Jenny Lynch

Photo of Jenny Lynch
New York
Emerson College, UC San Diego Extension, UF IFAS Extension
Houseplants, Gardening, Natural & Homemade Cleaners
  • Jenny completed the Master Gardener training program through the Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS) Extension at the University of Florida.
  • Her home is a borderline jungle with dozens upon dozens of houseplants filling shelves, hanging above window sills, and covering the entire porch.
  • She finds joy in researching a rare plant and then trying her hand at keeping one alive and thriving. Someday soon she hopes to have an outdoor vegetable garden as well.


As a writer and editor, Jenny revels in the art of crafting sentences and thumbing through the thesaurus for that perfect word. Her work has been featured in Tasting Table, Elephant Journal, Best Self, Raised Vibes, Women on the Road, and Colorado's 5280 Magazine.


Jenny studied theatre production and stage management at Emerson College in Boston, M.A. and copyediting through UC San Diego Extension.
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