4 Trending Colors You Should Paint Your Guest Bedroom

It is crucial that a guest bedroom feels comfortable and warm. When you have visitors in your home, the bedroom is the best way to make them feel welcome. How a guest room is decorated should be different from the rest of the house because it won't be a space that will be mainly used by members of the house. This means that the focus of the decor should be on the guest experience.

Keep the decor simple and neutral, and make sure the drawers and closets are empty, advises Impression Homes. The room will feel less unfamiliar to your guests when you do this. Simple actions like these can significantly improve your guests' experience and make them feel like they're in a home away from home. Because the spare room doesn't need to look like the rest of the house, you also have the opportunity to try something different. This is your chance to incorporate trends or a new theme! Here are four trending colors that you should paint your guest bedroom. 

1. Saffron

Saffron is a bright shade of yellow that is quite popular in India due to the spice by the same name. It is on the top band of the flag and represents the courage and strength of the nation (via Britannica). Saffron is a paint shade that provides the coziness associated with the season of fall but is also vibrant. The balance of warmth and liveliness makes it a great color for your guest bedroom because it isn't too loud or dull.

If the bedroom does not get a lot of natural light, this color will effectively convey that feeling of sunshine. Saffron can also add some character to the guest bedroom, which shows intentionality, per Neptune. A strong yellow can seem overwhelming for a bedroom wall, but there are ways to make it feel lighter. You can choose to paint only some parts of the wall or use decor and art pieces to take attention away from the wall, advises Neptune.

2. Olive

Olive green is a trendy neutral that can facilitate rest and relaxation in the bedroom. According to Adobe, this dark yellowish-green color represents sophistication, harmony, and peace. The way you want your guests to experience the bedroom will determine the shade you pick — the darker shades feel modern and elegant, while the lighter ones feel cozier.

Olive green paint will make the walls a great background, but the decor should be livelier, so the room doesn't feel dull. Adobe recommends pairing it with blue, white, and other muted neutrals. You can also consider other light, bright colors like yellow and pink for the bedding, rugs, accessories, and other pieces of decor. Is the guest bedroom small? Does it receive limited sunlight? Those would be additional reasons for vibrant colors while decorating. Wood and accents like brass are also great pairings with olive green because they create that elegant look, says Italian Bark.

3. Rich blues

Blue is a very dependable color due to its stability and serenity. It is known to boost productivity in the workspace and promote good sleep in the bedroom. The calming nature of blue is mainly associated with baby blues and other light shades, but take a chance on a blue that is deeper and richer! A rich shade of blue can still provide feelings of calm and stability without being overwhelming, according to Fabrik. While blue is generally associated with being traditional and conventional, a deeper blue can show more personality.

Rich blue walls in your guest bedroom will make the space feel elegant and luxurious. They will also act as a great backdrop for any artwork that will be going on the wall, says Livingetc. Bustling Nest suggests decorating with something modern, like metal finishes and classy light fixtures, to balance out the sophisticated feel of the walls.

4. Earthy greens

Green is known to be a relaxing color because it makes us feel like we're in nature. Natural shades of green are especially useful for creating calm atmospheres and encouraging good sleep (via Daily Excelsior). In 2021, earthy shades of green became trendy alongside the appreciation for nature. They continue to persist as a trend in home decor, especially in bedrooms, says Woman & Home. Earthy greens are more muted shades, which is why they feel so soothing.

Like other earth tones, they are found in nature, specifically in plants and trees. This means items in brown shades and wood materials can accompany them easily. Bringing in earthy materials like rattan and bamboo is a great way to tie the earthy theme together. Earthy greens also pair well with other earth shades like mustard yellow and blush, which is light pink. If you really want your guest bedroom to be trendy, green and pink is a combination that has gained a lot of popularity recently.