Shea McGee Reveals The Secret To Personalizing Your Kitchen Design

Shea McGee is known for her light and airy home designs that bring in a lot of character for her clients. But she doesn't only focus on creating spaces that are beautiful; she also creates spaces that are functional. Personalized homes aren't only about translating your style ideas from the mind into real life; it's also about having a space that's liveable and works for your needs. The designer often shares her tips on creating a space that works best for you.

One room that often needs the most personalization when it comes to function is the kitchen. It's one of the most utilized spaces in the home and, therefore, one of the hardest to design, says Caroline on Design. You need to consider cabinets for storage and a layout conducive to working. But Shea McGee has another tip that can make your kitchen feel even more personalized to your needs.

Make the space multifunctional for better function

Your kitchen shouldn't only be used for kitchen tasks. Shae McGee believes that the room should play double duty to save space and make it more functional. The designer says adding a small workspace or office can help make your kitchen more functional and personalized. For example, adding a desk area will give you a space to write grocery lists, create a family calendar, or manage finances. You can use this space however you please to make it work better for your needs.

When designing your kitchen, you can make a desk space look like an intentional space but also work to flow the kitchen design over to your workspace. Choose the same countertops and cabinet colors for the office area as you have in the rest of the kitchen, says Wren Kitchens. You can also use the same deep drawers for pots and pans as a convenient place to stash away a printer or computer monitor when not in use.