How To Steal Misty Copeland's Colorful And Classic Home Style

Misty Copeland is famously known for being the first female Black principal dancer at the American Ballet Theatre, via Architectural Digest. Since her rise to fame in 2014, the ballerina has ventured into several other career aspects, including writing several books, performing with Taylor Swift, and even releasing her own Barbie doll. In 2020, Copeland, alongside her husband Olu Evans, purchased their new apartment in the Manhattan area of New York. When it came down to designing the pad, they knew they couldn't do it on their own. That's when they turned to LA designer Brigette Romanek for help.

Evans took the lead on the project and said they connected with Romanek immediately as they share the same cultural aspects. Romanek dove right into the project and began by taking the love Copeland and Evans share and incorporating it into the apartment. She said she wanted the two to have a space they could come to after a long day of work and relax in a beautiful setting. From simple, elegant decor to bright, vivid tones, here is how you can steal Misty Copeland's colorful and classic home style.

Make the basics a neutral tone

According to YouTube, one of the main factors that was important to Copeland and her husband was to make sure the home had a natural base. To do this, they incorporated blacks, whites, and wood tones into the main settings. In the living room, their entertainment center was a light wood color, while the floor was a darker wood tone. On top of this floor resides a light brown rug that Copeland says allows them to do whatever they desire within the room. Their kitchen also reflects this natural theme as the walls, cabinets, and countertops are all white while the floor is a medium wood shade.

To add this style to your home, all you need is to look around and decide what you want to make more natural. It can be as simple as replacing a bright rug with a brown or white shade. You can even go so far as to change up the walls with some paint. Consider using tans or whites as they are natural tone colors that can go well with any room. In addition, you can also add an accent wall of similar tones. This way, the room will have the simple aesthetic you desire while still having character to it as well.

Add in dashes of bright colors

While this couple wanted a lot of neutrals in their pad, they also wanted it to pop. Even though Copeland stated this pushed the duo out of their comfort zone, via YouTube, they still incorporated bright colors to help bring the home to life. Within the living room, they opted to add a blue couch as well as two matching chairs. Bright-colored decor is scattered throughout the entertainment center while a red bouquet sits on the coffee table. Even though their kitchen is mostly neutral tones, they decided to lay down a pale green rug made by artist Gary Hume to make this room stand out.

Since this is more of a subtle design choice by Copeland, there isn't much you'll need to do to add some color. Envato says shades such as red, orange, and yellow stand out more than any other color. A few throw pillows, bright curtains, or colorful flowers with these tones are some of the many ideas you can choose from. Of course, you can always go bigger by adding in some colorful furniture, such as a pink chair in the living room or bedroom. While you may be able to find a piece or two at your local furniture store, you'll likely have more luck finding these bright pieces online or secondhand.

Incorporate pieces of natural elegance

As per YouTube, Copeland wanted to bring a natural elegance into the home. She did this by installing a sparkly chandelier above the dining room table. The wall behind the table furthers this as it is covered with textured mirrors. She stated that these two pieces combined make the room feel more open and bigger than it actually is. However, the most elegant area of the home is Copeland's dressing room. Here she stated she wanted it to have an old Hollywood and glamorous feel. To do this, she installed another chandelier as well as pink-toned velvet wallpaper.

While many think elegance means fancy, it doesn't always have to be. You can add a few simple decor items to your home to give it a natural flair. One way to do this is by investing in a chandelier. These pieces can be pricey, but you may be able to find one or two at a local thrift store or on clearance at a retail location. Installing this decor allows a room to feel elegant and aesthetically pleasing. A cheaper alternative is to hang up mirrors in various locations throughout the home. These are wildly popular and can fit well into any theme. 

Give it a personal feel

A major aspect of this home is the art pieces scattered in various rooms. While there are many beautiful mediums, a personal favorite of Copeland's is a black and white portrait of a former ballerina's hands in the air as they are dancing. It was shot and framed as a gift by a close friend of hers. However, the sentimental pieces go a bit deeper. One of the most personal aspects of the home is a family picture of Evans' cousin (via YouTube). The photo was shot in Africa, which Copeland says means a lot to her as it reminds her of a few organizations and programs she has done in the country. This picture is also in black and white, which helps the natural appeal of the home.

To incorporate this style, you'll need to find some old family mementos. Usually, this consists of photos of family members that you love and admire. However, you can also opt to display some items that they once owned as well as pieces that remind you of them. This is a cost-efficient option that is simple and easy to do. Additionally, you can hang up various art pieces throughout your home. As Peter James Photography points out, in doing so, you'll get the chance to tell guests who you are and what you believe in. 

Keep rooms light and bright

For Copeland, another one of the main aspects she wanted in the home, more specifically the primary bedroom, is for it to be open and bright. As per YouTube, this bedroom displays a lot of natural light. While curtains are hung up within the room, they are open to let all the sunshine in. In addition, she has a few lamps around the room that display some light in dimmer areas. This is also convenient at nighttime and provides a warm, soft glow to the room. 

One of the most natural ways to steal this style is to simply open up your windows by removing any curtains or blinds that may be in the way. This lets the natural sunlight flow in and can help make any room feel larger and brighter. If there are any doors with windows, consider the same concept here. Whether the door window is big or small, the light will help enhance the room. If you, unfortunately, have a place with small windows or no windows at all, you may have to find another option. You can opt to buy some lamps to install in the room to open it up and make it feel more alluring. Shoreline Painting & Drywall also recommends painting the room white, yellow, or a light shade of blue for a more open and brighter aesthetic.