The 5 Best Crystals For Your Home If You Need To Open Your Throat Chakra

Chakra is a Sanskrit word for centers of energy within the body. There are seven main chakras starting at the base of the spine, running up to the top of the head. Each chakra has a corresponding color; for the throat chakra, that color is blue (via Healthline). The throat chakra is associated primarily with communication, and it encompasses expression, authenticity, creativity, and vibration. Physically, it represents the area from your mouth, tongue, throat, and neck down to your shoulders.

A clear and open throat chakra allows us not only to speak the truth, but to speak it at appropriate times in an even-toned manner. Imbalances in the body from poor diet, bad posture, stress, and more lead to blocked chakras. A blocked throat chakra leads to difficulty communicating, secrets and lies, inability to express or speak up for oneself, and physiological ailments relating to the throat, such as thyroid illnesses and inflamed vocal cords.

Working with specific healing crystals and stones to unblock your throat chakra can be done by holding them in your hand when meditating or wearing them as a pendant necklace so they come into direct contact with your neck and throat, per Tiny Rituals. Since the color blue represents the throat chakra, you'll be safe if you lean heavily toward the hue of the skies and the oceans. Below, we'll explore a few crystals that are particularly trusted for their connection to the throat chakra and ability to help release blocks to open yours up.

1. Lapis lazuli

Lapis lazuli is a rich, azure-hued stone with a reputation stretching as far back as ancient Egypt and King Tutankhamen's sarcophagus. Per Crystal Vaults, in high-quality stones, the pyrite flecks naturally found shimmering within the stone will be gold. In a lower-grade stone, you'll see more white veins mixed in. Its blue color is often referred to as ultramarine.

Lapis lazuli has been highly regarded by most major religions throughout human existence. Buddhists, for example, believe it reduces negative thoughts and brings with it inner peace. Some within the Islamic faith use it to ward off the evil eye. And medieval Europeans used the stone to invite in the spirits of light and wisdom.

In regard to the throat chakra, lapis lazuli is seen as a great balancer of energy. Basmati explains that the deep blue stone calms the nervous system and removes energetic blockages in order to allow the throat, thyroid, and thymus gland to begin healing from whatever ails them. Lapis lazuli is universally seen as a symbol of truth; while it can help heal a litany of physiological issues, it will reflect your own personal truth back to you as it does. Keeping in mind that the throat chakra is mired in our ability to make our voices be heard, we can see how important it is to connect the throat chakra to truth and wisdom.

2. Blue kyanite

Kyanite comes in a few different colors and can be used for aligning all of the chakras, especially black kyanite. However, blue kyanite aligns specifically with the throat chakra due to its corresponding color. On the physical plane, according to Fire Mountain Gems, this healing stone works to soothe the throat internally, which in turn strengthens the voice. For this reason, it's recommended for public speakers, actors, and singers, and would be welcome additions to their homes.

Charms of Light advises on the more spiritual aspects of blue kyanite in regards to the throat chakra, saying it improves communication and paves the way for open and honest self-expression. 

Blue kyanite is also well-regarded as a powerful meditation aid, to the point that it has been given the nickname of the Gemstone of Attunement (via Gem Rock Auctions). This is in part due to the calming tranquility of its color, called kyanos in Greek, and also because of its inability to hold onto negative energy. As such, kyanite is praised as a healing stone that never requires cleansing. Keep it in the meditation room in your home and hold it in your hand when meditating in order to connect deeply with your inner truth.

3. Aquamarine

From the Latin, aquamarine translates to seawater. It's made from a semi-precious gem called beryl with a blue-green hue that conjures up images of the gorgeous clear blue waters of the Caribbean and Mediterranean. Aquamarine is ruled by water, and it flushes the throat chakra with cleansing energy in order to reopen the lines of communication. It's also known to stop angry words from escaping the mouth. Aquamarine is the birthstone for the zodiac sign of the fishes, making it a powerful crystal for a Pisces' home.

Muse + Moonstone suggests situating your aquamarine crystal at the base of your throat. You could do this by wearing it as a necklace or lying down and letting it sit there. If it's comfortable, you can also place the stone on the back of your neck. While holding your hands over your throat chakra, visualize healing energy in the form of blue and white light emanating from the crystal.

Because it's so connected to water, the John Harvey Gray Center for Reiki Healing says aquamarine can be cleansed with running water. Your home's sink faucet will do, but if you can hold it in a rushing stream or in the waves at the edge of the ocean, it's even better. If your crystal has a terminated end where it comes to a point, keep the point facing downward as you cleanse it to release negativity.

4. Sodalite

Royal blue sodalite is a grounding logic stone that promotes self-discipline and self-awareness, consciousness, and thoughtfulness, per Crystal Vaults. Harnessing its energy as a meditation companion can help release mental clutter, leading to deep understanding via an honest look at ones strengths and weaknesses. This healing crystal looks similar to lapis lazuli, however, it does not contain gold pyrite flecks. Also, the white veins are punctuated with black, a color that's not found in lapis lazuli.

From a physiological perspective, sodalite is another great pick for people who rely on the strength of their voice professionally because it soothes the vocal cords and relieves hoarseness and vocal strain, says Charms of Light. The calming powers of the blue stone may also improve sleep, so this is a stone to consider displaying in the bedroom. Anyone struggling with insomnia might try keeping a stone under their pillow.

Crystal Vaults likens the throat chakra to a pressure valve that releases the energy of the lower chakras into the world by individual expression. The dark royal blue hue of sodalite encourages a powerful level of truth to go with it.

5. Amazonite

Directly from the Amazon, the green and blue tints of amazonite combine the elements of earth and water. Per Tiny Rituals, it's a hope stone used to maximize inner strength and commitment to one's true path. As a healing crystal, amazonite can help balance thyroid problems directly associated with the throat chakra. It also works to reduce inflammation and calm the nervous system. Consider using these crystals in the home to make your living space more calming.

The energy of amazonite is focused on loving communication, explains Healing With Crystals. It welcomes the emotions flowing up from the heart chakra and opens up the thymus gland and throat for natural and appropriate expression. Tiny Rituals adds that this energy encourages communication while simultaneously enforcing healthy boundaries. Ultimately, amazonite gives you the ability to speak the truth from your heart at the highest level of good.

According to Muse + Moonstone, amazonite is a powerful healer of trauma. It will have your back when you need to unblock your throat chakra in order to communicate with someone who has caused you pain.