Magnolia Network's Katie Saro On How To Do Vintage Decor The Right Way - Exclusive

When it comes to sourcing and arranging vintage décor for an unforgettable effect, few designers compare to Katie Saro of the Magnolia Network's "The Art of Vintage." However, whereas elevating a space using classic furniture and timeless thrift store finds may come easy to Saro, some homeowners are apprehensive to mix up pieces from different periods or styles. In fact, some people don't utilize vintage items at all for fear that they will diminish the appeal of their existing, decidedly non-vintage décor.

According to Saro, however, most of these fears are not warranted. "I think that if we needed to have a one-line design rule, it would be to make everything perfect and then break it just a little bit to spice it up," she explained to House Digest in an exclusive interview.

So, if you're someone who's been avoiding vintage décor since you think it'll clash with your home's contemporary aesthetics, it might be time to rethink your "flawless" application of a specific style. "I do think that a little bit of imperfection always makes something feel real," Saro mused.

Matching décor by size and scale

While adding a vintage chair to a living room with contemporary furniture is one thing, homeowners who employ a wider range of such décor may find it hard to create a harmonious effect with pieces and fixtures hailing from different regions, time periods, and design schools. Luckily, there's a fairly easy way to ensure that your eclectic finds remain pleasing to the eye. "One tip for how to mix different eras is [by using] scale," Saro shared. "For instance, if you're mixing two chairs and a couch that are from disparate places or disparate styles, as long as the seat height is about the same, and as long as the scale of the individual items are harmonious ... that's how you mix two different [pieces]."

So the next time you decide to cruise the sales floor of a thrift store to find a companion for your favorite vintage accent chair, taking measurements in advance is never a bad idea. "With couches and chairs, it's all about seat height," Saro added.

You can catch Katie Saro on the premiere season of "The Art of Vintage" on Discovery+, streaming now.