5 Ways To Bring Cape Cod Style To Your Home

You may have seen homes that boast the Cape Cod style and maybe even considered trying it for your abode. Instead of waiting for the perfect sale on decorations or a rainy day, why not go for it now? This classic and chic interior design scheme is fairly easy to achieve and will leave your space feeling fresh and vacation-worthy every day of the year. The simplistic theme offers a variety of options to incorporate into every room and still leaves room for unique elements or personalized accents.

Cape Cod-style homes have been around since the 1700s and refer to the designs used in New England dwellings (especially within Cape Code, Massachusetts), according to Old House Online. While the build of the home is easily defined and identified, it is the interior design that makes this theme so special. Large amounts of wood materials, sea glass, customized signs, accent paint jobs, symmetrical set-ups, and antique additions are just a few touches that bring this motif together (via Bob & Ronna Group Moves Me).

1. Rustic touches

When it comes to personifying the Cape Cod style, you want to incorporate lots of handmade wood pieces. Rustic touches throughout the home build on the clean, simplistic elements this theme exudes. Most homes that feature this interior design focus on their views of the outdoors, with large windows that offer great vantage points of the garden or yard. Pulling the natural vibe throughout the inside is easily done by using furniture that features clean, consistent lines, according to Bob & Ronna Group Moves Me

Opt for rich and distressed woods, or try painting existing pieces in whites and pastels to make the space feel open, welcoming, and cozy. Whitewashing furniture is a popular motif within Cape Cod-style homes, as are natural finishes that remind people of Colonial New England abodes. Use wood throughout each room, and build on existing fixtures like banisters or beams to make them stand out in your floor plan or layout. Don't forget to add small touches like wicker baskets, rattan furniture, and woven accents throughout each room, and if you really want to delve into the style, try to make every piece except those you sit on wood-based.

2. Accent with shades of blue

Blue cabinetry and shelving is another easy Cape Cod hack that can transform any room in your home. Painting storage areas a matte blue instantly creates an East Coast theme and makes the space pop, too. If you have built-in bookshelves in a living room or high-traffic area, use shades with gray undertones to channel the New England style. These tones help keep the walls subtle and somewhat neutral but also add a flair of chic elegance (via Bob & Ronna Group Moves Me).

One of the perks of using a blue/gray paint is how versatile it can be once applied. Renovated Faith notes that these popular colors continue to be a go-to for homeowners because of their ability to blend with other decor and accents while still giving a room dimension. These shades are also known to have a calming effect, so family and friends will feel at ease whenever they are around these painted areas. What is better than relaxed guests and stylish cabinetry?

3. Create lots of seating

One of the key features of any Cape Cod home is boasting a lot of seating in the living areas. As the central space for gatherings, family time, and everything in between, your living room should feel welcoming and comfortable all the time. Having a good amount of couch, chair, and even floor space allows guests and live-in members to feel safe and cozy. If you already have a couch and chairs but need more options, you can add padded stools in smaller areas. If you want to hide large cushions until they are needed, they can be placed under coffee or side tables to leave walking room between visits.

You can also replace coffee tables with ottomans completely and place ornamental decor on them while they aren't being used. Ballard Designs recommends substituting coffee tables with upholstered seating since the latter can be used for both storage and a place to relax when extra bodies are present. You can invest in wooden or metal trays to provide a stable surface for drinks and place them on top of the fabric to protect it. Not only do these look chic and stylish, but they serve a dual purpose making them perfect for entertaining.

4. Go nautical

Cape Cod is known for its vicinity to the sea, which is why nautical touches are vital to your decor. You can choose from larger pieces like faux ship wheels and anchors or add smaller accents like seashells and driftwood to side tables and shelves (via Bob & Ronna Group Moves Me). Placing these items throughout each room will pull the nautical theme through and allow you to build on it if necessary.

When you are incorporating a nautical theme for your Cape Cod-style home, it's important to use these decor pieces as a background addition without overdoing it. The theme is meant to be clean and hint at coastal but also focus on rustic vibes and clean lines. Z Design At Home recommends adding black and white decor to beach-themed areas to help keep it versatile and subtle rather than overdoing it with blues and pastels. Balance is key with this interior.

5. Textures, patterns, and paint

Using patterns and textures throughout your home to bring in a Cape Cod feel is an easy option. Coastal paint colors are great for bathrooms and kitchens, while thicker lines or nautical prints work well in bigger spaces. When you do paint, you want to go for thicker, stronger stripes or lines, according to Bob & Ronna Moves Me. Add Pampas grass to vases and jars for a small beach flair, and keep fixtures in the wood family for everything from towel racks to stools and side tables.

You can use burlap or linen throw pillows and blankets to create depth in high-traffic areas, especially if they already boast a minimalistic theme. Add dimension and contrast to bedrooms by including patterned linens. Instead of regular duvets, try incorporating quilts with floral designs in guest rooms to add a touch of texture that will offset the clean stripes and lines that accompany Cape Cod painting themes.