25 Unique Bathroom Tile Designs That Will Make You Want To Do A Remodel

If you're intrigued by the idea of remodeling your bathroom, then there are plenty of factors to keep in mind when it comes to aesthetics. In fact, there are various creative ways to make your bathroom truly stunning. Along with figuring out what kind of shower you'd like and what sort of sink will bring a splash of style to the space, you will need to consider what kind of tiles will suit your dream bathroom.

When it comes to choosing your bathroom tiles, you'll want to decide between a range of potential materials, such as glass, ceramic, porcelain, and stone, according to HGTV star Scott McGillivray. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks, including factors like durability, texture, and price. Of course, that's not to mention how they look. For instance, along with using lighter tiles in order to make a smaller room appear to be more spacious, you may also want to limit the number of different tiles you use to three or less — unless you're into something that's a little more wild and complicated — and you should opt for the priciest tile before the others and then work around the expensive option. Indeed, larger and intricate tiles that are more expensive can be given a central spot with other smaller, less expensive tiles surrounding and enhancing them. 

In order to do that, you'll want to come up with a fabulous design like these unique ideas that will definitely make you want to do a bathroom remodel.

1. Tri-color mini tiles

Anchored by larger white tiles on the floor, the red, black, and white tiles that cover the rest of this bathroom — except for a strip near the ceiling — are tiny. With two tones of each color on the walls as well as white and gray grout to make them pop, this is a design that's undeniably stunning.

2. Climbing hexagon tile design

Hexagon tiles are interesting enough thanks to their dynamic six-sided shape, and opting to use two colors of hexagon-shaped tiles certainly takes the design up a notch. On top of that, this bathroom sees the tiles installed in unexpected columns that almost seem to climb an isolated section of the wall, making this design truly unique.

3. Horizontal and vertical tile lines

This is another bathroom that uses mini square tiles but does so in a different way. The black and white tiles make up a random pattern creating an eye-catching effect. Additionally, only two horizontal lines of tiles cover one wall while a vertical section of tiles fills the shower area, adding another level of interest.

4. Artistic and illuminated bathroom tiles

Highly decorative artistic tiles are used on both the floor of this elegant yet modern bathroom as well as on the walls of the shower area. In addition, tiles that are more simple yet still stunning are popped onto the floor of the shower as well on the arched ceiling, where they're beautifully illuminated.

5. Large square bathroom tile design

The massive gray tiles on the floor of this bathroom are sleek but aren't the center of attention. Instead, the eye is drawn to the smoky black marble tiles on the wall that surround white tiles, which, in turn, surround a single smoky black tile to create an artistic design in this otherwise minimalist room.

6. Lined and purple bathroom tiles

While simple white tiles are used on the floor and one section of the wall in this fabulous bathroom, it's the two other types of tiles that stand out. Tiles with horizontal lines make a huge impact on one entire wall and most of another, while purple tiles add a fun pop of color.

7. Artistic stone bathroom tiles

When it comes to using stone in your bathroom, you can opt for plenty of options, such as installing a stone sink and putting in a stone tub. You can also use stone tiles like these that are both smoky white and a deeper gray. They also boast a stunning artistic pattern that you might adore.

8. Bold and colorful bathroom tiles

Using bold tiles is a great way to add color to your bathroom. However, an entire bathroom covered in vibrant tiles might be a bit much. That's why, in this space, it's used on just the floor and one section of the wall, as well as being perfectly paired with sleek white subway tiles.

9. Angled blue and golden tiles

In the realm of a rich navy or slate blue shade, the larger tiles in this bathroom are not only a gorgeous color, but they've also installed them at an angle that gives them a unique look. Beyond that, golden wood tiles in the bathroom and gold-color grout add a posh and refined touch.

10. Multi-colored dotted bathroom tiles

If you appreciate a colorful space, then you'll surely agree that there's a lot to love about this beautifully bright bathroom. White tiles help to show off both two-tone speckled yellow and orange tiles as well as matching lined tiles. Of course, the multi-colored dotted tiles that are used around the tub are beyond sweet.

