish-style vineyard home, like the arched windows and entryways, textured walls, and clay tiles, there was no need to renovate the entire structure. However, before the pandemic, the exterior was a yellow color which she and her boyfriend painted white, per Architectural Digest. Many Spanish-style homes have bold exteriors such as orange, yellow, or brown, with bright adobe tiles on the roof. Even though Dobrev repainted the exterior white, the home still has a Spanish look and a sophisticated, elegant feel.

There are different types of Spanish-style homes, but, traditionally speaking, they all have a rustic look with areas for relaxing, claims Wow 1 Day Painting. Most will also have stucco walls, arches, tile roofs, and courtyards. Although replacing the walls can take a long time, such minimal changes as replacing the roof with brown tiles or creating a private garden with lounge furniture can make a huge difference. Wow 1 Day Painting claims that a few traditional design elements, including wrought iron detailing, are perfect for railings, gates, or windows. Also, hand-carved wooden features make for a great rustic look on exterior doors that lead to the front or backyard.