11. Blue bathroom tile waves

Use your bathroom tiles to enhance the nautical look of your home. By opting for blue tiles — whether light blue, dark blue or something in between — and positioning them all on angles, they end up looking a little like waves. While this might take a bit of extra time, it will certainly be worth the effort.

12. Black and white with marble

Gray tiles are used on the floor of this bathroom as well as around the tub. However, instead of also using this tile around the base of the shower, black and white tiles are used that are slightly different from the ones on the wall, which are paired with lighter marble-like tiles.

13. Patterned and solid white tiles

The stunning tiles that are used on the wall of this bathroom are similar to the tiles on the floor. However, while one pattern is on the smaller side, the other is quite a bit bigger. You can also find white subway tiles in the shower, which keeps the space both chic and light.

14. Pink and white bathroom tiles

The white tiles in this bathroom catch your eye thanks to the fact that some are long and vertical while others are smaller and are arranged horizontally along the middle of the wall. The medium-sized pink square tiles on the floor also make a striking impact thanks to the range of shades.

15. Random hexagon bathroom tile design

While the placement of these medium-sized hexagon-shaped tiles seems to be totally random, the effect that they have is completely intentional. By using four different shades of gray — one that's much darker than the others, which are mostly on the lighter side — the result of the sporadic design is surprisingly stylish.

16. Bubbled bathroom tiles

Large black tiles can be found on the floor of this bathroom that otherwise uses much smaller black and dark gray tiles on the wall as well as one section of the lowered and curved ceiling. Beyond that, the tiles both catch and then reflect the light in the bathroom thanks to their slightly bubbled shape.

17. Various gray bathroom tiles

While various kinds of light gray tiles are used in this stylish bathroom, the color is pretty much all that they share. While the two tones of gray tiles behind the mirror and sink are solid and simple, the tiles used in the shower are more decorative and almost flowery despite their stony shade.

18. Retro yellow and white tiles

If you love a retro vibe, then you may find yourself dreaming about this bathroom. Using white tiles on the walls as well as yellow tiles on both the walls and floor, the space has an '80s look. Give the room a modern touch with a sink, mirror, or toilet that have a contemporary design.

19. Vintage-inspired bathroom tiles

Take your love of all things retro a little further by opting for tiles that look like they've come out of the '60s or '70s. When it comes to color, think along the lines of deep oranges, dark reds, and burnt yellows. You can also pick out larger square tiles, tiny checkered tiles, or funky flower-covered tiles.

20. Bathroom tile path

The tiles in this bathroom are used to define sections of the space as well as create a path from the tub to the double sinks. While the medium-sized black and dark gray tiles stand out thanks to the design, the smaller white and gray tiles fill the rest of the space with a light background.

21. Bold petal-shaped bathroom tiles

The sleek black tiles on the floor of this bathroom, as well as the smaller white tiles that can be seen around both the tub and the sink, are a fabulous way to set off the other tiles in this space. That's because bold black and yellow petal-shaped tiles are installed on the walls.

22. Small tiles used two ways

Another option for anyone who appreciates bold bathroom tiles, this space features a wall that has sections of small white tiles as well as small black and small yellow tiles. At the same time, a strip above and in front of the tub combines white, black, and yellow tiles while also throwing in some red.

23. Large sections of tiny tiles

It may look like larger tiles are used in this stylish bathroom. However, take another closer look, and you'll see that the larger sections are made up of tiny squares. If that seems like an installation nightmare, then it might be best to opt for tiles that are conveniently attached to larger sheets.

24. Elegant marble bathroom tiles

Create an elegant space in your bathroom by using marble tiles. If that's a little too pricey, then you can simply choose more affordable tiles that are made to look like marble. If you want something that's even fancier, then you might be interested in using tiles to add a design to your bathroom floor.

25. Gold bathroom tiles

If you live in a multimillion-dollar mansion or want to feel like you do, then you may want the interior style of your home to be posh and luxurious. Capture that vibe in your bathroom by using gold tiles. These small hexagon-shaped options create a stunning effect on the wall and even glow when hit with light.